This Sorenstam business

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This Sorenstam business
Am I missing something here? Are there not other sports in which men and women can compete on the same 'field'? If they are playing the same game on the same courses with the same (as if...!) winnings as the men then there should be the opportunity for them to compete directly. As for the notion of it robbing places for other men at the tournament, perhaps they should pick up their game so others cannot be shoehorned in for whatever reason. Anyway, the event as it stands is happening because the sponsor wants it to. If the sponsor is happy with AS playing then so should Vijay be. Let's face it, he is just another glorified employee of whosoever sponsors him. Not some all powerful golfing being. Makes my blood boil all this fuss. I hope she crushes him.

Reasonable point of view, & an interesting argument, but should Vijay be crucufied for having an opinion ?

Recently a young shielas demand/approved to compete a mens lawn bowl championship event & men wanted to reciprocate caused real big public ruckuss etc etc

But Timmi other than say croquette can you list few of those 'level playing field' or other equal ranking sports arena's ?


Like Pottlydinn shake it @ bake it ?

Or streaking pairs @ wimbledon ?

Don K

Agree, there aren't many other sports that have women and men competing in the same comp...perhaps golf should lead the way and drag the 'old school ties' out the bar and wake up to the new world and that also includes the women groups who continually bleat on about equality whilst attending women only clubs etc. That doesn't mean though that I want to attend the next WI tea morning!

Ta fer awhile there going to suggest stand upwind of whatever being inhaled or a Tony Blair s.n.a.g got mixed with the raw prawn on the barbie

I forgot 'Orsy' rides '& because' or check out chinese breeding & growth/male hormone program & if Olympics any thing to watch !is golf next ?

You forgot to mention your 'Female Eunique' now bitching on not getting enough! because her quest to emasculate men too successfull

Then some are more equal than others !

whos's fault is that ?


If she plays on the main mens tour then they should let the lower league mens players on the main ladies tour events.
Sex equality and all that!!.

If some flyweight boxer had the guts to take on a heavyweight in a title fight, because he thought perhaps that his speed and moves could make up for his opponent's size advantage, would you demand that therefore heavyweights ought to be allowed to compete in the flyweight circuit?

Give me one good reason why she should be allowed to play on the mens tour, then explain why that same reason should not apply to men playing on the womens tour. With all the shouting that goes on about sex equality these days what comes around goes around, I`m all for her playing and I hope she makes the cut.
Then they ought to let Tiger take on the girls on one of there tournaments and off there tees and see how he gets on!!.


If your all for her playing and hoping she makes the cut, then what's your point? And why make it so ferociously?

Let's remember, golf isn't about raw power but finesse and correct strategies. Some of these ladies can launch a ball significant distances accurately and whilst I'm not suggesting they all can why not give a few other competitions a try with female competitors and if all the ladies who enter fail to make the cut, then all comments and reasonings such as yours become vindicated.

Have to agree (maybe jus a tad)

The nonsence in making courses longer is a trend against finesse so finesse being lost @ the bakery etc

Unfortunately the 'raw power' did 'finesse' last ttime it met eg TW V AS by 10 shots ! !

But day one she's been given a couple nice sensative new age delighted good Ol boys to play with, one looks like already conceeded so might help it all along a bit

George White editorial (golf channel) tried to hose it all down a sentative approach to thatsa nice here piggy piggy La La La


OK Lads n Lassies bit more stir fer the pot

Greg Baum www.the 22/05 Melbourne
'Teed off over playing Annika'

(edited for length)

Sorenstam becomes centre of a freak show in Fort Worth nearly 600 journalists have been accredited for the tournament including one from Vogue. Fox Sports Australia will show the event live.

Aaron Barber a playing partner in 1st round is also also playing on sponsor's exemption (who rigged the computor draw? wot computer)

Vijay Singh has expostulated her entry was ridiculous, hoped she missed cut & withdrew from event saying had promised to take his wife shopping.

