Unstoppable Els.

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Unstoppable Els.
I feel very sorry for Nick -- but Els is awesome at the moment.

Heartbreaker for Nick, but he should be encouraged. He played really well right through the weekend against two players who are right at the top of their considerable form at the moment.

Els has a fairly heavy schedule, though not as rough as these first four weeks. He's off next week and then it's the JWC, then a week off and on to La Costa, straight from there to Dubai (or Doral, in the event of war). Another week out, then Bay Hill and the Players, a break and then the Masters.

I wonder if he's peaking too soon. His play was scratchy in Singapore and for a couple of days in Melbourne, showing tiredness. The Accenture is a crapshoot, so he could be done in a day, but it's the first field he'll share with Tiger this year. The following week, though, they will both be there for at least two rounds; Ernie will have the pressure of defending, against Tiger, who is probably still burning from losing that one to Bjorn a couple of years ago. There's a dwindling number of events on Woods' resume that he has entered and never won; this is one of them. (Of course, the Match Play is another; if he actually has a good one this year, he might have worked that out of his system -- not).

It's going to be a bumpy ride from here to Augusta. I rarely care what Woods is doing or how doing it, but with this prolonged absence, I must admit I'll be interested to see how he comes out of the gate: fresh? rusty? both? But motivated, for sure. Ernie is going to have put a good bit more daylight between himself and Mickelson when the OWGR comes out in the morning. Tiger's still miles ahead, but if Els keeps up this pace, and takes any of the "big ones," Eldrick is going to find himself being stalked by a Big Game Hunter.

Yah & it is rumoured that Els got both the winners check & $600,000 appearance have no information if Faldo got paid but no doubt someone could ferrit it out

NZ open sponsers gave to Woods a ridiculous payment of about double the purse to appear but refused Parry $62000 expences to Parry to defend his last years title when he beat Woods so he gave em a big finger !

ANZ sponser in 'Professional News' in 'THE GOLFER' reported as saying if they followed NZ they would be out of business in a min & thats no good for anyone !!

So Oz bit bullet Els & others can go fester if they want money they play for it & next tournament on Oz tour calender is ANZ $1.75 million championship @ NSW golf club

ANZ sponsers have refused appearance money & you have to win it to get paid & appears bunch of local & international players have turned their backs on the $8 million Pebble Beach ProAm to play in it

More power to them !!

Now thats a serious UGG !! Don K

Oh & by the way I am perhaps in a minority that Els got up really does not offend me & despite a strong opinion that an appearance payment doing little for the game

Neither Norman nor Lonard nor many of the younger pups were shamed but I truly really wanted Faldo to win !!


I have a lot of time for Els, but he's one of the most mercenary players on tour. He's more open than Woods, who tries to keep himself above all that -- Els is forever declaring point blank that he's doing one thing or another for the money. It's why he was in Singapore: he received ALL the appearance money they budgeted this year; they decided to put all their eggs in one basket and it worked out pretty well for them, as Els turned up with two wins in his pocket.

But one of these days, an overly-ambitious, fee-driven schedule may hurt him when it matters: he is, once again, serious about his golfing goals. He said last night (after I had posted the above) that he might be revisiting his schedule. The worst fortnight he has before the Masters is Accenture/Dubai. I wonder if he'd give up a) the possibility of a $1 million prize or b) defending his title in a war zone? I think he's going to opt for Doral.

Why is it that people think the likes of Els, Woods and many others should do it for the love of golf.I know one thing if I was as good as these blokes I`d make every penny out of it I could, and I think the vast majority of us would do the same.

It's a necessary evil in Tour golf - appearance money is the only way you will get the top names at your event, especially if it is i a far flung destination like Oz.

It's a case of supply and demand and Woods, Els et al have every right to earn from it because it's them the public come to see, not the also rans and it helps get the event televised too - so for the sponsors, it's the best way of marketing their product.

I'm not knocking Els -- as I said, at least he's open about it. Woods likes to pretend he's above all that, while declining to draw breath without being paid for it.

My point was that Els, who has earned a VAST amount of money -- he's probably the richest player on any Tour after Woods -- is taking a risk if he plays an event like Singapore, with its trifling purse and trifling OWGR points -- for an appearance fee he can't possibly need when he has already played two and is planning a fourth, far-flung event, in a row. It worked out fine this time, though his tiredness showed occasionally. But at his level, it's all about the glittering prizes -- the majors, the WGCs, the Players, if you like, and a few others that he personally likes -- the World Match Play (formerly Cisco), Loch Lomond, the Dunhill, the Nedbank. Everything else is filler.

He's obviously fitter than he was a few seasons ago. I just hope his propensity toward being tempted by easy (e.g. appearance fee) money does not divert him from the opportunity he has of really being one of the greats of all time. Aside from that, I really admire him -- unlike some, he travels the world and deserves his OWGR ranking in a way the guy he replaced never did, however good he is.

typical colonial 'Oz is far flung'

that els wants to screw as much out of the game as possible Ok ! so what does it say ! that it is only about selling 'TV rights'

Or you can sell any crap with name on it if yu have enuf $backing to convince punters ?

