The Official WGC-Matchplay Championship Thread

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After a hectic weekend I can finally kick back with a beer and watch some of the WGC. Anyone else watching?

Has the final started yet??

Yup. They're on the fourth tee. AS.

Well I need to be getting home then woman. Insert angry smiley

Does anyone think hunter can do it? I just cannot see it myself.

Peng, he has been the most consistant player all week, what with his magic new short stick, he has a very good chance. But i'd love Rory to win it and get to that No1 spot.

Mahan looking a bit difficult to beat,

Gutted westy lost. Hope rory wins the final tho:-)

Not looking good Mahan 2 up thru 7

USA gonna b tough to beat in ryder cup this year. Mahan and others starting to come good now.

But we still have the world no's 1,2 and 3 Tak

3 down and not looking like he can win a hole. Lee 1 down and making the opponent work to keep it.

^^^ Not looking good at the moment Funkster

Rory trying to mount a fight back but Hunter keeping him at arms length.

Get in, Rory making a comeback now.

great effort, still a chance...

Not exactly the birdie fest I was hoping for.

Come on Rory, still hanging in there

Hahahahaha. Did u see hunter take the putter from off the green. Really sorted that chipping out hasn't he.

I like the way the commentator tried to say the rider cup duff was partly because of his,muddy shoes.

Yep. It had nothing to do with pressure, nerves and crap technique.

His chipping might be c**p but he still outplayed Rory

I think the best man over the competition won in the end.

Gutted for Rory but every credit to hunter Mahan he should have won a lot more with that talent he has.

Mahan played superb all wk. Shame rory or lee couldnt have done it tho ....

well HUNTER blew RORY away with that performance interesting article about his putter on golf channel

Final round report (quotes etc) now attached to the thread. Or just click here