Nick Price the defending champion agreed as did Greg Norman & Robert Allenby 'We're not allowed to play in a women's event' Allenby said. "So why should she be allowed to play a men's event?"

Canadian golfer plans court challenge over the ban on men. Elsewhere alleged Sorenstam is denying a male golfer his living & cheap promotion for the struggling women's tour &
She's got all womankind on her back, golfer Chris DeMarco said.

So are these folk dinousors or neanderthols swimming aginst tide ? does it make sense ? by the way wheres TW's Colonial nomination? maybe bit obvious by absence, despite kissy kissy suck suck

No chance of a mixed gruesome here Aye ?

Highly recommend you read the whole article and not this expurgated version:

Does anyone know what score the cut is likely to be at?

If you follow your own leaderboard links to the PGA live scoring, you'll find at the bottom that the cut will be at the top 70 and ties. At the moment that means +1, so she's still in at the moment.

What does that mean? It says "low 70 proefssionals and ties"..

I think it means the top 70ish. So all those tied 73rd at +1 would make the cut. (I assume)

Doing OK isn't she.

Going back to the 'let men play in the WPGA' theme I think it is important to point out that she is moving up a category and is therefore at a disadvantage. Allowing Tiger et al into the WPGA is much the same as fudging a handicap to make winning easier. It just cheats the lower ranks of players.

At any rate, Tiger and Vijay would probably not leave the front door for the winnings on the womens tour compared to the mens pootential.

As of the end of Round One, Annika did NOT make the cut; she was tied 73rd. Top 70 (or low 70 -- same thing) and ties means exactly that. It means if there are 21 players tied 50th, then the next placement, which would be 71st, is out. It does not mean "70-ish."

If there are any amateurs in the top 70, their scores do not count for the purposes of the cut (or, of course, after four rounds, for the purse). So if there were 21 players tied for 50th, and two of them, or two higher than them, were amateurs, 71st WOULD make the cut, no matter how many were tied. If only one person had that score, then 72nd would also make.

Thanks for the explanation, Venetian - it all seems a bit complicated for us simple men!!


That's all right, Nick. You're good at other things, like running the household, raising children and ensuring world peace.

As of right now (5:11 p.m. BST) Annika is back inside the cut line -- on the number. Scoring is mixed, so it's hard to predict how that will shift -- Mickelson is 2 over on his day and Kenny Perry 4 under, so go figure.

Stands to be an even more tense day for her in many ways. But if a few putts drop for her, she's really in with a chance.

Wel guys & dolls mia judment wrong she din make cut but will she be accused of doing a foldo or a shark ?

I think not, evidently did her professional best, left choke to later & I now doubt had any real expectations of making it.

Now sponsor exit stage left (must do lunch & fire wots is name, will she commentate on last two days ? No ? OK camera two a 'fade' & 'cut' que fer refund is @ gate two !

Seems a bit of an anticlimatic finish !

Bit like a King & Tyson promo !

donk (just a cynic)

I feel that this exercise was a huge mistake and proved absolutaly nothing.
She is a delighful young lady who has fantastic golf skills and in the LPGA has helped raise Ladies Golf to an image way beyond the majority of most of the other Lady Players.
In my view it was just a gimmick by the Sponsers and the pressure she was under just to do well was very unfair, although it was very pleasing to see her playing partners trying very hard to encourage her during the second round.
With a score of +4 it is hardly challenging to the exercise bearing in mind that she had a Sponsor's invitation and I doubt very much if she would have been in the Tournament at all if she had been required to qualify for entry.
There will always be exceptions to the norm, but I feel Ladies should stick to their own 'Patch'.
Got to admit, however' I'd love to play as good as she does.....well done Annika.

I agree totally with you Bill.

Tell you who I wouldn't want to be today: Scott McCarron. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy:)

Call it a gimmick or whatever you blasted golf around the globe and that can only be good for the sport.I for one watched all the coverage for the 2 days she was in the competition.Without her in it i would not of bothered watching.

I enjoyed watching her play and her attitude was brilliant,she has made a lot of people happy over these 2 days and to be honest it was refreshing to see.As far as her golfing ability goes i don`t think that is in question.

