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Volvo PGA Championship
Had a fantastic time at the Volvo PGA Championship at Wentworth on the final day! Got to see all the big names play like Singh, Els, Goosen, Olazabel, Garrido, Monty, Rose, Clarke, Poulter, Faldo etc . I Got my cap signed 6 times before I followed Garrido and Olazabel round the first two holes. You could get really close to the players and they look just like you see on tv exept Ian Poulter is a lot taller than I expected. Vijay was the player who impressed me the most. The leaders Cabrera and Drummond were almost neck and neck the whole way round. Drummond holed a few nice puts to clench the victory. Even though you werent meant to take pictures I didn't realise so I got Goosen, Jimenez, Vijay, Ernie really close up exclusive pics :) One of the marshalls with a long, black, curly mustache told me cameras were not allowed pointing at me with an umbrella when I was taking a picture of Ernie Els who was looking in my direction after his approach shot. I was near the front of the crowd following the leaders down the 18th hole. They had a rope to keep the crowds back which they walked forward but they didn't gather up the excess rope which dragged along the ground trapping me and another 50 people at waist high. It was quite dangerous actually. There was another presentation ceremony which was held on the green but BBC had there own crappy version inside with Steve Rider. The officials and important people lined up with their umbrellas laying behind them which everyone found quite funny. A shield was awarded to the best Club Professional and second prize was awarded to Angel Cabrera who didn't even come back out to recieve it which was a little strange. I got Scott Drummonds signature before the press took photos of him with his wife, tournament people etc. My dad had the same digital camera that I put away earlier and took loads of photos of Drummond with the press. Unfortunately my dad didn't realise the camera wasn't on the right setting so he wasn't taking any pics for like 20 minutes. We used the courtesy bus to get back to the car park on one of the other courses fairways. Weather was a little random as usual spells of sun then rain kept having to put my jacket on and off. Went home and watched the small amount of coverage on the BBC and saw me on TV about 4 times with my yellow R500 cap. Did anyone else go to the 50th PGA Championship sponsored by Volvo for the last time in 17 years?

Thanks for the insight Jon, though it's a wonder you didn't get frog-marched off the course like snooker fans with mobile phones at the Crucible! If you've got a couple of good ones you'd like to share with us send them via email to me (, ideally as jpgs (1 MB) and I'll consider them for publication.If other Golfmagic visitors attended and wish to share their experiences, too, we'd love to hear from you on this thread. ED

I attended on saturday and was first time i had saw Pros live. Loved every minute and was great seeing how they play. Picked up a few tips too!1. They dont hit the ball they swing through it2. At set up they are so relaxed and have no tension. Looks like they are hardly holding the club3.Ball flight is low and very strong so gain maximum yardage. No floaty ball flight like us amateurs!4. When they strike the ball it makes a different sound. Difficult to explain the difference but if you heard it you would be able to tellRecommend that everyone goes at least once as invaluable. Off the see the womens British Open next and sure i will learn even more from them!

I went on Sunday and had a good day - except for the spectators. Sorry Jon but if it says no cameras you shouldn't have been using them. The marshalls struggled to stop people using mobile phones and people kept 'crunching' along the gravel pathways as players were on the tee or putting on the greens. I thought that most of the spectators probably played golf and would understand the etiquette but I was obviously wrong. I'm sure it was a minority and no I'm not a miserable old fart but if you're not prepared to follow a few simple rules - watch it on the TV (unless the tennis is on!).

MartinWas the same Saturday. Sure some people either ignorant or deaf!

Just to take up Alex Hay on his comments about the great sound of the caddies chatting with pros and the great banter between the pros etc.This is the part I take exception to the great sound of the clunking (if thats the word)of golf clubs.Well I can tell you Alex that there is a new generation of golfers out there that think it really with it to make as much din as they possibly can whilst carrying their clubs.I might add that this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as etiquette goes .Whooping it up with clenched fist having just holed a two foot putt is another. listen folks call me old fashion if you like but enough is enough.May I just add that I am not talking about juniors here this is across the board.Sorry to cast a damper on things .

I've managed to attend for the last five years, and always on the second day. This gives you a much bigger field to follow, and if you like to watch the names they are drawn in such a way that you always get two sets of 3-5 groups together - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Martin is right - there are plenty of notices asking you NOT to use cameras or mobile phones, and to be fair there are aren't many in evidence. The biggest distraction to the players, and one you don't appreciate on TV is the crunching of peoples footsteps on the gravel paths. The players themselves are generally very good with the spectators. When Adam Scott hit someone with a sickening smack on the head with his second shot on the 1st, Ernie Els rushed across from the 2nd tee to see if the person was OK. Most of the players are taller than you expect from TV watching, and they make the game look easy - even the lesser known ones have great skills. As for the course itself, having been privileged to play it once, I know how hard it is. The rough is very tough to get out of and the greens are very fast and subtle. The terrain is more hilly than it looks too. Finally, there isn't what you'd call a 'tented village' - the only merchandise you can buy is in the official European tour marquee. maybe this is a restriction of space.

