Tiger vs VJ

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Tiger vs VJ

Interesting Al.I think for golf in general the Tiger phenomenon is a good thing. Vijay, for all his ability, is never going to pull the newbies in the way Tiger does.

tiger has is 30 and been a pro for 9 years in which time he has won 8 majors and 42 pga tour events. vijay is 41 and a pro for 23 years in which time he has won 3 majors and 25 pga tour events. Enough said I think.

I think Tiger has always been there, even though he didn't win anything last year. I wish I could understand how the rankings worked. I can understand you win do many points for winning a competition, but how many years does this carry on for? Why isn't it based on one years performance for example, just like most other sports.

Points are awarded depending on how many of the top players are in the field. So win a major and you get 50 points. which is multiplied by 2 whilst it stays in the current rolling quarter, as it becomes history and drops back a quarter it is mutiplied by 1.75, 1.50, 1.25, 1.00, 0.75, 0.50, 0.25 until after 2 years it is no longer part of the calculation.All these events and points are added together, and the total points divided by the total events played (or 40 if you have played less than 40).So it is a reflection of how well you are playing at the moment. Winning a major 2 years ago and doing nothing there after means you will disappear. Just look at Duval.

IMO Tiger is a league above anyone. Yes he has struggled last year or so but still managed to get reasonable results. He now seems to be getting back to his best and think thats bad news for the other pros. He hits shots others simply cant and he still intimidates regrdless of what people say

hey guys hows it going , been watching your little golfsite here for a while now and just hooked in.great question about Tiger and Vijay and we love them both but Tiger this year will be the man i can tell you , 2 majors minimun.its good to see Phil finally get his rewards at last too and at last people are now starting to cut him some slack and show respect , these 3 will be the go to guys in 05.

I think we are entering a "golden era" in terms of golf. Maybe I'll be proved wrong, but come the Majors, you'll see Els, Mick, Woods, Singh, and perhaps Goose take the game to another level. Should be fun.

els and goosen i should have said as well , 2 great players.you guys follow the tour at all?now a lot of UK players here and some look fine , brian davis is cutting in there better than many expected and luke donald looks a real package to go already.

i dont think vijay has the real charisma to rake in the newbies!

Tiger's da man!He has not been at his best in the past couple of years, but is still ahead of most. He has made some swing changes over that time and changes take time to bed in. Watch him go this year!

Tiger's better, but it's a very close call. Throw lefty into the mix, and I'd pick him above Tiger or Vijay.

DscaperI thought you were an intelligent man!! 8 majors to 1. Its no contest

Forgot to mention Doral aswell! Phil playing the best golf of his life, Tiger on his way back to his best and still beat him!Dont get me wrong, Phil is a fantastic player and is great to watch (unlike VJ) but Tiger at his best is a league above everyone else. Couple of majors for him this year me thinks

Going on who's better now... not then. I'll admit that Woods would get the nod on his last outing, but looking at the season so far, Mickleson is playing great golf. :)

Agree with you about Vijay tho. He's a bit like what Steve Davis was to snooker when he kept raking in the World Championships.Perhaps when he retires, Vijay might go into stand-up.*cough*

you guys follow the tour this is good , i can now get another see in from your side which i like.we have i think great players but UK does too and i see luke donald as being the kingpin of the young guys , we see lots of him on the tour here.your needing another faldo though to be professional minded and determined , you dont have that yet with many i see , some great players yes but majors are what gives and strenght of character on the back stretch in the final 18 is what makes the greats really great.

Welcome Randy. There are a lot of up and coming Professionals here in Europe, some young some not so young (take Jim

Tiger is better than Vijay, but only when Tiger's on form.Vijay is very consistant, whereas Tiger can sometimes be erratic.

i wouldnt say VJ is consistant, he hasnt been in the top 10 loads. a lot of the time i see him on 3 over around there.

Sadly, I'd have to go with Tiger.

good points Randy and I take your view about 'mental toughness over the closing holes' .... something a few of 'our lot' seem to be lacking of the last few years if compared against the likes of Faldo as you say - or even Langer !we seem to be good at the 'team based' style of play ala Ryder Cup (sorry !) where I think the feeling of being able to hold each others hand helps the cause - come a 'major' where you're on your own it's a different story (no wins since 1999 - and that was handed on a plate)hopefully this year ? .... still have my doubts as to the quality of our players as against the quality of the US players and with Tiger coming back on song and Ernie & Goosen already strides ahead of anything we have to offer then it looks unlikely I must say :-/ ..... Luke Donald indeed looks maybe the best hope ?!

mr al i figure we do kinda have the wrap on the ranking points but the pga tour is strong in its attraction for the worlds best , you got your top guys coming here now to play and i like that.jiminez sure is mighty fine and he can cut it in there with the best i have no doubt , he sure looks like a masters top 10 to me.justin rose is the tall guy yes that did well in the british open once? , he kinda seems to have lost the scales a bit whats happened.mr paul you kinda speak it there , faldo and langer are 2 champions and they are both strong mind and determined.ryder cup you sure nail us back and no need for the sorry we got out the jeep with our pants down at oakland big time.i see mr els won again today in somewhere called doha , wheres that as i dont see it here on my map of europe anyhow?mr els and goosen sure do stand in there and often look wired in to the show , 2 more masters winners im sure in time.

Doha is in Qatar, an oil-rich Arab gulf state. Homer Simpson is the patron saint.

which is why you'll not find Qatar on your map of 'Europe' Randy :-) .... as erm , it isn't !!strange I know but the 'European' Tour seems anywhere but in the early stage of the season as I think (but not sure ?) they've sort of amalgamated some of the old Asian Tour evetns .... anyone clarify that ?you'll see that some of the 'top' names on the Euro Tour only bother with the events in Dubai and Qatar early season as there's some sort of prestige to win either of those plus some decent dosh to be had .... the others don't bother with the long haul trip to play on some goat track in Malaysia or Indonesia and leave it to the lesser tour players - a lot of our players now as you've probably noticed have seen the light here and joined your PGA Tour to gain more ranking points and equip themselves better for the majors + prepare better for the Masters and such like

Singh is playing well at the Honda Classic, he's '-7 thru 16' in the final round and he's only 2 off the lead.

Yeah, but he couldn't make the putt! ;-))

do you think tiger would have missed that putt.....

Yeh probably, with the way he's been putting this year.It's easy to say 'Ar, it was only a 2 footer', but when you are under that pressure, the hole starts to shrink andgets further away.

The EuropeanTour co-sanctions events early in the season with the South African, ANZ and Asian Tours in order to provide their players with somewhere WARM to play!Dubai is stand-alone. This is the first year Qatar was classified as an Asian Tour co-sanction.It's not called the Euroepan Tour International Schedule for nothing. They played two events in South America one year, and are in discussions with a certain North American destination...

tiger never misses pressure putts - the ones that really matter - thats why he so many majors

Vijay - more yips than a litter of poodles.

Venetian - you've alluded to the North American connection a couple of times.If this is what I think it is then a certain Mr Fincham is going to be a bit pi**ed don't you think LOL