VIjay won't play Colonial

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VIjay won't play Colonial
Yeah right Vijay, we believe you!!!!!! (Good riddance..............)

Right on VJ!
He didn't have to lie to withdraw. he's already made his point very clear.
besides, a lady on a Mens tournament deprives a man of his place the right to earn his living. Sorenstam isn't exactly shy of a penny or two.
What next, crap Men playing on womens tournaments?
Men on mens tours, and women on womens.
The only exception is on Mixed Tournaments.

I'm not sexist. In fact, i abhor people who are (either sex).
But a little common sense is required here.

If it were a charity tournament, it would be different.

Why use the argument that Annika is depriving a man of his right to earn a living.
Why pick on her when, as I believe, the sponsers had a total of eight "invitaion" places.

Nothing has been mentioned about many times these are given to the "old" golfers who are now playing 10+ over par for a round.
These regularly deprive the new pro's places on the tours without a hope of getting anywhere, why does Vijay not make a case of them not playing.

I hope she can relax and prove she deserves the right to play many more times with the men's tour.

There's a sponsor exemption going this week to a Rod Curl, who won the event -- in 1974. He disappeared from sight some time ago. How much better than Annika do you imagine HE'LL finish?

It might also be worth noting that the reason Tiger Woods entered the PGA Tour without having gone to Q-School or toiled on the Tour or a foreign Tour was that he earned enough in his sponsors' exemptions in 1996 to place high enough on the money list not to have to do any of that. So, beware outlawing sponsors' exemptions: they often turn up a little bit of talent!

Sponsors exemptions may well discover/allow to blossom some talent but I hardly think that can be applied re Woods. That man was going to make it regardless, exemptions would not have been needed.

Exemptions WERE needed. Otherwise he'd have had to go to Q School. Even if you're Tiger Almighty, you do not just get a PGA Tour card based on your reputation.

I know that, my point was that he would have qualified anyway, exemptions did not open up a talent that would otherwise have remained dormant!

Well, no-one has anything to grumble about now. When Vijay withdrew, he opened up another spot that Annika allegedly "took" from the field!

Rod Curl came dead last.