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Says it all really, where's the money going for this weeks USPGA?

Where I go on the course.Woods.Nuff said.


Maybe not, isn't this supposed to be so long that they'll have to hit driver? Furyk might be a good each way bet.

Els looks like he is about to do something good, maybe worth each way, but I think Woods will take it.

Is there any love out there for Garcia. Long and straight off the tee which will be essential, good iron player.....Putting??


I'd like to see it but don't think he'll do it.

aaron oberholser

Think I'll have a flutter on Donald.

mickleson gotta be

Problem with Mickelson is that his first 2 rounds are with Woods. He never plays well when they are paired together. I would expect him to be 3 or 4 shots behind Woods going into the Weekend.

Sergio can't putt.

I think Big Ernie will win at the weekend but I'll be cheering on good old Paddy H because he has agreed to give his prize cheque to a Breast Cancer Charity.

PH is a real gent..would be great to see him do it but Woods or Singh are my tips.

TW has proven his level head and shoulders above the rest. Others might win once or twice a year, but TW, after rebuilding his swing, is getting better every day.

After a season of bad bets I think I will give the PGA a miss. Though I think Tiger or Furyk will win.

Furyk`s price this week must be his lowest ever for a major ! Yet he still looks good e/way value to me, given the way he`s playing thesedays ! I`ll put some money on Appleby & Andres Romero too....but will probably have to choose someone else (again) by the weekend :0(

I'll go with B.O.B. on this one. If Sergio has a reasonable putting stroke with him then he's in with a good chance.

I will put my neck on the line and say Tiger won't finish in the top five, his driving is way too wayward for this course, it's long and tight with high rough, it won't suit him at all. It will certainly be won by a long-hitter. It's very hard to say who though, form for the pros is just like for the rest of us, it changes week to week. Apart from Tiger to win the British Open and Mickelson to win The Masters I wouldn't bet on golf, it's far too nebulus a sport. It's a boring old cliche, but it's who performs over the four days that wins.

After seeing Tiger 2 weeks ago (tournament after open) control his irons i'd go for most players were spinning 20 feet back with their wedges on the greens, where as tiger was hitting a sort of draw or something to take the spin and dropping the ball dead.As Evan says he can only beat himself with wayward drives. But if he winds his drive 20 yards back - its his in my opinion.

I reckon Tiger will snatch this one too, but I don't think Furyk will be far behind him in his current form - great e/w bet at 14/1 from Ladbrokes I feel.

Betfair are betting without Woods. I've had a few squid on Howell, Els and a huge outsider in Nathan Green. 200/1 now!

Just had a look at the pictures that have up and the one of Monty sums him up completely, IMHO.

I'll be a bit different--Robert ALLENBY.

Has anyone got any pointers to someone other than Tiger Woods winning this weekend ?Surely someone from lower down the pack will shoot a low score today (Saturday) and mount a challenge. The weather forecast is for a 10-20mph breeze over there today, and with the rain they had yesterday the rough will be thick`n`juicy...driving accuracy will be important...(F.Funk 50/1). Just looked at and Olazabal is 66/1 and Westwood a puzzling 125/1 . I thought they were both playing better than those prices suggest, even if only on an e/way basis.I`m now going do a complicated combination of head scratching,meditation and spin-the-bottle then come back here shortly with a winning punt/choice :0)

Okay, this is a message the gambling gods just sent me! An e/way yankee bet! You can put the house on it !USPGA - Funk 50/1Russian Open - Westerberg 12/1U.S. Seniors - J.Harris 25/1Safeway Classic - J.Jang 16/1 C-B-C :0)P.S If you lose your house, I have a shed you can have at the bottom of the garden...collection only !(STRICTLY NO CANVASSERS....especially from Thames Valley Shed Trader)

i think chris di marco might have a chance .

MisterS3, I don't want to hijack this thread, but you've mentioned something about backspin on wedges that was also said by the commentators (PGA webcast). They, like you, highlighted the fact that Tiger was able to play the wedges in without spin.Now excuse my ignorance, but isn't that just about every hacker out there? I can do it! God knows I wish I could put backspin on! Surely the rest of the professionals could do the same as required? Or is it a case that you get "too good" not to be able to eliminate backspin on the ball?

DAbbler hackers dont spin the ball because they dont have perfect contact with the ball or the ball speed required. Tiger woods can hit a wedge quite hard yet get the ball to stop where it lands, which takes some skill.Watching Stenson in the 3rd round will be interesting. Lets see if he can rise to the heat (which he will need to be able to do in the ryder cup) and even more interestingly i have one pound fifty on him.

Oh Gawd, A Game, you've explained it well. On the odd occasion when I've wellied a wedge it has ended up behind its pitch mark, which would imply I had put some small amount of spin on it. Now you are raising the stakes and saying there is a way to hit it still hard and not do that. Like Tiger. I give up!My money has to be on Tiger. One shot behind with two days play left, I think it's a pretty safe bet. Has he ever crumbled at this stage and placement in a Major?

Think tiger does it by not getting his wrists into the swing, using only his body turn to propel the ball.

Looks like a head on collision with Donald and Woods, I hope Donald doesnt collapse playing with him. The pressure from the crowd etc will be intense.Come on Donald!

I guess Woods is just done. Nothing really left on his tank but a retirement.