Tiger is coming back!!!

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Tiger is coming back!!!

So Mr Woods is having another go... What do you reckon- A / He misses the cut. B/ He pulls out injured after shooting 83 in the first round. C/ Makes the cut but dosent figure.. D/ Wins it..

Excellent...more coverage of

Excellent...more coverage of him walking across the car park, putting his shoes on and hitting balls on the practice ground....rather than showing people playing in the Tournament. AND worse of all Butch Harmon simpering on about Tiger all the time...

If he comes back and plays well, fair enough....but the media coverage gets daft

Tiger is back

Tiger Woods is coming back to the PGA Tour.

Read the report here

What do we reckon will happen to Tiger?

So Tiger is coming back, but what happens? 

No more wins? A PGA Tour record haul of titles? A 15th major? More injuries? Consecutive missed cuts? 18 MAJORS?!

Great for the game but...

I can't see Tiger winning any more majors. Would love to see it, but I think even another golf tournament will be a struggle for him now with his latest injury. Let's hope he does though as he is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. The game has missed him for sure.

The biggest bugbear I have

The biggest bugbear I have with Tiger is the 17th coverage. Not a problem when he's playing well and in contention but not worth the effort when he was having issues.
If course the tv companies will say different as the ratings will go through the roof!

Overall I'll take the negatives if we can have a competitive Tiger back ... and yes I'll probably tune to see he plays for these few events.

.... or course then we'll have the reborn Tiger too when he changes from Nike equipment too!

I'm glad he's back and I hope

I'm glad he's back and I hope he can be competitive.

Which golf clubs?

Which golf clubs do you think TW and Rory will bag next season? 

Tiger will go back to

Tiger will go back to Titleist, Rory will sell out to Taylormade ;)