Tiger: What's your magic moment?

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Tiger: What's your magic moment?
Of all the shots Tiger has played and the majors and tournament victories he has won, what stands out for you? Tell us your magical moment and you could win one of FIVE Tiger Woods DVD box set Collections, we're giving away in association with Buenavista Home Entertainment.

It has to be his 2000 U.S. Open win at Pebble Beach. A historic course, a historic occasion (the millenium), and the greatest display of golf ever witnessed. When you beat Ernie Els by 15 shots, and are the only player under par on a brutally difficult golf course, you know you've achieved something special.

Can't remember where or when but what I do remember was after a horrible duck hook from the tee intp thick tree he then takes an iron virtually perpendicular to the flag and procedes to deliberately hook the ball around the trees and onto the green. What a shot manufactured from what to most would have been an impossible position.

For me it's the "Shot in the Dark" at the 2000 WGC-NEC Championship. The light was so far gone, and there was some question about calling play, and he was practically behind a tree.He just estimated the distance (didn't walk it out), took a read on the grain from Stevie, and let rip, landing it within a foor or so of the hole. It was, in a year in which he had already shown magic as well as ability (that corkscrew putt that pressured Bob May into making an impossible shot to stay alive at the PGA), the spookiest of all his great gifts. The next week, he would commit the "shot of the year" at the Bell Canadian Open, and he had already had the record march through history in the majors, all demonstrating briliant ability. But this seemed to have something other-worldly about it, and contributed greatly to his legend as something apart.Or maybe it was just that next day he had to play "The Battle at Bighorn," and was determined not to have a Monday finish! We don't necessarily want to know what resources he was in touch with that year...

Paul, I think it was the 2002 Masters, 5th hole, final round ?

Any of his losing rounds at the Ryder Cup. Pure class!!!!!

Think it was in the PGA which in won from Bob May. He hit a putt and as it was half way there he ran after it with is finger pointing. He knew it was going in. You must have a special talent when you know a ball is going in the hole when its half way there!

It has to be 'That' impossible bunker shot he holed out at The Open at RSG (I think). After Peter Alliss assessed it would be a good shot to get it on the green, the rich one proceeded to have a cut at it, send the rock scattering onto the green, grab on the second bounce, take the break into the pin and down. Awesome stuff.

Of all the fantastic drivers, all the great iron shots and all the superb chips the most magical of all Tiger moments has to be when he holed his winning putt at the 1997 US Masters. His 18 Under par total set a new record winning score.His 12 stroke victory set the largest winning margin.It was his first attempt to win US Masters as a Professional.He became the youngest ever player to win the tournament.He became the first black golfer to win a major.He knew he had to make the putt to get the record, set previoulsey at 17 under par by Jack Nicklaus. He never looked like missing.

Sun City, final green, needing birdie to make a playoff with Nick price (which he eventually lost) facing a chip shot, 2 yards from the green, 20 feet to the pin, which he had to make. There was something about Tiger Woods then that you knew he was going to hole this shot which he duly did.One of the strongest aspects of his game is the number of putts he can make for par from 10-15 feet.

No shot,but taking the time to see my lil buddy who passed away with cystic fibrosis last year had the most glorius of times after finding out he had no invitation to a Planet Hollywood Dinner,sent a limo where his dad escorted them to their table{whole family}after spending all day with ill,dying underprivaledged kids.You'll never play a blinder better than that.if it wins,prize wil go to Adams day next year.

Maybe it is negative, but the look on his face when he saw Micklesons tee shot on the 18th at the Ryder Cup.Whilst he is one of the greatest players, I think that he realised that he alone cannot win everything and that the only way he operates is to have a team to support him.

My favourite Tiger moment was this year in the Deutche Bank Championship (correct me if i'm wrong) and he was chasing the leader Vijay Singh.I think it was on either the 13th or 14th, and he hit his drive wide, and then his iron shot cleared the green. He was left with a difficult chip shot from about 30 yards.I remember the commentator saying 'He needs to get this close to stay in contention' and Tiger hit a flop shot and it trickled into the hole.Just pure class.

