The new Faldo - by Murray

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The new Faldo - by Murray
I believe golf without Nick Faldo is like Shredded Wheat without milk. Everyone's talking about this being his comeback year. What do you think?

As I recall - every year since '97 has been his comeback year.

Let's face it, he played a blinder (don't we all occasionally) but the jury is still out on whether this is a renaissance.

There's one more win in him, that's for sure, perhaps at The Open this year - Sandwich has always been good to him and only a rampant Greg Norman 64 on Sunday in 1994 denied him his first "English" Open jug.

I reckon it'll be a major win too - then retirement! He's shown form at the US Open last year!

Faldo has been lurking right there in the sea of almost for a while now, but I really hope Martin's wrong. It would be magnificent if he really came back with more than one win... He is indeed a bit weird at times, but when he plays good golf its magnificent to watch. If Monty do not get the Claret Jug this year - my second choice would be Faldo

Go get `em Nick

I`ve been a Faldo devote for as long as faldo has been playing. The man can do no wrong. I`ts my belief he became more than a little to robotic mid golfing life, but he has loosened up, maybe the new lady is contributing. he certainly has a win left in him, who know`s maybe even a major.
One can dream. !

I would love to see Nick win again - his commitment to golf over the years has been second to none.His work with the youngsters has been admirable and having watched him coming back into contention over the last few years he really deserves to win again. A Major would be the icing on the cake - Good luck Nick !

He is "The Guvnor" in my eyes too!

Just I'm not sure if there is another one in him nowadays. Be great if he proves me wrong.

If Mark Omeara can why not Faldo ?

Also Seniors barrier dropped to 45 !!!

That 'foldo' tag I believe was just another tatty journo after his 15 minutes of fame !


Second round Johnnie Walker Classic says it all.

Faldo revival? -- on the seniors maybe.