Its done now and its over and the game of golf was the winner,there is no other woman golfer who deserved that chance and no other woman golfer that could of caused that much interest.

She has my respect for her attitude and her ability,right from the very first tee where she was talking to herself saying "trust yourself" she trusted herself and under pressure nobody can ever imagine creamed one right down the middle.

Next time i feel pressure in a comp or whatever i`ll do an Annika and say trust yourself ! We can all learn from that.

The atmosphere over here was electric. Everyone was talking about it.

I was one who was very wary of the whole exercise in the first place. As a spectator, I have zero interest in the LPGA, though I wish them well. I wouldn't watch it at gunpoint. And the very notion of a mixed Tour, which some have been talking about, especially since this bruiser kid Michelle Wie came on the scene, is ludicrous.

But I didn't like the way Singh, Price (of all people; that was surprising), Hoch, Allem, Oberholser (exactly; who?) and some others were slagging her off. Call it the underdog syndrome; I'm a sucker for it. My back went up and I found myself in her corner.

Though I didn't get to see it all, I wish I had; what I did see was exemplary. That a little slip of a thing managed to outplay as many guys as she did the first day, and still some top players (Estes, Perks who won the Players last year) after two was remarkable enough. But her demeanour, her behaviour, her response to the galleries, the nice way she spoke of other players and the whole experience, all those things were very moving.

Seeing young girls interviewed after the fact was inspiring. What she accomplished in those two days goes far beyond what she did on the course itself. She showed great heart, and there's no better thing to pass on to youngsters than the knowledge that doing something, whatever it is they want to do, with love and dedication can pay off, not in any material sense but in the sheer happiness to which she referred all week.

V u got bit old lace & lavender nice change

Certainly created low level debate, & local pros (include female) not very supportive & free 2 air TV news @ most gave it 15sec.

Interesting sponsor feedback Callaway Chief (her sponsor) delight valued the course TV focus solely on Annika worth @ least 500000 bucks free publicity & a Women is President of the Colonial Bank

Wot secret agenda ?

That's wot it's all about a profesional may still enjoy, but still just a job & playing to win & for the bucks

Like Oz kid @ 17 offered 114 million bucks this week to play basketball & not played a game yet

Wud you knock it or an invite back ?

Not I ! I always play to win


Colonial still just a smart publicity stunt & who knows wot Wie might qualify for but @ least we did not get an earefull from Burke about Augusta is next

Wow. TV here is differently organised -- we have cable, which is not exactly "free" but it is less then satellite ro digital (which lots of people also have). I have around 70 channels on "basic" cable. A few are specialty, and only do their own thing -- arts, sorta religious, Disney stuff -- but every network and cable station that runs a flexible schedule (e.g. can break in if the Princess of Wales dies) ran almost non-stop Annika.

Maybe because the event was in North America; mayeb a different agenda in news about women; maybe, because they had all heard the word "golf" over the Augusta debate. But I'll betcha Woods -- or, we can always hope, Weir -- would have to win a calendar grand slam for golf to get the airtime it has the past two weeks. I can't think of anything they could do otherwise to gain this sort of attention.

The money shows have already started to tally up the whole exercise's net value to Callaway, too! But they are more interested in the new endorsements they anticipate her hauling in.

A cynic but not sour grapes she is a great performer put on a good show, & obviously satisfied the punters

Time dif bummer but may have watched a bit
if broadcast, been trying to access US tour
via an ISP link, but wud be @ std rates to California Ha Ha

Cable in cities & gold coast & was bundled with phone bill we only get satt 12 channel about(not worth rent)$60 month, includes 5 domestic these free anyway G/C a commercial
rate about 400 bucks month & fewer channels

Nth Merica & Eu way ahead in cable thingy

half yer luck but take care yuall donk

While the 500-channel universe has arrived in Canada, it has not caught on as fast as in other places because we apparently have the "most-cabled" per capita country in the world. Satellite is popular in remote areas, where, while there is cable, it may not be provided by the best servers. It has nothing to do with our phone bills.

