US Open

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US Open
Any thoughts before tee-off? Likeliest? Dark horse? Best European Tour player? Best European? Biggest shock to miss the cut?

Lookout for Vijay. I think this could be his year. His form is outstanding.
Best European is going to be Harrington.

Monty will return to form and win by six!!

But only if his Hogan's get nicked on the way to the first tee and the first van he passes is the Callaway Crew!!

Davis Love has got to be good at 14-1

I'm sticking with the old-timers (Calc's going well at -2) though Perry and Haas look set for an early bath. Oh, and Watson, did I mention him in my preview? I didn't? What a shame. Come on you old timers!

Fair dincum fair suck a the sauce bottle & she'll be right mate & Av A Go Ya Mug ! ! !

So Come~On~OZZI~come~on~come~come~on ! (& @ least no bloody Kiwis) I must now go watch last hour but No Worries ! !~ !

Even though Furyk has the worlds strangest swing, this does not explain how at 33 years of age he looks as though he is in his mid to late 40's !

Ah, Jim...Furyk is probably the best exponent of my theory that wearing a baseball cap makes men bald -- or at least of "receding hairline..." look at Stuart Cink, who is even younger. There are many others, but I can't be bothered to think of them -- but look around next time you watch a Tournament.

Furyk would probably look fine if he had hair and a forehead remotely the same colour as the rest of his face. He is actually quite a nice-looking chap, albeit striped and balding.

Common to Brylcreem & bloody forage caps so wots knu ? ? ? ? ? ? ? so why did Woody Poo
miss out must heard 'The V' Or 'Al McDuff'
advice dropped turtle & wore a shirt with a collar

Who gave Leaney a chance not heard to much of an 800000 buck ? effort 'sour grapes'? &
never mind~there~there~Padraich~Monty & as
for poor bloody 'know him well' Parry shuda
made that dopey (or @ least one out of four in last four holes)two three footer to make cut & @ least get airfare Aye