The Masters of Old

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The Masters of Old
I watched the film last night on Sky of the 1980 Masters (Seve's first win as a 23 year old). A few things struck me:- - the course by today's standards at Augusta and elsewhere looked slightly scruffy (difficult to believe as I seem to remember those pristine fairways and greens) - the greens were all a pale brown colour and, although not slow, they weren't half as fast as today's tournament greens - Arnie and Jack had possibly the most contorted putting styles I have ever seen and both were rapping the ball but Seve stroked it - wasn't Seve one hell of a golfer? swashbuckling, charismatic with a shining will to win, I would have loved to have seen more of him in his prime - given the equipment, they all played great golf back then, marvellous 1and 2 iron shots, smashing the ball 300 plus with a balata ball and persimmon clubs. I look forward to more of these re runs over the next couple of days and will see how the course evolves

how small are the heads on the drivers?!

All the film of old golf touraments shows how much the agronomy has come on in general - not just (but especially) Augusta. The greens always look really slow and the pro's all had those wristy 'rap' type putting strokes just to get the ball to the hole. The scoring always looks much lower now as well. Cuts were often made at way over par.

Watched the one of Tiger winning his first at 21 last night.  I really had forgotten just how good he was / is.  Can't wait now for the tournament to start.

Seve was indeed 'one hell of a golfer.' One of the best sights in sport when he was on a charge.