A three wood into Hilton Head on the eighteeth and got a birdie to win.No one else had done it all week.

Trying to take a sneaky 2 club lenghts when he must have known damn well it was only 1. In the Ryder cup, after a duff Mickleson shot left him right next to a fence. (Tigers face was a picture when he saw were that baby had landed) :-)

My favourite shots were when I stood about 10ft from him at Muirfield before the Open on the driving range at about 7.00 a.mWith all his poise and grace he slowly took his 9 iron out of his bag and hit 10 shots -alternatively draw then fade, draw then fade. Each dropped over the 150 yrd marker as if on demand -you could have covered the landing area with a large hankerchief. He then proceeded to do the same with a 5 iron to just beyond the 200 yrd marker. Draw then fade,draw then fade.Finally he slowly pulled the Tiger head cover off his driver - then with the same grace and poise he stroked the driver.The markers run out at 300yrds- the ball started close to the ground then after 200 yrds or so seemed to take off -then disappeared over the end fence well beyond 300yrds.The very few of us that were watching just gasped-and I have seen some very good amateur players and followed the occasional pro, but I had never seen anything like this.I looked at the ground which he had been hitting -there was a beautiful formed straight slight scuff mark -as if the ground had been caressed. 10 minutes is all I watched for(and I'm not easily impressed!) but those 10 minutes will stay with me until my dying day. Awesome experience and all of that control and hours of practice goes into what creates those seemingly miraculous shots on the course.

Hmm just seen five bellies reply above. was that the same shot i mentioned ? Anyway heres another example of how an edit/delete own post feature would be handy in keeping the forums more readable. hint hint Webmaster :)

i would say the most exciting golf i ever saw witnessed had to be the final round of the PGA against Bob may,pure class hole after hole.SURPERB>

The shot he hit at Bell Canadian Open in 2001 (i think), he hit it into fairway bunker off the tee on final hole, more than 210 yards to go over nothing but water. He hit a 6 iron to 12 feet and got his birdie to seal the deal.The putt on the final hole at the US masters 2001 to win the tournament and take the Tiger Slam was very special as well.Just ask Ernie how difficult it is to win one in a year, (no one deserved one more than him in 2004, for Tiger to win all FOUR!) Pure Class.

I guess one of the very best is when he was just starting as a pro. It was in Phoenix tournament, the hole-in-one that shook the whole golfing world. Tiger's intensity and the reaction of the crowd were priceless that seems to last forever. I have recorded it and played it over and over again, and yet still enjoying that moment. Shown in news program all over the world and it triggered a massive hunger to see this guy play.

Can't remember where or when but all I remember is the shot (I guess that's how good it was). I believe he was in contention to win the comp and was on the 18th hole but had pulled the drive into a left hand bunker. He was plus 200 yards to the green and had to get over some very high trees. He then hit a fantastic three iron onto the green! Please remind me of the details and that this really happened, and it's not just a figment of my imagination. As far as I remember he made the putt as well.

One shot of greatness surely has to signify something, and make all around subdued before exploding into raptures of applause. After turning pro Tiger was given 6 invitations for the rest of the year in which to make enough money to gain his card for the following year. His Father was asked by the press "will he earn enough" he replied, "are you kidding me, he has six chances to win, he's gonna win at least one"Set the scene - Par Three - maybe 4 ironThe fairway is lined 20 deep on both sides, the mound to the left of the hole seats 5,000 more - He arrives at the hole two back with four to playOne shot, one swing, one. A hole in one10,000 people are silenced by this boys brilliance before adorning him a hero - with a noise so loud, TIGER TIGER, there and then Tiger Woods steps up and takes the whole world on, he won the tournament. Tiger Woods is a legend of such huge importance to our most Beautiful game, i dont care if he had a bad year. At this time he is golf, as without him we would not be where we are now, any of us. He dragged a middle class untouchable sport into the 21st century, and made it look good.

