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Top Augusta Euro
Darren Clarke has played Augusta enough times to be considered a contender. Sadly it may elude him - but not without a fight. My call is that he'll go nearest to Tiger of all the Europeans closely followed by Nick Faldo and Jose Maria Olazabal.

My thought of top europeans at the masters would be Padraig Harrington and I think Nick Faldo might be there abouts.

Ah! Once again the name of the once mighty Nick Faldo gets a mention.

Somehow the words 'snowball - a - hell's - in - chance - not' come to mind

Harrington - closest Euro

Faldo - may make the weekend

Monty - won't

Rose - fast out the blocks but will have a disaster

Winner - will not be a Yank, put your money on Goosen or Els.

Does everyone discount Tiger's chances? He's in good nick this week, the course is wet and playing long, i.e. right into his hands...however, if we all pray together, really really hard, maybe we will be spared a "three-peat" and another hurl-making season of Grand Slam talk.

I like Goosen for it, and I am also looking at the Argentinians. Lonard is another dark horse. Regarding the Europeans: over here, on The Golf Channel, an American commentator tipped Miguel Angel Jimenez as his "dark horse" candidate, based on his improvements year to year. Hard to overlook the Irish, though.

Must be Tiger for the masters, the course seems to suit him and he just seems to get better year on year, its the Majors which really get tigers juices flowing and you gotta think hes gonna go out to prove to everyone including Ernie that hes still the main man.

Of the europeans Padraig Harrington's the best bet we probably have of interest come sunday night, gritty Irishman who always gives 100% and plays with a smile on his face.

Hmm! Maybe there will be a surprise or two but Weir looks comfy at the top.

Ernie seems determined to play himself into contention.

Tiger? Tiger who?

Tiger who...12 shots behind after two round, and look at him now.

This one's anybody's. Olazabal?

The cat's amongst the pigeons - I wouldn't bet against Tiger now, if only because everyone's bottle will go because he's so close.

Shame Ernie couldn't consolidate his second round recovery.

Whatever ------ it's set up for a grandstand finish.