Welsh Senior Open at Porthcawl

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Welsh Senior Open at Porthcawl

Ahead of the British Senior Open being here next year, the Welsh Seniors started at Porthcawl today.

Some decent names playing, some doing better than others.  My teacher Paul Mayo making his Seniors debut today.

May go along and watch over the weekend!  Free to get in (£5 for car park)

What's the weather like down there Ian?

Dunno!  Sat at my desk in Gloucester, its sunshine and downpours!! I was sent a job spec for a co in Walsall Al..... before I send a CV, is there anywhere decent within 30-45 mins commute from there?  (without a helicopter!)

OK it's Black Country   Stacks of nice places within that distance spec. - even here where I am sitting. . . . if you drive quick

I thought you'd say that.  Expect a call if I hear more. 

I'm just checking Ian - not M5 - M6 it is not too far from Sutton Coldfield to the East - with clubs suchas Moor Hall, where I am playing in a cuppla weeks.

and Little Aston It's a golfing paradise mate  Just get on Google Earth, Walsall and write in the search box 'golf clubs'.

Little Aston? ooooh!