Does anybody remeber Tiger being off the green, 50 yards or so, 40 feet below it aswell, and hitting a chip with a 3 wood, up, along, down, to the right, to the left, 9 seconds later, the ball drops.

NigelIt sounds like you are describing the Buick invitational - he hooked drive over the deep rough and onto the cart path. A women with brown hair and a back pack picked up the ball on instinct i guess, b4 her boy friend ran over and took it off her and replaced it. She cowered behind him when Tiger arrived, he smiled, she felt better, Tiger however was tied for the lead with, of all people, Phil Mick. He need 3 to win and 4 for a play off. Who would win, it was in Tigers hands. He had 186 to the pin which was guarded front and right by water, The green slopes left to right and the wind is off the left. He's got lucky with the lie and is on the cart path. But its one hell of a shot to get close, and he knows he has to make 3 to win. He aims 10 feet left, encompassed by spectators apart from the gap for his shot, he makes his swing, 6 iron 186 to 25 feet. What a shot, guess what - he made the putt. And that is when he first did his one legged triple punch of the fist celebration.

I can`t remember what course it was but i`m sure it was earlier this year.Tiger had a delicate wedge shot from just off the green in thick lush grass.He took out his wedge assessed the shot then proceeded to flop the ball up into the air moving it only a matter of a few feet.Despite all his glory,despite everything he has achieved and despite the almost limitless talent he has at his disposal he demonstrated something there that i will never forget....he is human and if the great man can make a mess out of a simple looking shot like that then it gives us all eternal hope !The next time i did exactly the same i didn`t get upset,i just thought to myself "Just like Tiger" Thats one of the few occasions i can mirror one of golfs greatest players.

Well, I can't for the life of me remember where or when this was, a couple of years ago at least, but;Our hero, hammers one off the tee, cutting accross it a smidge, ending up in the right hand rough, and I do mean rough!Faced with a long, uphill second to a hidden green, burried knee deep in the thick stuff, our boy hit it, with something like a four iron... stiff! Any of your mere gods that are the touring pros of the moment, would have been happy just to get out of there in one piece! Not Tiger!The strength required to attempt that shot and get it out was awesome, the ability to get it to the green fantastic but to stick it stiff, beyond belief.The guy is simply amazing, the stock shots that he plays are beyond anyone but the most skilled. He is the best I have ever seen. Even with the well documented 'Tiger Slump' of this year, as bad as he has played sometimes, Ewan Murray said on a sky commentary, 'If anyone else had taken that game out onto the course, they would have been looking at a round in the high eighties'....Tiger shot level par!

Ace,I remember the shot you describe but this other shot was about two seasons ago and definately a 3 iron out of the bunker. It was so deep and so far to the green, I couln't believe what I had seen. Maybe I did imagine it after all.C'mon someone else must remember this shot and where it was.

The one to which you refer Nigel was, I think in at Bay Hill 2003 - and it was a 6-iron from just over 200 yards from a bunker over water to the back of the green in fading light, to edge out Vijay I believe.


Ace,Is that the one on the PGA Tour 2004 video game?

JB Thats the one - have not looked at it for about a year so i couldnt be 100% but that is the one i thought Nigel meantOne things for sure, hes hit a hell of alot of great shots if we are all getting confused about them

so Mr Warters - did i win yet

For me the shot was tiger out of the rough.I think it was the 17th. at St. Andrews in the open. The rough was waist high ,Peter Allis was having nightmares , Tiger goes in finds his ball goes about ten yards away , Allis explains that he is doing this to show he is not trying to improve his lie , should he take a drop , he'll never get out of there , lucky to find the ball , can he reach the fairway etc.Tiger plays the shot , ball and ten acres of hay are airborne , ball lands on green. (Hay is rumoured to feed herd of highland cattle for a week ) .Tiger two putts makes par , it is not just his ability to make eagles that make him so good but the way he can stay in contention on his bad days.

