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the weather
Bob, your article reminds me that three of the four majors this year were marked by terrible weather (only the USPGA wasn't). That makes Tiger Woods' collapse at Muirfield all the stranger, given how he coped so well at Augusta and Bethpage Black. I still can't get my head round why he fared so poorly that day.

Lummey! The Sat afternoon at Muirfield was a little unsusual!


Small village in N. Yorks. Adam

I think it was more the wind than the rain.

Tiger showed that even he is human, at least he did`nt have a sulk like someone we know (and love)

I'm no Tiger-stalker, and generally only see him in events where there is a significant ET presence (majors, WGCs, the Players, etc.).

But my impression is that he is not a particularly good foul-weather player. I defer to those of you who follow him and/or the PGA Tour more closely.

This year, the weather at Augusta was rough the first couple of days, but most of Saturday (if memory serves) and Sunday were okay. By which time he had clawed his way back into a tie. The story at the Masters was the collapse of the rest of the field; he did a conservative, careful, smart round (producing extraordinarily tedious golf). I'm a huge Goosen fan, but I was dismayed by his apparent difficulty in coping with the pressure in a twosome with Woods, though I became more respectful when he, too, clawed his way back to sole second. He got it in the end, just a little too late that time.

The US Open was a wet blur. I remember Woods won it, and Sergio went on an apology offensive (for stating the truth).

Muirfield separated the men from the boys -- a lot of those who did well have played well in adverse conditions before, and managed better than 81. Others, obviously, did not.

But I have few visuals in my mind of Woods hoisting a trophy in the rain. Although he began okay at Carnoustie in 1999 (again, if my memory is true), he spent the week complaining about the course, the conditions, etc., and was nowhere on the Sunday. He does claim to have spent a lot of time as a youth practising in the rain, in the knowledge that some day it would be important.

But it seems to me he is rarely put to that test. The last rainy major I remember vividly -- Southern Hills -- saw him damned nearly miss the cut, in those first rainy days. And he never got back.