Talkback: Vaughan makes BBC a Masters turn-off

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Talkback: Vaughan makes BBC a Masters turn-off
Good piece Andy. You certainly aren't alone in feeling this.

Was at my mum's over the weekend so had no choice but to watch the BBC coverage.

Now I love Michael Vaughan, he's a genuine sporting hero of mine, but his work for the Beeb was just painful. A ridiculous decision when they have the likes of the superb Andrew Cotter and Iain Carter in their ranks.

If Alliss says they can't compete, then they certainly can't afford to make silly decisions like this.

Can only agree. And quite right, when they have the likes of Cotter, and their commentary team are so far ahead of the soporific lot on SKY, why spoil it by employing Vaughan. What was worse was that as the weekend went on, we started getting Vaughan in the picture during interviews as well!

How long before The Open , not British, moves over to Sky?
Sky with the sports package is about

Can't be any worse than Monty on Sky, I did watch a bit of BBC coverage and MV certainly did seem like an odd choice?

Sean Tracey wrote (see)

How long before The Open , not British, moves over to Sky?

Never. The R&A put  a premium on developing the game, that's not happening hidden away on pay per view, they want the biggest audience possible.

Was Vaughn the guy after interviewing TW post round saying "thank you for doing this for us" i.e. the interview?  It seemed a bit grovelling and I don't recall any other player being thanked in the same manner. It seemed totally out of place.

I did not think Vaughan did a bad job... your all just not used to it, change has to happen and I was uncomfortable with Hazel Irvine passing comment , but hey ho there you go. The point is, get over it. I also don't see why SKY should have sole TV rights, there is enough money in the game to tell the Australian wan@er to Feck off and listen to hacked phones instead... get that b'stard out of my life right now!!! (That is an order by the way!)

Sam Torrance must be grinning from ear to ear ,he was dumped by the beeb and they take on a rank amateur to do a proffessionals job who promptly got it totally arse about face.  bring back SAM

dunno what was wrong with sam torrance .. only a bunch of slappers on here moaned about him

Vaughan wasn't doing Sam's role, he was in the Dan Walker role

I more than anyone would want to see the BBC keep it's rights to the Open and the weekend of the Masters.
However, they have to give some thought as to how they go about covering these events. Clearly Michael Vaughan sounded uncomfortable in this role and after the failure of Gary Lineker I struggle to see why they feel any sports personality will do.
Sky do a great job but if we want our game to grow and develop it needs to be on free to view TV. So come on BBC it's time to up your game.

It was cringing at times to hear Vaughan, but so are many other commentators. I don't have Sky, so I can't compare. I could probably just about stretch to paying for the sub, but it is hugely expensive, and primarily goes to pay for football. Also, I refuse to pay the dirty digger on principle.

But as mentioned before, if the game is to grow it needs to be accessible for all. My son has just recently got into golf and it's the first time he's ever watched it on TV and he's 16!

Wonder who the Beeb will get in for The Open. I've heard Tim Henman

How about Hugh Grant. He's a good golfer.  The pace might be a bit slow though  "Er, yeah, it's er good to meet you er...who are you?"

The BEEB are idiots. Why not have an experienced interviewer? Personally I just stuck to Sky. The BEEB are not arsed about sport. They are more interested in pop factor and useless arty shit on bbc23.

Each to their own, but ... that useless arty $%@* on bbc4 is about the only decent stuff BBC TV do these days!

Interestingly, I went to an evening with Peter Alliss recently and he was surprisingly candid on a number of subjects. During the Q & A at the end someone asked "why did the BBC drop Sam Torrence from their Golf coverage?" Alliss replied "They didn't. They made him an offer based on 8 days commentary and he rejected it" He even went on to say how much the contract was worth.

Vaughn must have a good agent. A 'fish out of water' scenario works well as movie plot but it's not so good for covering sport. Olazabal to cover the cricket next.

You've certainly stuck a stick into a wasp's nest Andy with your piece. I could feel myself gasp at the time over Vaughan's gaff and felt Tiger was very gracious in his rebuke.

The BBC is all about the old boys network and jobs for their mates, under the veil of coaching ex-pros in media awareness and Vaughan's Radio 5 commentary and programme-making stints are the latest example. They're probably hoping he'll become as good as Geoffrey Boycott in his analysis. No chance!

I bumped into Alan Hansen at Augusta once, having got his tickets as a media representative with the BBC and he gave me an impromptu interview. He was like a kid in a sweet shop and said the whole experience was 'Eh...Unbelievable!' (Well he would wouldn't he?)

I watched the BBC coverage on the last day, simply because I'd become tired of the ad breaks on sky and switching to different holes and groups on the red button. It was, however the most exciting Masters for several years.

And I thought it was just me.........

I cringed too when he said that. We can only imagine the non-recorded, pre-live discussion: Vaughan: "So, your name's Tiger - very unusual. Tell the viewers a bit about yourself. You're a golfer I believe?". What I found strange too was the area where he conducted the interviews. It looked like someone's small back conservatory, you know, where they keep the potted plants over winter. Weird.

I hope they never cave in.

It made me cringe when Peter Alliss called him Blubba when cried at the end. He just couldn't resist could he. Like Bob, I started watching sky on the red button, but switched to the beeb for the continuity and lack of Monty. Great tournament though. I don't think I've ever watched so much golf in one go.

I watched all 4 days on Sky Sports.   Having a wife, kids and a life I couldn't switch the coverage on when it started, so I used Sky Plus, then when I watch it there are no advert breaks!   Aside from Monte who is useless, I'd say Sky coverage is superb.  The section with Jack on Thursday was great and I'm a real fan of Butch.

I'm a keen fan of golf on tv so therefore watch a lot of sky, ok the ads are annoying put the presenters and analysts are so much better than the beeb. Take for instance last month during the Shell Houston Open there was a rain delay which ended up with the second round being cancelled, there was Rob Lee talking to Oosty and Denis Pugh which went on for the best part of two hours and it was some of the best entertaining chat I've heard in a while, if this was the beeb it would probably have shown a re-run of some long forgotten tournament found in the vaults.

What was wrong with Vaughan? Simple he has clearly never been taught interview techniques. He was lucky that he was talking to people who wanted to actually talk. Had he got somebody who did not, all he would have got is yes/no answers.

I see nothing wrong with non professional golfers beeing interviewers provided they are good interviewers.

I'm inclined to agree with Pengwyn 7.9 and Shropshire Lad! The beeb seem to care less and less about sport these days and the quality of their programs in general seems to be falling. Never thought i'd say that ITV are overtaking them for decent stuff to watch. (Although there is still plenty of dross on ITV but at least they are making an effort)

Forget about the commentary ! I gave up watching after about 30minutes - couldn't stand any more cutting & splicing of: 6 putterings in row; or 6 tee shots in a row; or arranging them in reverse chronoloical order (why).

Interesting to read Vaughan's diary in the Telegraph:

"The interviewing was going great, until I interviewed Tiger Woods on Sunday. I wanted to ask him who he thought was going to win the tournament. So I asked him:

Has he Bob? He thinks he did ok.