Don't know how your internet system works, but at least some of the time you might be able to get radio coverage on BBC Five-Live. (The Open does not come on here before about 6 or 7 a.m. our time, and I have taken to listening to the early coverage on BBC via the net). Our internet, or at least mine, IS provided by the phone company, so I pay a flat rate per month for 24/7 cover.

You can get cable (or other TV services) bundled with the internet if you want here, but it costs twice as much as I pay and I don't particularly need any more service than I get.

Ta will check it, I installed TV card in PC & Golf Channel has couple odd connections I have yet to work out

Until yanks woke up to & coded transmission hams (am radio operators) had freebie into tv relay sattelites with a simple dish made from a garbage bin lid

Now need code, but few out there cracked it but can only watch one @ a time anyway aye!

Cheers !

Just read 'The Age link' Oz pay TV claims will lose 1/2 its $90 million income unless its ratings are reviewed against free 2 air

After bigger slice Oz advertising budget of 2.5 billion buck & tne rating playing field to be slanted their way so to convince bean counters (my words)its a superior venue

This will benfit media Moguls (like Packers rugby) & kill top class TV now enjoyed only 25% Oz pay TV & until it 'pays me' to watch stick it for mine, free 2 air way ahead in presentation & content


It's a while since I've been home in Britain. My cousin the yuppie now emails that he is watching this, that or the other on Sky or whatever because then he can get it uninterrupted (that happens here on several cable stations) or that he watches something else on "terrestrial" TV. I understand that in both the UK and ANZ, there have ben some issues over coverage of things like the Ryder Cup and Tiger in NZ only being available on Sky-type TV.

It's all getting too complicated...I watch enough TV as it is without having to think about all this! But I would be bitter beyond endurance if something like the Ryder Cup were not available to me on "normal" TV! I'm about to go and watch the Cannes Closing Ceremonies (I'm not a one-trick pony) on my ordinary, just-use-the-remote to-shut-Kenny-Perry-up TV!!!

Nice to have yack on this buddy & no wonder the Yanks are baying @ controversy while all the bucks keep a rolling in

yah unerstan mite a benefit to get no adds but as you say the downside eventually the young punters adopt this as the norm then a Commercial/ABC cannot pay rates so becomes Pay or Else get screwed otherwise like junk saw aired in UK in 97 no free Ryder Cup etc

OK matey must go & play the silly game

Carded 80 fri after miss 5' bird & 3' par & card one over back nine a 41 points & only got 3rd would you believe ? a forty bloody seven stableford points wun event (no not a 4/ball a single stab)


little slip of a thing
those big beastly men
composed, disciplined & beautiful
Woods secretly disappointed to have missed
humerous & talented with grace and style
a fantastic role model for girls to follow
a wonderful experience for players and viewers alike
heralding in a new age with style and courage

these are just some of the, pass the sick bag, comments that have been included in articles re the Colonial. Why can't they call it as it is???

she's got muscles that most guys would envy
couple that with the moustache and she could be a wrestler
Woods couldn't have been dragged there by wild horses
if that is humour, talent, grace & style these people want to get out more
Yes girls everywhere will be pumping iron and buying stick on facial hair(male forming?)
most players found it an irritant, her playing partners were mortified. Viewing was mind numbing, she hit it straight and putted badly, whoohoo!!!
Heralding in a lot of money for some very greedy people!!!

Yup, but she beat Scott McCarron, so it wasn't all in vain!

And her playing partners clearly enjoyed themselves; they've never seen galleries like that in their lives and, absent a miracle, may never again.

You're right about Woods, though.

As for "heralding in..." I sure hope not. As a one-off it was interesting and, to many if not to you, enjoyable. But if it's the first of a series (of diminishing returns) it will get very old very soon.

