Tips for the Majors

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Tips for the Majors
I've posted a fascinating interview with Ladbroke's Andy Clifton on how to place a golf bet and who to put your money on. Here's my selections for 2002... US Masters: Davis Love III, US Open: Tiger Woods, Open:Sergio Garcia, US PGA: Kenny Perry; Ryder Cup: US 16, Europe 12. What's yours?

Masters - Garcia
US Open - Duval
Open - Harrington
USPGA - Woods
Ryder Cup - Europe by a point

US Open-Woods
Ryder Cup-Europe by 1pt

Masters - Woods
US Open - Woods
Open - Els
USPGA - Sergio Garcia

Ryder Cup - Europe 14.5/13.5

Masters - Monty
US Open - Westwood
Open - Rose
USPGA - Harrington

Ryder Cup - Europe:17 USA:11

It will be great to re-visit this thread occasionally throughout the season, Alex (Di Marco) and Jake (Rose? Rose!). Anyone else from Planet Zob prepared to risk their reputation? Stop that sniggering at the back!

Interesting comment Bob, given that Chris Di Marco is currently ranked number 19 in the world. Six places higher than
Kenny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Perry.

Personally I don't that suggesting any of the world's top 20 is without merit....but number 25. Come off it?

We'll see Alex. In fact, Golfmagic will give a dozen quality golf balls to whomever scores best on their major championship nominations in this thread (1pt for win, 2 for 2nd and ties etc, 100 pts for missed cut).
Nominations must be in by noon April 10 (eve of US Masters). Forum members can have as many goes as they like.
For the record Kenny Perry lost a playoff (to Mark Brooks) in the 1996 US PGA, was 23rd in '97, 10th with Woods in '98, 34th in '99, 30th in 2000, 44th last year - now that's a form horse! Otherwise it's a wild guess.

Masters - Garcia
US Open - Woods
Open - Woods
USPGA - Mickelson

Ryder Cup - Europe:15 USA:13

Woods...Woods! Don't strain yerself, Chris!

Masters: Mickelson
US Open: Mickelson
British Open: Garcia
US PGA Championship: Mickelson

I'm a little iffy whether or not to choose Garcia for the US Open

Don't suppose you're left-handed Mike - and re-grip a lot?

Mike, stick with Mickelson mate.... and why not go for Mickelson for The Open too?
If you turned out to be right you'd get pretty good odds, and I guess Mickelson would no longer be the best player never to win a major?!

Nothing to do with straining the grey matter, I'm a bit of a realist and believe he'll win around 6 tournaments this year. I also believe he'll have a 'mare in the Ryder cup. I think it's wishful thinking on the part of most people to discount the man.

Monty will break his duck this year!! (No way!)

Mickelson? Pah! No ambition - just saving up to buy a baseball team - or breed one!

Erm, anybody thought about The Solheim CUp then???


Masters - Duval
US Open - Els
The Open - Woods (Muirfield is the fairest of them all)
USPGA - Westwood for his first major

Solhiem Cup - Europe, it'll be close but watch for an historic first victory on US SOil and Captain Dale Reid made an MBE and Laura Davies who will hole the winning putt becoming Dame Laura Davies,

Suzann Pettersen will beat Dottie Pepper in the singles in the battle of the attitudes, Annika Sorenstam will beat Kelly Robbins in the singles and reap revenge and Dale Reid I will be a bag of nerves in the press centre at the end of the week!

How many times did I spell THE wrong this time?

Here's mine:

Masters : Garcia
US Open : Howell II
Open : Woods
PGA : Weir

What does the closest winner get? How about
GolfMagic awarding a prize.....

Masters : Garcia
US Open : Woods
Open : Goosen
USPGA : Harrington

Ryder Cup : USA 18 Europe 10

yes i am left handed and sergio and phil are my favs as well as howell and ty. i can relate to howell and ty because i'm only a couple years younger.

My picks:

US Masters: Garcia
US Open: Furyk
Open: Woods
US PGA: Verplank

Ryder Cup: Europe 15-13 USA
(Dubai Desert Classic- Soren Hansen!)

Now we're talking Kevin, you've obviously done your homework. Soren Hansen, eh ? An inspired guess or do you think the Dubai course favours the Danes (following Bjorn's win in 2001)? We will watch with interest.

my favs howell and mickelson are tearing it up in California

Mike, what do you make of Jae An. Only 13, and already breaking into the world stage.