Peter Bell

I too was thoroughly disgusted with the BBC treatment towards golf by the hour or so shortening, of the published programme and what for, to see a second rate tennis professional playing in the 4th round of a tournament - whoopee! We see more than enough of this sport as it is. Also whilst on this 'whinge' why do the TV powers that be play inane music(?)every opportunity they get even when the person talking is trying his best to let us know what is going on. It's not just on the golf but all programmes. Isn't there enough noise in the world, without having to ruin the enjoyment of others.Unfortunately the media people are getting younger and as we all know anyone under 35 to 40 has the brain the size of a pea - just watch the students struggling to give an answer of the sum of 3 + 3 on a quiz show. It's different if it is a 'pop' question

Hey John R - take a chill pill - golf courses are not cathedrals - the days of tiptoeing around and whispering whilst walking, holding onto the clubheads so they do not rattle are gone I fear....and good riddance.Too much noise is irritating I agree but for those who have to play in absolute silence - join a monastery.; o )

PeterTake offence to that comment. I am 32 and an intelligent chap. You are obviously one of these old farts who are holding back the game in this country!

I haven't been to Wentworth (yet!), but I have to ask the obvious question: Isn't it asking for trouble when you put down a gravel path for people to walk along and then hope for no crunching noise?(I hope the organisers weren't annoyed when the spectators followed the "car Park" signs and actually parked their cars there. Bloody cheek!)

"I am 32 and an intelligent chap" .....and he can say that with the pseudonym of 'Custard Slice' Sorry Nick mate.; o )

No worries Alan.Was waiting for your comment!

Peter Bell

32 and only just seen a professional golfer 'live'.Say no more!

I've been reading this thread with interest. I didn't know there were still people out there who didn't know you are not allowed to use cameras (or cellphones) on golf courses; I agree that our lead miscreant was very lucky. If Tiger had been in the field, his enforcer Steve Williams would have yanked it from your shoulder and tossed it in the nearest water. (Setting up, of course, a wonderful extortion -- I mean compensation -- opportunity...)And I agree that if the paths are gravel and distract players, the fault for that is ENTIRELY that of the owners of the property. How stupid are they?On the other hand, I have just about had it with these delicate hot-house flowers who think that the world should stop breathing while they prepare to take a shot. They deserve a resonable standard of etiquette -- the no cameras/cellphones rule would seem fair enough -- but some of the more vain players act as if they would like the birds shot for wing movement and the wind shut down. I hadn't seen as much of this in the ET as on the PGAT, but it seems it is there, too.I'm in Canada and as it happened did not see the Tournament anyway this week, but I am quite annoyed on all your behalf for the insertion of the tennis into the last round of the most important non-major/WGC even in European golf. I do understand the interest in Henman's progress at the French -- I am always happy to se him do well -- but there must be some way to get these schedules coordinated.I used to love tennis and was particularly devoted to the French Open, as it requires more tennis shots than just the smash-from-the-baseline borathons. One year Iw as watchign the FINAL -- in which Jim Courier, an American, looked like winning. But it was a long match and at 2:00 on the dot, late in the fifth set as I recall, the US network on which I was receiving the broadcast went to some pre-season (or post-season, or exhibition -- something dead irrelevant, anyway) foorball or basketball game -- one of those yawnsome American obsessions. Never ever saw the end of the match. Courier DID win -- I don't remember if it was his first or second win -- and even in team-sport-driven America, there were HOWLS of outrage. They have never done it since, though they are still vicious about signign off after big events like tennis or golf majors -- you rarely get to see the presentations if they are anywhere near a local newscast time slot.We all need to complain MUCH more vocally -- and e-mail helps us do this without too much effort -- about coverage of sport. Coming soon to our living rooms here: the annual nightmare of Open Championship coverage by ABC Television. Believe me, you would not complain about the BBC if you had to endure this.

PeterMust have been fun seeing old Tom Morris!

Picking up the Ventians point about everyone needing to complain I have already registered my complaint with the European Tour. I have more or less asked if they have any clout with the Beeb as it is their flagship tournament and it should be shown. They have replied by suggesting I complain to the BBC! I can only assume from this attitude that they must be happy with the money the Beeb pays to show the event so you & I can get stuffed if it isnt actually broadcast.I think I'll write directly to Ken Schofield before he retires.......

Peter perhaps you can help me out with only being 27 years old can you explain to me how not seeing a professional golfer live equates to your intelligence level please?And yes i have seen a professional live!!

Stuart - I totally agree with you, it sounds as though Peter has a real chip on his shoulder towards 35-40 year olds. Who cares whether you've seen a professional live or not I've been fortunate to play with a couple but I live near Wentworth so that obviously helps. By the way I'm 40 and I've got an MBA but then maybe my pea sized brain just has to work harder!

Jon Grace

Where did it say no cameras except for on the admission in tiny writing, which I wouldn't expect anyone to read anyway? Being my first outing to a golf tournament and seeing cameras in other tournaments on TV how was I to know, either way, I wasn't taking them during swings or anything bad. Just of the players standing around and walking etc with no flash or noise. I didn't see any signs around the course or around any part of the complex.Anyway, there talking about moving the PGA from Wentworth as the course isn't enough of a challenge due to length, apparently. I can't really see this happening for a while.I agree with you that the gravel paths are a joke more people were having to leap from mound to mound rather than use the paths.Did anyone have a go on the thing using ping wedge to chip into the inflatable in the tent area? Good idea but was total crap and poorly explained. Whole place needed more signposting, didn't know where anything was.

Jon Grace

Oh yeah, I sorry I didn't send in the pics but by the time I got hold of them it was already old news.