Alas, everyone and the horse they came in on tend to copy something that made someone else some money these days (how else to explain Matrix II?). So watch for Karrie in Aus, Lorie in Canada, Grace and Se Ri in Korea, Janice and Catriona in Scotland, etc. Except the European Tour has said it ain't going to happen there, so Britain and Europe may be spared the rush to copycat what was a singularly interesting event.

Aha! we have a massive point of agreement, anything that brings Scott McCarron down a peg or two has to be a good thing. He is currently winning in my own personal 'most hated pro golfer' stakes!!!

From an official:

'AS' was awesome, she held her head high, played with dignity, composure and given a better day with the putter on Friday, would have made the cut easily.

When all of her challenges were done on the LPGA, she took her game to the next level, it almost came off. The next week, AS went back to the LPGA, won, then won a major and now the only thing she has left to do is win the Solheim Cup with Europe in her homeland in September - what a career she'll have had by then.

And if you want to compare careers, she has Tiger and Vijay together beaten for record breaking. She is only three behind in the majors against Tiger - give that until the end of this year and she could be right with him if sdhe wins the US Open and British Open.

In the last two seasons, AS has set or tied over 50 records, most of them her own. She's won 21 times in two years, 13 last year, 8 in 2002. She shot 59 (and had a 20 foot putt for a 58) and belive me, the courses on the LPGA are not easy, the flags aren't in the middle of the green on flat parts, the Tour staff do trick them up over there. The courses, both in Europe and USA womens Tours average around 6200-6500 yards long, which is longer than most of us play in off medal tees.

She's dominant in women's golf because she works the hardest, is probably the fittest, she's defintely the most dedicated and she's doing the same thing to the women's game that Tiger did to the men's game in 1997 - I can't wait until she comes back to Europe for the Evian Masters (defending champion- no surprise) Interest in the women's game is massive now because of AS. E.g In Sweden last year for the Compaq Open, we had 21,000 spectarors on Sunday alone - nearly 70,000 for the week - that's more than gets to see any rugby match, cricket or div 1 football - combined!

Final word - she's awesome and make sure you see her play at least once - before she goes out and starts a family - which will happen soon.

Martin, most negative comments we have made are nothing to do with AS and what she has achieved. I regularly view the Evian tour(when we get coverage) and would love to play a fraction as well as any of them. What I have been massively critical of is the circus that was Colonial. Argue it whichever way you like it, all I can see is a cynical money making exercise. I do believe that AS's ambitions were genuine but misguided and she garnered support via greed, not anybody's desire to see her achieve any personal goals.

It would be easy to use the boost to grass roots golf, particularly girls, as an 'end justifies the means' type arguement. However I would say there would have been many easier and more successful ways of gaining the same, or even better, results.

male-female head to heads
male-female skins
male-female matchplay (Ryder cup Style)
etc etc etc

I reckon you won't sell these formats because the laws of average will dictate that there will be female winners. This would give girls golf a huge boost but how many of the guys would be prepared to risk the loser being them?

Heaps applause from back benchers

Hi Venetian re cable etc

Foxtel launched satelite last week, & like 128 channels digital no idea cost, but its cable service was I think bundled & cheaper & better than Austar so ? who knows it may give Austar a real run

A last hurrah perhaps Aniika was interviewd tiday & Karrie Webb got a mention in bit of a slump & only carded 78 (a one rnd slump?)

Her total career winnings one million bucks

Does anyone know how many wins ?

Mexican Pete (b%$ alzymers wot was tha mans name ?) won more than than in his 1st year on Seniors tour I think he took home $4 mill

No wonder Annika went for it Aye !


A last hurrah perhaps Aniika was interviewd tiday & Karrie Webb got a mention in bit of a slump & only carded 78 (a one rnd slump?)

Her total career winnings one million bucks

Does anyone know how many wins ?

Mexican Pete (b%$ alzymers wot was tha mans name ?) won more than than in his 1st year on Seniors tour I think he took home $4 mill

No wonder Annika went for it Aye !


Thats Karrie Webbs winnings not Annika !

Webb's winnings for this year? She's won six majors - career earnings must be good