The Official 2012 US Open Thread

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The Official 2012 US Open Thread

Keep up to date with all our US Open articles with our handy index - linked at the top of the thread or you can click here.

So who is your money on? We'll be announcing our tips in due course, but here's the news so far...

Golf’s Toughest Test: Our preview of the 112th US Open

Big guns drawn together for opening rounds

Zhang to make history at Olympic Club

Rory looking for the right balance

McDowell hails Olympic greens

Six of the Best... US Open memories What's your most memorable US Open moment?

Couple of great stories coming out of Olympic Club today... First off, remember Casey Martin from 1998? And check out this qualifier who has become a YouTube sensation. Love the celebration:

Come on then GMers, I know a lot of you are betting types. Where's your money going this week? (And if you're not a gambler, who do you want to win?) I've got Yang and Grace E/W at 150 and 200 respectively. Would of course like to see Westwood or Donald lifting the trophy on Sunday, but fancy it to be Mr Woods...

Anyone from UK or Ireland for me! .... surely Lee or Luke have got to "do it" in a Major one day??? Westwood each way is a tidy bet...he'll lead "greens in reg" but be 122nd in "putts!"

Funny you should mention Luke and Lee. (I realise I did first, but this link wouldn't be as seamless...) So, here are the four players the Golfmagic staff think will be atop the leaderboard come Sunday, along with outside bets and highest-placed Americans.

Olympic should suit Luke. The fairways are hard and fast and with many doglegs its more about position than power. Although with the rough reportedly short by US Open standards, Bubba is planning to blast it as far as he can, knowing that he will havev a wedge to the green on most holes. Two contrasting styles, will be interesting to see who does better. Olympic thus far has thrown up relatively shock winners, my money is on Zach Johnson to win. Ive also got Rose for a top 5 finish. My outsider bet to win is Kyle Stanley, who has been quiet of late but is riduculously highly priced for somebody who performed so well at the start of the year.

Come Sunday I think you'll find Luke, Lee, Tiger & Rory fighting it out but I've got a sneaking feeling Dustin Johnson will just pinch it. OR It will be a total outsider as it has been the last few times it's been played at the Olympic Club.


Westwood, Donald, Mahan or Dufner for me.

would seriously love it to be LEE ,but i have a sneaky feeling about a yank called Nick Watney will be running close ,why i dont know but just have a feeling he will be close.    

Westwood for me, out of the Brits . . . but I reckon it's a Yanks turn   

Tiger to win, Adam Scott and Lucas Glover each way for me.  250-1 on Glover with my free bet from paddy power.  Gotto love and outsider!

Kyle Stanley, 200/1, get your money on him each way guys.

Diablo1072 wrote (see)

Tiger to win, Adam Scott and Lucas Glover each way for me.  250-1 on Glover with my free bet from paddy power.  Gotto love and outsider!

I completely forgot about this!

The first par-5 at Olympic is just 670 yards: Have any of you played a hole this long? Or does your club have a monster like this? I have kind of played a hole like this at the Cobra Puma Day Out of Bounds. (Click here if you missed it.) I went driver, 3-wood, 3-wood, wedge and two putts for a 6. Wahey!

Rekon David Toms is in with a good shout

Ball strikers game at the us open, missing greens is a disaster, so no Donald for me, Tiger or mcilroy, obvious but there the ones with the shot shaping abilities required.  Outside bet, Zach Johnson.

If you missed Alvaro's par-4 ace in practice yesterday - check the index (or homepage). There's a video where you can *kind of* see it...

Two outside bets from me on for Rickie Fowler and Matt Kuchar! Would love to see Westwood win though maybe I should of bet on him too :0/

pounds beat euros wrote (see)

what time does the coverage start?  5pm uk time ??

yes Kenny ,its 5pm uk summer time.

i watched Tigers round yesterday and thought he played brilliantly. shame to see Donald struggle - it's got to concern him that he has this habit in the majors of being out of contention so early. well done to Justin Rose and Greame McDowell (after his shocker in Memphis last week!). Westwood hung in well after a difficult for the course i've got mixed feelings. i like to see difficult courses that really sorts the men from the boys. they have to shape the ball both ways, hit various clubs from the tee rather than just bombing a driver. the US Open is supposed to be brutal. i thought a few of the holes were penal, bordering on unfair (mickey mouse in fact), but hey ho it is the US Open.  shame that with an 8 hr time difference i'll be sleepy or inebriated by the time the leaders finish over the weekend.thoughts everyone?

