The Open

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The Open
Bloody hell Monty, I have been faithful for years and yet another bet down the drain. Jacobson, fantastic shame he has a couple of bogey's now, but what a mature game he plays. Westwood, what a start but what happened to his finish last night? Norman, superlative But major disaster!!!! Scott Mcarron in the hunt? please nooooooooooooooooo

Alistair Forsyth seems to be continuing his good form....he seems to be there and in contention. Steady as it goes...

I'm with you, Alastair -- anybody but McCarron! Happily, he has a long history of blowing it.

But who ARE these people? Ho, Ruiz, Curtis? Hennie Otto, whom most of us, alas, know plenty about, was bad enough...:)

Thank the lord with only a nine-shot split it's still anybody's. (How about old Faldo making the cut? Looked unlikely for a while there).

Mighty glad there are a few credible Euros, like Bjorn and Garcia, near the top of the pile, though. Forsyth is an interesting dark horse here -- his form in the last month has been pretty sharp. Levet is looking more and more like a good wind player, and Jacobson can apparently do anything. But there are a few dangerous US floaters -- Perry, who THINKS he can do anything (and that's 3/4 of the battle in golf), and Chad Campbell, dull but competent.

Biggest shocks to my system: Brier and Mednick. (The latter is making only his fifth cut of the year).

The Usual Suspects are pretty much all within sight of the finish line, but who knows, at RSG, which way the wind will blow...meanwhile, warm up for a "Love Ho" pairing tomorrow.

Who the (blank) is Ben Curtis (strange?)

Not since John Daly, 9th alternate, took the US PGA at Crooked Stick in 1991 has there been quite so unlikely a major champion. He is fresh off the turnip truck -- aka the Hooters Tour, a US mini-Tour -- and has played in 16 PGA Tour events (had to go through all three stages of Q-School). He had never finished higher than 13th. Unluckily for Hamlet of Arabia, that 13th came at the Western Open, which the R&A has permitted to be a pre-qualifier for the Open.

Watching him this morning, I thought he had a very nice swing, a decent putting stroke, and absolutely nothing to lose. It remains to be seen whether he will turn into a John Daly (in talent terms) or an Orville Moody.

I feel gutted for Bjorn. All I think about this winner is, at least he's not McCarron.

Not McCarron....thank God!

But Thomas, what happened????

The people I enjoyed watching yesterday...

Tom Watson – always smiling and just a great bloke.

John Daly – at the 9th I saw him hit a 300+yrd drive with a fag dangling out of the corner of his mouth. Doesn’t waste any time – accepts the rough with the smooth.

Freddie Jacobson – everything about him is great. I wish he had done it….

Nick Price – always polite, humble and gracious in defeat. Even if I did lose a tenner!

Sergio – the magician.

Faldo – what a guy, thousands of people following him all willing him to win!!

A great day many other great golfers but these are the ones I would strain every sinew to see...