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I'm no fan of Tiger, but was impressed with his first two rounds at Muirfield and I really thought on Saturday morning that he was going to come through and break his recent major drought. However his tactics again were poor over the weekend, playing too far back for his approach shots. Now that his putting is not what it once was, he was having to pull off 35-50ft two putt pars. And more than once he tried to hammer a wedge from miles out expecting it to bounce hard and release when it just wasn't going to happen. I'm beginning to think he won't win another major now.

hope not. His injuries seem to take much longer to heal since his dodgy Doctor had his collar felt too.

I'm not a Tiger fan. Talented player, definitely, but anyone who drags his long face round a golf course without any appearance of enjoyment is pretty dull to watch in my books (even if that is simply "focus") so if he doesn't win another then fine with me. But, will he win one? Probably will, too much talent there not to and knows how to close any tournament out on a good day especially a major, but no way is he going to top Jack's record.

^^ agree totally, he won't get another 5 Majors, the other players are not frightened of him any more.

was an interesting quote from his old coach hank Haney who said this 15th major will be the easiest one to win for him, how much pressure will he be under when trying to win 18 or number 19.