Masters: Woods
Us Open: Monty
Open: MCginley
USPGA: Garcia (Donald top 10)

Ryder Cup: Heart says us head say them (sorry)

I see many kids that can be just like him (Jae An) but they don't take it seriously, i'm taking it seriously and trying to make something of it.

Proving that you should never trust a bookie, here are my suggestions:
Masters - Langer
USOpen - Mickelson
Open - Garcia
USPGA - Bob Waters (or Tiger Woods if Bob doesn't qualify this year)
Ryder cup - Europe 14 1/2 USA 13 1/2

Ah! To be mentioned in the same breath as Tiger Woods (even though you must have been holding yours!). Something to tell the grandchildren, though at the current rate I've got as much chance of that as breaking par at Hazelmere, never mind Hazeltine! Thanks for the kind though, anyway, Andy.

Bob, I'm not sure they let golfers playing off 13 enter mate?

Sorry - did I say Bob Warters - I meant Bob May (or Bobby Jones or Bob Hope or Bob the Builder).

Masters - Woosnam
US Open - Garcia
Open - Monty
PGA - Mickelson

Ryder Cup - Europe by 1 point

any thoughts?

Cheeky sods, the lot of you!
Woosie, David! Nice call. And Monty? (Wouldn't that be great).
You're not the same David Jenkins, who ran for GB and took steroids? If you are, that would account for your optimism.

Kenny Perry? - snigger!

Different David Jenkins fortunately - not too fond of US Prison life (where the other DJ ended up). Woosie? seems to have his game together at the moment (Open, Matchplay), has won it before - who knows?

Oh, so you've been in there, then? Sorry I mentioned it - your secret's safe with me!

US Masters : R.Goosen;
US Open : V.Singh;
Open : S.Garcia ;
PGA : S.Verplank.

How about Golfmagic organising their own 'Major' for members ????

I've just checked thru the voting,and find that according to the GM pundits Garcia;Woods;and Mickelson will clean up in the Majors this year. The voting is :

Masters : Garcia (5 votes)
US Open : Woods (4 votes)
Open : Garcia & Woods (4 votes each)
PGA : Mickelson (3 votes)

Thre are another 19 players nominated to win one or other of the events, but these 3 get most of the votes.It will be interesting to see how we do come the end of the season.

Probably an oversight that Goosen hasn't had more votes?


"....Di Marco, incidentally, lost a four stroke lead because of a handful of wayward drives into the desert, but regained it to beat Kenny Perry - and Japan

Ah, so you're back-pedalling now, eh? Thought Mr Perry might get your attention.
Any more for anymore? I've got prizes to give away!
What about rejuvenated John Daly for another major?
Wouldn't that be awesome!

Back tracking? Hardly Bob. I'm saying that Di Marco wins the major pipping Kenny Perry, making it even more amusing that you'd tipped Perry in January and I'd gone for Di Marco.

Kenny Perry, a Major? Hahahaha!!

Anyone got any alternative or future thoughts on the major winners - in the light of recent events? Prize still up for grabs until end of March.

John Daly may well be a force at Augusta - he's the kind of guy that would win the grand slam just to piss of the higher echelons in the world golfing establishment - two down two to go!

He's long, got a great touch around the greens, just his patience may tell if the men at the masters put some silly pin placements in this year. I remember he was playing really well at Pinehurst in the US Open, one of the few players under par - then he loses the plot and racked up an 11, including hitting the ball on the run.

I still reckon Duval for Augusta, Woods for Muirfield and the US Open and PGA will always be a lottery.

Europe for both matchplay trophies too.

Masters - John Daly
US Open - Tiger Woods
Open - Darren Clarke
US PGA - Vijay Singh

I'm sure JD will win a major this year - I just hope I've got the right one !! I shall be backing him them all.

I'll change mine slightly:

Masters - Els
US Open - Di Marco
Open - Mickelson
USPGA - Woods

Ryder Cup - Europe win 17.5/10.5

Here we go then guys - the way my forecast went on the Grand National I pity the poor sod that I bet on in The Masters, he'll fall at the first.

Bloody Alexander Banquet - turned out to be a flippin' donkey.

I thought I had backed donkeys as well Alex but those generous guys at Sporting Odds refunded my stake on the two horses I backed who fell at the first. Looking at the Masters I wonder if they will refund my stake if the players I back miss the cut ?

I'm going to be backing Lee, Darren & Sergio ( I always do !!). Oh and by the way I have put the money Sporting Odds refunded me on a certain Tiger Woods to retain his green jacket, well why not as I had already thought I had lost it so I've got nothing to lose !!