Welcome Back Darren

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Welcome Back Darren
I for one am delighted to see that "Wee Darren" will be back on the tour very soon. I wish him and his wife Heather and their children all the best for the future. Here is a quote from his website. WWW.darrenclarke.com Darren Clarke is to return to tournament golf later this month after a two-month absence because of his wife Heather

Top bloke

Yeh, he's a great bloke. Lets hope he wins some tournaments, maybe a Major?

It's great news also that his wife is recovering sufficiently that he feels he can go all the way to South Africa. This is her second bout with breast cancer -- the first was the reason he did not defend his Accenture WGC title in 2000. At that time, also, she had just had their second child. Though she recovered from that, breast cancer is notoriously aggressive, and this second session was an ominous piece of news. Let's just hope her youth and general health has seen her past it for good.

I'll be praying for her and the family. It's a tragic thing to happen in any womans life. Breast cancer is the main charity I support and I encourage all you guys with wives/partners/girlfriends to get them to have regular examinations no matter how old they are.