Talkback: Tiger hires Johnson

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Talkback: Tiger hires Johnson

Well Butch Harmon took great pleasure in relaying the news from Dustin Johnston live on air last night. Looks like a good hire to me. I'm sure Dustin will still be winning loads but maybe this is exactly what Tiger needs to get back on track too.

Strange to see comments in the media concerning the timing of the announcement and how its all Tiger trying to derail the FedEx ... very strange as it was Joe that told Dustin and then Dustin told Butch, and then Butch announced it during the transmission.

I thought it was very unprofessional of Harmon to announce it during the playoff of the Tour Championship. He could have waited. Suddenly, the climax of this wonderful tournament

Harmon / Sky couldn't wait to break the exclusive. I guess you can't blame them, the story would have been out within an hour or two.

AP - as a journo, if you had a big scoop like that - would you really wait an hour or more for the righ time? What if you had the scoope, you waited, and a rival site broke the news first - would your editor congratulate you for doing the right thing, or smear your remains against the wall? :-)

Talking of La Cava...that's probably what Tiger's been drinking to drown his sorrows recently.