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Normally it's where someone swings out to in trying to produce a fade, but shut the face and hit a massive pull instead, at least that's my understanding

A double cross is where you intend to fade a ball for which you aim left with the club face open, instead you leave the club face square or closed at impact which produces a pulled shot, or vice versa when you want a draw.
So you end up going even further left than if you had just played a straight shot which is what was trying to be avoided.

It's funny the last post on the home page asks what is a double cross I now realise that that was asked a couple of days ago and has since been well answered. Didn't Freddy lead a few a years ago after 3 rounds but the old codgers back failed on hin in the final round? These seniors are only used to playing 3 rounds these days!

Yeah he led Round One in 2010 and ended up finishing sixth behind Phil Mickelson.

Can anyone suggest what Jason Dufner has in his mouth? looks like the guy in the Godfather with his mouth full of cotton wool or a gum shield?  Possibly it's that chewing tobacco they spit in Texas. ED

Bubba, Kuchar and Stenson - the only three to score under on each of the first three rounds. Matt Kuchar for the win.  Just put a few pennies on him at 19-1.

Go Bubba, had him from the start at 45-1

I've got all three covered. Final round is the first one I've been able to watch and I hate betting on sport I can't watch live. I like to minimise my losses!

Looks like some low scores are there to be had, van pelt just gone 7 under on his round after aceing the 16th.

Its all over...Phil Mick ....surely

Ian wrote (see)

Its all over...Phil Mick ....surely

Mulling over a lay aginst this. Very short odds for the win. 7/4

Settled down now for a full evening's viewing.   Wow! This very moment  Oosthuizen has just holed a  approach shot for an albatross and the lead.  Superb.

I fear Bubba Watson may be facing a DQ.  Surely to goodness his driver must be deemed non-conforming on the grounds of its head and shaft being the most lurid pink imaginable. 

A good start from Oosthuizen!  I remember Karen Stupples scoring Eagle, Albatross on the first two holes at the Women's Open a couple of years back. She won. 

Amazing shot from Oosthuizen, ill still think Phil will take it.

gotta feel for Phil

That was a horrendous position he found himself in.  You have to wonder what went through his mind and how he arrived at the decision to play the ball right-handed rather than going back to the tee. By the way, what is a leftie's equivalent word for playing cack-handed?

But presumably with right-handed clubs?  Here he had to play a right handed shot with a left handed club.

Can westy do it? Everyone else seems to be waiting for someone to move!

give over

At the start of this round Mickleson had 21 FEWER putts than Westwood.

Play off time - what a great tournament this has been.

Even better if Bubba wins

Go bubba! Just can't see him holding it together.

Not for me, can't stand him - Go Louis!!

Tim E wrote (see)

Not for me, can't stand him - Go Louis!!

Not keen on the guy myself, but £600 from Mr Paddy Power wants him to win

Squeaky bum time.... got any nails left Yorkey?

Not many Tim, looks likes young louis has had the luck though

balls! Glad you've made some decent money out of it Yorkey, feel very sorry for Louis though.

Oh Louis. You had him. You blew it. Well done to Bubba. Great hooky wedge into the green. Awesome play off. Another new major winner that isn't Lee Westwood. Surprise surprise.

Nice one Yorkey

 get the f**k   in!!!!!!!

Cheers Clavs

Another great Masters right down to the wire. As for Bubba, well done, but having twice gone into the trees on the right at the 10th he can count himself fortunate to get a route out, could have been stuck behind a tree or even unplayable. Still, no denying the man has got talent and bottle. Rory and Tiger did not show turn up and LJW must be the worst putter on tour. Don't know whether to feel sorry for him or just avoid him in the betting. Phat Phil was the enigma he normally is, making the difficult things look easy and the easy things difficult. Great viewing and not spoilt by having to watch it on Sky and those damned adverts every 5 minutes.

Great tv but when you can go that far off the course and get a lie where the ball is fully accessible... Not really right. Louis got lucky with a bounce out but the lie was worse than Bubba's.. Which frankly isn't right, and we see this regularly at the masters, look at tiger and phil.. Their stats for hitting fairwairs are not impressive yet they have multiple wins. The point is to be a major, being off the line should offer up a shifty lie.. But the hooky wedge was great. 

Yorkey wrote (see)

Cheers Clavs

You'll be able to buy yourself a set of custom G20s now. 

Nah its what is under the trees..... Offline should be penalized with a less than perfect lie 

Congrats to Blubba, but surely he must consider himself lucky, imo. He did enough though, and fair play to him. If Westy hadn't missed so many putts (one from 2 feet on Friday and one from 2 and a half feet on Sunday) things might have been different for him. I like Westy, but I have to wonder at his attitude regarding putts. He has said more than once in a post-round interview that he is happy with his reading of putts and is happy with his putting stroke. Fair enough! If those putts are going in! But they're not! Surely he should be concerned about that. Something is not right. Another major went begging for Westy yesterday and he hit more greens in regulation than everyone else put together! In the words of the song "something's gotta change".

Yorkey and Baldy - well played! I won £104 on £2 E/W. Andy won on him too - though he won't tell me how much.

AP, you need to ask for a pay rise lol & I need to figure out who will take my money regarding a bet as living where I do won't allow me to place a bet with the mainstream guys.

Cheers AP

Haha! I put £25 of bets on in total. £20 for me and £5 for my girlfriend who chose KJ Choi because "I really like Chinese food." Girl Logic strikes again...

Good to hear you're quids in, actually think my GF would have also chosen KJ seeing as she loves Korean food (not quite Chinese ) as she's lived there so money saved on my account lol.

I really wanted Oosthuizen to win but fair play to Watson. He deserved to win after pulling off that shot on the 10th.