Well Done & Good Luck John Morgan

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Well Done & Good Luck John Morgan
Keep an eye out for John Morgan this year.The man from Bristol has both his European tour card and his US tour card in his first year, turned pro last April. GOOD LUCK, from All Golfers in the West Country.

A great start -2 after the first round of the Sony Open, 4 of the lead.Do you know anything of John Morgan? Bob.

There was an interview with him on Sky World of Golf on Wed Night. Confident young fellow. Great stuff though....More players on the US tour now. Luke Donald as well... Young guys...Only be good for the euro game for the next ryder cup.

He's a newcomer to most of us, plying his trade briefly on the domestic circuit before breaking through to win the Challenge Tour championship at Bowood last year. He was 24 on December 19, lives in Portishead and plays out of his home town Clevedon club. He lists his interests as football and dancing (could be disco, could be ballroom or even Morris!).
He's a bit of an overnight success story and is only the second player to make it through the US and European qualifying schools in same season (Ireland's Richie Coughlan was the other, incidentally for a bit of trivia).
He says" I've only been a pro since April and everything has been a blur. I knew I had the game but didn't know I have the opportunity to prove it."
We will follow his progress with much interest - I wonder what odds you'd get on him being a Ryder Cup player in 2004.

I saw him win ot Bowood (my home course) inthe Challenge Tour Championship. He had a stroke of luck with (Cant remember his name!) 3 putted the last!

What struck me was his focus and genuine delight at winning...holed the putt and jumped 10 feet in the air! My colleague who plays for Wilts County side keeps on about the time recently when he beat John in a matchplay event!

Some breakthrough! Go gettum Morgs!!

Missed cut with a second Rnd 75

This is not a country club kid. He comes from very straitened circumstances. There have been a number of nice articles since he got his second card; this is one of the more recent ones:


I picked him (one of several) in a game I participate in. Romantic gesture -- it was him or Baddeley, which will tell you why I don't often put my money where my mouth is in these matters! But I figure anyone with his grit will come good before too long. Maybe not a win right away, but he'll soon be making his cuts.

I saw his picture in Golf Weekly and he should be in the GBR high jump team!

I think that was at Bowood last year after sinking a putt in a play off to win his first Challenge Tour event.