Well I watched the Worlds top 3 golfers in action last night and it was a bit embarrising. I know its a hard comp, bearing on unfair sometimes but a 14 year old boy managed a better score than some of the worlds best.Cannot really see Luke, Rory or Lee coming back from that start, I think an outsider will win this, Tiger will fail again as he cannot string 4 rounds together.

First round report for those who didn't stay up - LINK Is anyone else (a bit sadistic) like me and actually enjoys watching the big guns struggle? Makes equally good viewing as those playing well. Do feel a bit for Donald, but he hasn't broken 70 in the first round of a major since the 2006 USPGA and that's just not good enough. Needs 67 today to stand a chance of making a cut, then he needs two more rounds in the 60s to win it. Not happening I'm afraid.

And how fed up am I with very good UK players turning up and playing like idiots?

I think Tiger could win this...he did look "in control"

Anyone see Rory's free drop from the sprinkler on the 18th yesterday? It didn't seem to be interfering to me as it was well over a foot away and he isn't left handed??

Do the players really enjoy this tournament. Yes great if you win, but it does make for painful viewing at times.

well the tiger is gonna need a really good round to win it now ,my money is still on LEE to win ,Gmac and Furyk though have been the most consistant and look likely not to drop many shots , not sure if im gonna stay up till three in the morning to see who does win.

Third-round report - LINK Crowded leaderboard at Olympic Club. Who is going to win the US Open?  

Westwood will have a tilt at it I reckon. However, G - Mac has proved he has bigger cahones than his N. Irish compatriot (cut misser),  and  also do it. . . . or, it could all end in tears  

Wont be scoring like yesterday, only 3 or 4 under par for the round. So a question of who can hang in, I do have a sneaking feeling for Westwood. Failing that, am rooting for GMac but Furyk a tough man to beat.

Beau Hossler, 17 yes? bloody hell....

Is it me or does this desire to make the course beat the player detract from the entertainment of professional golf. Personally I like to see birdies, eagles etc. from the pro's - in fact I expect it.  I can see all the other stuff round our track on a Monday.

I thought they got it spot on yesterday, a score could be had if on your game, and the best players responded. Today.... Pin positions look ridiculous. Favours the front runners as they can play conservatively knowing nobody can attack from the pack.

Think i can go to bed now, Furyk looks too strong.

^^ Too strong for the Brits yes, my prediction is Webb Simpson to win!!

Well done the Irish!   Graeme McDowell 2nd and Porridge Harrington 5th.   

Yet another first timer wins a major. I think that is now 13 out of the last 14 Majors have been won by a first timer - many of them have since disappeared without trace. Increasingly Majors are becoming more and more like any other week, without the cream coming to the top. Perhaps we should have 5 day Majors (like 5 set matches in tennis Slam events as opposed to usual 3 set matches). All these newbies are in danger of devaluing the cachet of Majors.

I hope Yorkey got his money on early! I went to bed at 12.00 hoping to wake up to a Westy/GMac win

Deceptively Short wrote (see)

 All these newbies are in danger of devaluing the cachet of Majors.

A player completes 4 rounds of a hugely tough golf course in fewer strokes than anyone else. How does that devalue anything?   Have you in mind some way in which the '"top" players should be protected from these parvenues who have the nerve to come along and play better than them?

And Webb Simpson is a top player. Narrowly lost PGAT money list to Donald last year and is only been on tour 3 years. This won't be his last big win.

Great shout Yorkey - did you get your money on?!

^^Certainly did

Yes, good call...I backed Furyk at 35/1. Who ya backing in the Open Yorkey? 

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