Us open 2013 thread

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Us open 2013 thread

Who'd of thought it !  Poults out in front! Go Ian  !   JUST HANG ON TO IT!

I would love poults to win but not sure he has the killer instinct. he is a Ryder cup team player And a very good one at that.

Wish Robert Lee would stop talking

Tigers opening shot was another corker ! 3 wood straight into 8 inch deep rough!

Yes Monty was starting to get on my nerves too !  I saw poults fell back down the field a bit .  Butch harmons not a bad commentator though. I wonder what he thinks of tigers swing these days!

Luke going well.

I thought those wicker basket thingies were a cool novelty - right up until Westy hit one with a wedge shot and instead of settling down a few feet from the hole his ball rococheted off it into the @ss end of nowhere (relatively!) and he had to settle for a double!

Err, umm, umm, err, umm, errr, errr, umm. When I was err, umm Ryder ummm Cup Captain, errr   Oops. Sorry, meant to type that into the autocue for Monty's next session on screen

Can we get this sticky-fied please?  Curious that last year's thread sits above it in the list!

Tiger, Rory and Scotty all wearing grey top to toe...WEIRD!!!

Mcilroy swinging much better this week. Not dropping it so far inside

With regards to what did look weird was Molinari and Pettersson wearing the same top yesterday... silly Nike! Suppose it showed what the shirt would look like in a medium and a xxxxl...   In other news, Donald is having a great round and Scott is getting no luck...

Adam scott just had a putt that practically got all the way into the hole before coming back out again. We have all had them but they always look like they defy physics!

Stickied   as requested

Now there is an idea, stickies on the baskets so that if a ball hits one it sticks there.

Dare  we hope that Luke just may do it? Or is it too soon

I'll stick my neck on the line now, i reckon Stricker will win. I hope i'm wrong because i've got a few quid on both Rose and Poulter.

With the exception of Colsaerts, I really can't see anyone outside the top 10 winning now. Lefty must be huge favourite and I don't think anyone could begrudge him a win at last.   Donald's final two long irons last night have worried me so I think Rosey is our best chance.  Gut feeling is Mahan though. 

its all very close and lefty is probably the favorite going into todays roundbut,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i have got a sneaky for Ricky Fowler, he shot a 67 yesterday and another would probably be enough to win the title.

Poor old luke donald just had to hit driver on a par 3 ! 250yd hole playing into the wind!

And hit a spectator short of the green  made a 4 tho so not desperate!

Carnage! Dufner could take it at +4!

What is going on............Is it the noise from that stupid blimp...

Who you calling a blimp?!

Yes its carnage! More bogeys than a toddlers birthday party

CS 14.5 wrote (see)

Who you calling a blimp?!

Speaking of toddlers birthday parties..  

Justin Rose hits the front with 5 to play. Wish I'd got Sky instead of just the leaderboard.

Think Phil is having a breakdown....greenkeepers nightmare..

well done Justin bout time we had an English winner

Yorkey wrote (see)

I'll stick my neck on the line now, i reckon Stricker will win. I hope i'm wrong because i've got a few quid on both Rose and Poulter.

Oh i'm so glad i was wrong, £10 E/W at 25/1 means i'm a happy bunny at the mo

Get in there Justin.  Superb shots on 16, 17 and 18 when it really counted. Awesome  


Great performance by Justin.  "If you can keep your head whilst all round are losing theirs". That was a tough course and if you look at his scores over the four days he played really solid golf.