Tiger Woods at USPGA

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Tiger Woods at USPGA


Well said Pasty! 

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Have another try...

A bit beyond my technical skills - made me laugh though!

It was a tweet from SteveThink I dented @TigerWoods confidence after the first round at Turnberry Open - not been the same player since #just saying (Bit of an "in joke" - he led Woods by 2 shots after the first round)

Pengwyn reporting from the Atlanta Athletic Club. Tiger Woods, who is widely regarded as the best golfer of all time, returned to Major competitive golf this week. The man who builds his whole year to peak at the Majors has sadly been missing due to injury. Two years without a win and a strong desire to show he is still world class has seen Tiger return to The PGA Championship this week in bouyant mood. However some people have questioned Tigers decision making even before he hits a ball. Recently Tiger has decided to take a break (read sack) from his caddy! The following week his caddy takes the perenial unachiever Adam Scott to the finishing line at the Firestone World Golf Championship, so maybe the Caddy isn't the problem after all?And what World Class bag carrier is Steve Williams replacement? Erm Tigers mate, whathisname, the one who repeatedly organised the hookers for Tiger is days gone by!Sadly day one, after offering so much promise, ended in the now expected disappointment. After going 3 under par Tigers game fell to pieces when he hit the tough stretch of the golf course. In is own words he was thinking of mechanical swing thoughts and when he "let it go" the wheels fell off. Maybe not exactly his words but that was the sentiment.There is no doubt that Tiger still has the ability to hit great shots but many now doubt his ability to piece 18 holes together and more importantly many doubt his decision making as a whole. Deciding to sack Steve Williams  in place of his party organising buddy was obvious to everyone but Tiger to be a mistake, deciding to "let it go" when he was 3 under par after achieving 3 under par by thinking mechanical thoughts??? Whatever happened to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".Tiger has never been considered a great ball striker. From the tee he usually plays a different course to the other golfers. His great winning record was based on peaking at the right time, intimidating his opponenets and raising his game when he needed to. This guy relished the pressure that others crack under! But now it apears Tiger is merely Eldrick! The roar has gone, or mayb no-one but Eldrick hears it anymore. Tiger now has a swing that is so obviously faulty even GolfMagic forum members snigger at it, a short game that can only be described as ordinary and a putter that no longer reacts to his command.Reminiscient of Seve, we now see someone who has rode the pinacle of his profession like no other fall to the levels of the journeyman. No doubt there will be glimmers of hope, flashes of brilliance, maybe even a win or two. But those in the know now think Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 Majors to be safe from Eldricks challenege. But when the cut is missed and whatshisname organises the next party Eldricks fans still believe. There is no doubt that many want Tiger to return to his previous heights, under the illusion that what he had is once again achievable again. Tiger certainly has an army of loyal fans who believe! And so through these fans Tiger will no doubt be able to maintain his of the course earnings.SO what now? Sadly for Eldrick he doesn't qualify for the FedEx Cup. And rumour has it he also doesn't qualify for his own tournament. So he has 7 months until the Masters! Surely if he can;t regain control of the golf ball by then he will be thinking about the next stage of his career, post golf.

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Tiger has never been considered a great ball striker.

Errr, hello?Tiger is widely accepted as being in a different class of ball-striking to the majority of even the best golfers in the world.Don't confuse his poor driving with his immense ball-striking.

Completely agree Pasty,  the Wolves are circling.No great fan of Tiger, but either he or Nicklaus must be the best we have seen, and there is no one on the horizon to challenge them.

Personally I think Tiger has to change his mindset. He is know longer at his peak, he is some way off infact. I dont see how he can regain his form playing the minimum events against top class players who arent scared of him anymore on very tough golf courses.He need to get back "on tour" playing 3 or 4 tournaments on the bounce on easier courses to find his form and touch on the greens

I guess this is a support Tiger thread. There is no doubt that when he is on his A game he is better than anyone else in the world and even his B and C game was usually good enough to give him a chance of winning. However, due to various reasons his A game has all be dissapeared and recently his Z game has become more prevalent.The problem is that Tiger keeps talking himself up by saying he is getting more feel to swing, striking the ball better than ever, etc. Who does he think he is kidding? Never a great driver of the ball in terms of accuracy, but like Sevy he was able to hit great irons shots, a short game to die for and putting like a man possesed.Tiger's demise may be sad. Perhaps in years to come we may appreciate more what a great player he was for ten years or more. The sheer arrogance of the man was his his forte and ironically possibly his downfall. I don't see even a healthy Tiger dominating the way he once did. Shame in a way, because the only record worth talking about that Tiger has not beaten is Jack's 18 majors and that looks fairly safe. Longevity is a part of greatness and Jack Nicklaus is still the daddy.     

well I shouldn't post then

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I guess this is a support Tiger thread.     

It seems to me the guy has a serious attitude problem..... towards everyone and everything......... he needs to sort that out first and foremost, then he wouldn't get so many peoples backs up.