The real Monty revealed

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The real Monty revealed
Ever been at the wrong end of a Colin Montgomerie tongue lashing? Did you breath on his backswing, or scratch your nose while he was putting? Tell us your most amusing anecdotes - live or from the TV. Is he a misunderstood Mr Nice Guy or a short-tempered bully?

I don't think he's either really, just intense and focused to the degree that he becomes unable to relax at any time, not just whilst he's on the course.

I was reading the serialisation in the Telegraph the other day whilst in the "Company Reading Room" until someone banged on the door. I started by thinking he was fairly sad as it appeared that every waking moment used to be spent contemplating the game, to the extent that he couldn't hold a normal (none technical golf) conversation with other people. He also seemed to bring most of the pressure on himself - the word "failure" seemed to be repeated many times by him in the interview.

I then remembered that the most intense person I know in my social life is also a professional sportsman, who at one time ranked high in world standings in his particular sport. He once confessed to me that he sometimes woke at night worrying that he was unable to relax! So maybe thats part of the diference between us and them.

So is it that its just a job, way to shed stress after an error, personality, fear of failure, or just plain arrogance ??

Found most tour Pro's I go round with happy chappies relax & yak between shots like any weds Am event

Ugg ! donk

But must admit I missed that $*$ Putt or a G$#@&*6mn bird four fairways away sqwauked in my backswing cost me a shot & can hear grass growing some days wot about yu ??

Ugg donk !!

Montie's not the only one, tiger's the same, he did at the rider cup when someone took a photo at the top of his swing and he had a right go at them, but you can't blame them, there's so much pressure on them.

I would not want a dog/camera shutter going off in backswing, but do you not sometimes wonder if such performers paid $millions to be there really care what you think ??

Particularly after a mild Lonard rebuke to such while in bunker in a final hole this week

In fact is it not time if payments are to get punters to watch time sponsors woke up & made payments less winnings or no make cut no pay

donk !!