Rather than a Tiger moment, I've chosen a Tiger place. The 14th green at Muirfirld Village. In 2000, he holed an "impossible" chip for par down a cliff-face of a green after duffing his first chip. With Vijay breathing down his neck and sensing a crack in his armour, this amazing shot put Tiger back in control and he went on to win the tournament.This year, he found himself in even more trouble on this short but ingenious two-shotter. Having found a creek with his tee shot, he then flew his approach beyond the green, into an even more impossible position.Surpassing his shot of four years back, he flopped the ball onto the green. The ball landed as if by parachute and the slope guided it slowly down the slope and into the hole for an even more incredible par.He didnt go on to win the tournament this year - Ernie was just unstoppable that weekend - but the roar from the green was enough to confirm no matter how much he may struggle with his game he is the ultimate box office golfer

I can't remember where it was but there was a rain delayed play off against Tom Lehman I think,it could have been the following day or if they didn't get off they would have to return the following day and Tiger nearly holed out on the par three first sudden death play off hole.Awesome,get inside that .

Well, Mr. "More," I've made my pick, but there's also the shot he made from off the green in Japan when he was playing with Duval in the World Cup: he had to sink an impossible-looking shot to get into the playoff. And wouldn't you know it... Happily, the Bokkers outplayed them in OT, as did the Kiwis. But just getting them there was one of those "not again" moments.

Nigel,I remember the shot as well. Tee shot hooked into a trap on the left side of the fairway. About 22o yards to the green. Ball way below his feet, awkward stance. Nothing but trees in front. Somehow he manages to get the bail airborne with a 3 iron and gets enough height to clear the trees and pitch softly on the green. Then the thing that always seems to follow all of his great shots. He holes the putt for birie.

Dunno the tournament but it was either late last year or earlier this year. The weather was crap, he had a dose of the "squitters" (the yanks professionally called it *stomach cramps*).He'd hooked a ball and it was lying right up against a tree towards the fairway. There was no shot (for a right hander), so he pulled out a 6i (I think) and played it left handed to finish within 15 or so feet from about 170-180 yards.I remember watching it and thinking: "Now that's just taking the p!ss!!!"

Oh yes, he did win the tournament.

Ryder Cup 2001 (played in 2002) at The Belfry. In the afternoon foursomes, on the 11th hole (par 4), Tiger had to take the second shot after his partners tee-shot had drifted to the right almost under a tree RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE I WAS STANDING!! People began to jostle the ropes next to me to get a better position to view Tiger's shot but I held my position well and had a perfect view of the man himself less than five feet away.The ball was sat down in the semi rough and the shot was blind over a small hill. Tiger pulled out a 6 iron and took his swing. The sheer strength of Tigers club swing really is something to be witnessed at such close quarters. Unfortunately no one standing by Tiger (or Tiger himself) saw the ball land but from the applause it was fairly obvious he had put it on the green.It's not a shot that many people will remember for being accurate or exceptional, but for me and the few people gathered around me on the rope it was just amazing to see one of the worlds best do what he does best and certainly my highlight of the 2001 Ryder Cup.

My favourite was at St Georges on the 12th tee, I think. Somebody in the crowd says quite loudly "Whys Tiger not playing with a Nike Driver, oh sorry, yes he is, that explains it then"The sniggers that went round the crowd and the wry smile on his partners face was worth the entrance fee alone.On a more positive note his 97 Masters win is the stand out performance for me except for the first 9 holes as near to genius as I have witnessed

i must have won by now

boys ah is gonna barf if ya keep dis up....howsabout dat time he was in de rough wid a big stone right behind his ball. What dos TiggyWiggy smacked baby face do? Yep he plays de stone ta move de ball. Result.....c**p shot, injures hiself an knackers his club. Dat aint de shot of a great pro who dont wanna giv up a stroke. Dat is de stupidity of an arrogant brat!!!!!!

what about now - come on Sir - this has been going on ages and i wanna watch tiger on my new DVD

Tiger, who is always needling the sports media and is as uncooperative with them as he can possibly get away with, spent Wednesday in LA doing media for this DVD. 37 -- THIRTY-SEVEN -- interviews, including Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. That is the media equivalent of a gang bang. He said it was " a blast" or some such Tigerese (probably meaning it as much as when he says he loves the Ryder Cup for its camaraderie -- this the guy who can never be found moments after the closing ceremonies are over; he has to be dragged out of bed to party even if the US wins). But it was suck-up central, and there are BBC interviews and possibly others for British outlets. He has no hesitation in being available to the media, and nice to them, when he is selling something. I want to win this so that I can have the pleasure of circulating it as widely as possible in the certain knowledge that not a penny in royalties wil go into his pocket!

