USA On the up..

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USA On the up..
Do you think that with the way things are going this year so far the americans are going to be jumping up the world rankings and then regaining the Ryder Cup, dominance in majors and the rankings too??

I would have said the opposite surely? Bradley, Wilson, DJ, Kuchar, Mahan all on the up and continuing last years form, Phil seemingly coming back, but Tiger if anything getting worse, and the American Rory (Ricky) going dramatically backwards. The Yanks are almost entirely relying on the new guard, whereas Europe has a resurgent Sergio,  Westwood being Westwood again, Rory looking like he will be #1 in a few weeks, so top 3 at least will be British. Laird looking like the next big (British) thing, Lawrie playing the best golf of his career, Kaymer coming back after a bad 2011, Robert Rock gaining on the big boys. Think Europe are still in the ascendency personally.

Hope ure right. Would just like to see more wins worldwide from our big players. Think we are more consistent but want majors, pga tour wins, world golf Championship wins from likes of Lee, serg,luke, kaymer etc.

Yeah but then the threat isn;t from the yanks, it's been the SA boys who've been taking the majors, and Jason Day is possibly the player to watch in 2012. I fancy us in the Ryder Cup again.

I still fancy us in the Ryder cup. Just. The USA players who are coming through aren't world dominators IMO. The rest of the world are catching up.

Yeah I think when you consider the top players we've got against the top players over there theres no contest. Weve still got the top four players in the world if I'm not mistaken, come on Europe!!

I agree that we still have better players just wante thoughts on the emergence of a new breed from usa, stanley, bradley, fowler, mahan, watson etc. Depending on course set uo in ryder cup cup they could have a big advantage??