Is that wot its all about ?

Guess yor rite mate, & why I & many others no longer follow other lil mice to all the overarted 'Top of Line' TV line cheese !!

No wonder we get crap like "oh dear missed putt must belt putter on T marker (it musta been me pluss twoes) cos they wont kno bin barred already from US tour"

or Daly "wanna go ome (will chuck a tanty & putter in lake miss cut been paid 300 grand P^%$# off) cos will only get fined 10 grand"

No wonder our sponsers say enuf is enuf

As I posted ANZ now ses get stuffed if yu want our doe you nominate pay yer way come here & play for it & some 'names' already committed & will miss Pebble Bch

we are 8 hr from California 5 hr from Asian tours & no further from S/A & Zimbabwe than U/K wonder so I why Nick Price & Nick Faldo bother coming here ?

while more $ on offer In US (& 350 million population as against 21 in Oz)perhaps they appreciate as businesmen all the tours need support of 'names' to keep $ flowing.

Amatuer support creates Pro Ams to start the young pups & keep the trade alive & who is going to ultimately pay for the sponsors investments

not the pros !!

Not sure what the above rant is actually about, but the event -- and type of event -- I was suggesting Els might want to rethink was Singapore. (By not winning it he has cleverly removed himself from the pressure of being expected to defend).

He didn't come to Australia from California, he came from S'pore, which was an eight-hour flight, havign had a 14-hour one from Hawaii to get to S'pore a few days earlier, crossing the dateline, body clock all screwed up.

And I think Australia is a crucial part of the early season on the ET. Maybe the whole Ryder Cup team has not turned up for the ANZ, but there are a lot of future members there from Europe (a lot further than California) as well as a few Antipodeans who came home. Good on them. The ANZ will actually be a pretty competitive event. The JWC will be sensational.

My point about Els is that he's a bit like Princess Michael of Kent, of whom it's said that she'll go anywhere -- open a gas station on the M1, a supermarket in Weston-Super-Mare, whatever -- as long as there's a free meal involved. Rumour is she needs the money. Els doesn't, and he risks burnout by being unable to turn down a superogatory appearance fee.

Oh Oh is that our Fergie ? lov that gal !

No issue re Els ! yu made point well & plus tidied up travel & the ANZ function etc too

My touched nerve responce to earlier post & questioning sponsor motives after Dalys lil tanty & another idiot (the name escapes me but both in a minority) already barred off US & Asia tours

Add journo's position & role to that too

God reely dificult being arrogant aint it ?


Here goes Els again.

Anyone brave enough to bet against him at this stage.

well lookks like he was again approaching awsome in Perth & nearly a 59 ? but a pom & even Allanby ? shut im out 2nd rnd best get a bet on mate ods shud be OK

but must make you bit appier ???

that is considering poms got screwed in the soccer even with 22 on fied @ various times that is !!! Ar Ar poor ol Bonham ??

What odds can I get for Els to win every major this year?

......and Don, don't get excited about the football - it was just a practise game to 'road test' some of our up and coming superstars.



Stuart Harris

But 3-1 was an improvement on the cricket, which we lost 4-1.

Lets improve it further, 1-1 with the kids.

but keep em of the asprin mum !! Ar Ar !!

er 'cough' mumble waugh sorry cough" !!!

Looks like he has walked this one - 23 under in three rounds - I bet he believes in himself now.

Better get the 'green jacket' ready for 'The Big Easy'. This bloke will spoil it for Woods this year.

Great performance & making it look a doddle but last day may be TV coverage anticlimax

Hope it does not just focus on leader many
of other contenders while seemingly like ah ducks all paddle & no progress are in fact posting good scores

like a young Pom who demonstrated just last week how to suck a wedge from about 2' past flag to 30' off green (sorry Alistair I cud not let that one pass)

Also commentry Palmer/Nicklaus posted some 20 under when stats av drive with persimmon 260 yard V some 320 yards (up to 320m) same f/way today but ball used % longer carry & @ least 33% better accuracy

Sergio missed cut gone with $500,000 petty cash, again I think begs question raised by Allenby & others re payments & a comment re selection of courses for some major events being motivated for a AGU & organisers bank balance than public interest or attendance


Well done Ernie!

Nice to see Justin Rose roaring in with a best score of the day 65, to tie 4th -- well done to him too.

Dubai Desert Classic

No doubt the double bogey on the 12th prevented another win for Ernie.

Well done Woosie, joint 3rd - but DO stop whingeing on about how the game has been spoiled and skill not being required anymore - that's just sour grapes mate, it's the same for everyone.

Like the rest of us oldies, sometimes you just can't get it up, with these young blades.