Bit hard that,I wonder if he see's the dollar bill sign before he sleeps or the faces of the terminally ill children when he made their passing easier?.

The money must be almost irrelevant to Tiger by now, I would have thought. i.e. he could retire now, never play golf / work again, and live in luxury for the rest of his life. I can't believe that anything he does from here on in is motivated by financial gain.

"Does anybody remeber Tiger being off the green, 50 yards or so, 40 feet below it aswell, and hitting a chip with a 3 wood, up, along, down, to the right, to the left, 9 seconds later, the ball drops."Ace - I can remember a shot like this, in the 3rd round of the 1997 U.S. Open at Congressional. It was the first time I'd seen anyone try the 3 wood chip, and I couldn't believe my eyes, especially when it bounced up the bank, across the green, and into the hole.

Alan, don't kid yourself. Tiger is about specific golf goals (which clearly do not include the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup), and he is about money. He "hangs," as he likes to put it, with the likes of MJ and baseball's A-Rod, who make much more than he does. His father once said, "I am going to be the last poor Woods." Tiger is in that elite to which vast sums are never "enough." Of course he is long past "needing" money. But his father also said he would be the first billionaire athlete, and he's not there yet -- and I doubt he will be satisfied until he is. Why do you think he never plays Loch Lomond? Because Lyle Anderson refuses to pay appearance fees. His monstrous appearance fees ($3 million US) are non-negotiable. Toronto set up an exhibition in the wake of the SARS disaster, with Mike Weir, Annika Sorenstam, Canadian LPGA player Lorie Kane and Mr. Woods. It was a matter of an afternoon of their time; all were either off or playing the previous week a short flight from Toronto, and the event foundered at the last minute because Woods' demanded fee -- for a charity -- was 80% of what they had budgeted for staging the event. The organisers realised that his demands would make it very unfair for the others and had to cancel it.He was, however, free to fly into Toronto for a day to shoot an AmEx commercial.

BobCan I have a prize please?a) Never won a golf prizeb) Like ACE just got a DVDOK -well if not hope they go to a good homeGeoff

Venetian - just read your reply above for the first time. Very interesting - food for thought.....

Alan, just track his movement. In the US he plays when he wants (virtually the Tour minimum). Anywhere else, they pay through the nose. Surely you haven't forgotten New Zealand? Aside from the Open, the Ryder and the WGCs (which have no cut, so there is at least minimum wage for he who comes last) he only turns up at international events that cough up the dough. The Australians, who are struggling to keep a Tour alive in any case, have given up all hope of ever seeing him again.He is suing the people from whom he "bought" his yacht, "Privacy" (registered in the Caymans, guess why). Seems they told people he was a customer, and it seems he had made it a condition that they do not do any such thing, so the annoying thing is that he appears to have a case...he apparently paid $20 million, and is suing for either $50 million or $100 million. (Not clear to me whether the counts were being sued separately). But I figured, when that yacht hove into view, that he would find a way to make someone else pay for it...odds are the case will be settled quietly, but I'm guessing it will be for at least $20 million, even if it means returning the yacht.This is a guy who has notoriously long pockets and short arms when it comes to tipping. He had to be convinced when he started on the Tour that he should tip the clubhouse attendant $50; he had apparently left much less. He has had to pay for virtually nothing since he reached the age of reason, and it seems he does not want to start now. We're all waiting to see what, aside from adorning her with more product placement logos, he does to make the Nanny a write-off. And the speculation is that the first spawn will be paraded about in a Nike baby hat and some baubles from Tag Heuer...something tells me he does not actually PAY his AmEx bills!