Tiger: What's your magic moment?

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Sounds like you've got enough material for a book - "The Real Tiger Woods". Go for it!

I don't want to write a hatchet job...! (But I'll happily review it when it comes out).I did review a book about him on here a few eyars back -- it's called The Tiger Woods Reader, which is a collection of pieces about him going back to the very beginning (when he still talked to the press). I'll see if I can find the link. It probably reveals more about him than any other effort to date.Another good read, which I reviewed elsewhere, is The Chosen One, by David Owen of the New Yorker. It's a bit fawning for my taste but it's serious and well researched. Not too long, either.

No go. The link has apparently expired. Bah, humbug...my own text was wiped when I had a computer crash a few months ago.