Was Reid right?

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Was Reid right?
Was there more to the apparent snub of Janie Moodie and Catriona Matthew than ability? Has there been a feud brewing over their loyalty to the Evian Tour which was bound to end in tears or recrimination? Should the captain have consider their form more than their bank balance? Over to you...

If it's controversy you are after, there's no better place than Women's European golf right now!

Dale had a tough choice as she was eventually restricted to four picks adn Koch, Davies, McKay and Alfredsson were selected. Those were Dale's choices, perhaps not ours, but she ws controversial in selecting Alfie at Loch Lomond and lambasted for having so many Swedes in her picks (4 out of 5), but htey came up with the goods two years ago - it may happen again.

What is clear is that the Solheim points rankings needs to be looked at and possibly changed to get the best players in the team. But there is also a Tour to grow in Europe and we need the assistance of our best golfers by playing over here when they can. We are aware why they go over to teh LPGA - money and events each week.

At present, European born players have to play six events over two years to qualify. Both Janice and Catriona did that, so did Mhairi McKay.

I can't justify Dale's picks and won't go into detail either, but we still have a very strong team. There may be six rookies,(USA have five) but we have the experienced heads of Davies and Alfie to help them out - not sure if Janice and Catriona could fill their boots in that role.

Dale was on a no win situation whatever players were picked, she knew that, it comes with the job.

Imagine leaving Laura Davies out of the team? Would you? Alfie? The only player to make Beth Daniel cry after a Solheim match - she's a weapon.
Koch, flawless record at Loch Lomond and Mckay, perhaps the most talented of all Scots who made the effort to play in Europe and get into Dale's eye for a pick.

I feel for Jancie and Catriona especially, as that is the second metaphorical "slap in the face", but she didn't help her cause by stating publicly that she "would never support Europe again" after the last Solheim Cup.

You can't please everyone and I'm not saying it's right not to have them in the team. Also, there are not 12 golfers better than these two in Europe, but someone had to be disappointed. They were asked to come back and play in more events in Europe, but they chose to rely on a wildcard pick.

With so much European talent nowadays, tehy were up against some formidable opposition when it came to picks - who is to blame? YOu answer that one!


Oh - and the chap who wrote the piece in Golf World US is a close friend of Catriona Matthew, they live in the same town. He also wrote a scathing piece in Scotland on Sunday and was very personal about Dale, a little over the mark!

Was it a balanced piece of journalism? I think not.

And Janice, by the way, was very professional about not getting in the team. She is a true professional and I quote "Dale got it right last time, who is to say she won't get it right this time?"

Naturally, she's gutted, but she didn't getinvolved in a slanging match across the pond.

The only controversy is over the four captains picks - the rest qualified under the current rules.

Dale is the captain - Dale has made her picks.

End of story.

Anyway it is still a bloody strong team.

Nice to have so many in contention - better than the Ryder Team eh!

I think it's nice that we pick players that comes to Europe to fight for their place in the team. That shows real desire to get in the team, and that it is important for them.

btw... Hello everyone! I'm a new member if you didn't guess it. Started playing this summer. Totally addicted.

What I do like is to see during the Solheim and Ryder competitions are the knives coming out, Catrin Nilsmark slagging off the opposition (Evian Tour Forum report)

Nilsmark as an Alpha female and definate winner will not worry who she offends as long as her perspective of them is low.

Expect loads of jingoism in both competitions (that's what it's about - surely?)

Thanks Hans Erik for the translation from Golf.se

Check out what Catrin said about the US Solheim Team!!!

I do admire Catrin for speaking her mind -

Jingoism is the word of the month Alan, Bob should give you a prize for that!

Fantastic stuff, all serves to build up a bit of drama before the match and guarantee a contest worth following.

Sorry, but the powers that be have censored Catrin's comments from the Tour website - I had no choice but to delete it, but you can get the lowdown on www.thegolfchannel.com

Enjoy - it's a good story.