Tiger v Ernie

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Tiger v Ernie
If Tiger Woods and Ernie Els were to face each other tomorrow (18 holes matchplay), on your local course for 10 million quid, who'd win (apart from your club earning the TV rights off course!) and why?

Tiger back with a win is not going to instil anyone with confidence, even Els.

I think in a MAJOR Tiger would nick it, purely on the basis of last season when Els had chances but got edgy at the opportunity.

As neither of them NEED the money I'd put Els down to win on a local course as there's less at stake.

Both are stunning players and my heart would want to go for Els but I think my head would overule in favour of Tiger. Many top golfers have question marks raised about their temperament in certain situations, Els included. But I can't think of any time when Woods has been accused of caving in to the pressure, if anything he seems to get better. Even against Els I think Woods has a 2 shot headstart before they even tee off.

Oh - just realised that Bob said 18 holes 'matchplay'.

In that case Els - Woods can't hack matchplay these days.

Whaddya reckon Al?

My money is on Tiger, he would be out to prove a point.......

Ernie's in the zone at the moment and when it comes to matchplay he has to be the man....But I don't think I'm going to see either of them teeing it up at Lydd! Like to see how they would get on though.

Alan, I see what you all mean, Els has the far superior matchplay record. But I still have a nagging doubt on Ernies' temperament and he wouldn't need to show much to havce Woods at his jugular. Having said that I think it is a match we would all love to see!

Stick around: they're in the same match play event at La Costa next week! Odds against either of them going the distance, though both have come close -- once each.

One on one, if they meet at LaCosta, all favours Tiger, as he'd have built his confidence through all the wins along the way and Els, on past performance, would have been thinking all the while that if he only gets through this one, he might meet Tiger.

At the local, I'd back Els ten times out of ten.

Taking into consideration how Tiger played last week after his recovery, Els is the winner!

Last months 18 hole averages showed Woods @ 67.9 did not show Els who now rates world 2 but got still rolled @ Dubai (a relatively unknown?) & somewhere else recently & even Woosie got third (but that aint 1st is it)

Even Parry showed it to Woods in NZ but one on one lot different to field of 60 & guess an each way bet although Els seems favored

If mental has it & gives a edge Els perhaps not as explosive & seems maybe more Stable than Woods, Laconic even !

So I think go with Els !!