thee big question in pro golf.....

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thee big question in pro golf.....

Why does nt Robert Rock wear a hat or visor?! 

He's waiting for the Loreal or Pantene sponsorship deal, because he's worth it

maybe its his USP. anyway its free money i would have thought ... maybe there will be a bidding war for his napper if he wins big -  im not a movie star im a golfer... like ginola that was pantene i think ... so you may be right!

Apparent;y he doesn;t like it, and is also a bit vain about his hair.

If you had hair like that would you want to wear a hat?

Apprently he has nits 

Nits you say? surely nit containment would be facilitated by the wearing of suitable head gear? As to the question of him not wearing a hat because his hair is ahem georgous bubba has nice hair and wears a visor. It betrays a certain lack of confidence - he should shave his head and confront his demons! ( or nits )