WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship

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WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship
I am wondering about the format of the WCC Accenture. ie: Todd Hamilton & Robert Allenby. Vs Darren Clarke & G. McDowell. Do Clarke and Mc dowell, play as a TEAM against the other pair. Advancing through the rounds as a teamed pair. OR do they play each other, then the 2 seperate winners of each paired match go through to the next round. ? Sorry if this is an obvious question to you old timers of TV golf tornament viewing. But as this is my first year of watching golf on the TV i have never taken any notice of these competitons before now.

DarrylFirstly thanks for reminding me. I'd forgotten this was on tonight.Clarke & McDowell play each other over 18 holes. If they're still level after 18 they play sudden death until there's a winner. Winner advances to next round.Only the final I believe is played over 36 holes.My tip? Darren Clarke.

That should read tomorrow night.Tw*t!

That's good because I was just about to run off and find it. Will be watching that tomorrow night for sure. Come on wee Darren.

Wee Darren!! I know he has lost weight but not that much.

Or is it just those vertical stripe pyjamas he has taken to wearing making him look slimmer.

It's an Northern Irish thing Jim. A term of endearment for one of our own.

Darens packed it back on but hel prob play better for it.. less edgy = better golf hopefully.

I guess it's on sky only?D'oh!

That's probably because he has been out of the game for over 3 months. He's been by his wife's side in hospital while she receives chemotherapy for her second bout of breast cancer. I think I'd probably put a bit of weight on too!Here's wishing Heather a speedy recovery.

Clarke looks a good bet. Not heard anything of Sergio for a week or two, so he'll be who I'm backing. :)

If you hurry, golfweek.com has a pick 'em game with pretty decent prizes. It's such a crapshoot (Tiger got eliminated a few years ago by Peter O'Malley) that anyone can win (Kevin Sutherland won it that year in a thrilling -- not -- joust with Scott McCarron). But hasten -- it starts tomorrow.

Nope. It starts Thursday. Baby, the rain must fall...

Thanks Venetian - I've had a flutter, but as you say, it's a lottery. Of course, I've stuck my neck out and gone for wee Darren LOL.

It's going to be even more of a lottery than ever...the natives are whingeing. Lots of nasty griping about LaCosta, where this is the third year in a row in which rain has been a major factor. Is it that they CAN'T learn? or that they WON'T learn? The players hate this course when it is in decent nick (and it's a yawnsome course to watch for very long), hence Els' absence.Accenture is contracted to LaCosta for one more year, but I think there may well be rumblings to move it in 2007. The players' wives (American) like it because it has a spa and they are pampered like the little Bergdorf Blondes they aspire to be. But let's hope that is not the deciding factor.Someone has suggested a course in the Bahamas, which might be just close enough (and Americanised enough) to pass muster with the US xenophobes. I think if they're looking that way they could do a lot better in the Caribbean, but the US crew would probably balk at Barbados as too far and too "foreign." But as it's a WORLD Golf Championship, it might be time for some of the rest of the Federation Commissioners to stick their oars in.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/golf/4286119.stmhave to say your heart bleeds for them doesn't it ? .... these players are now so high & mighty and stuck so far up their own 'rse the weather doesn't suit unless it's 30*c 365 days a year - get on with it , it's what your paid for !!!! .... how the hell do they think pros in previous generations (and better players I may add !) coped ??

Or in Europe, current time?But any excuse to get the Match Play away from that ghastly course.

Westie's 4 up on the 14th. Great.

What format? 500yd Canoe for the first round...

Looks like Poulter's putting Furyk down for the count...

David Howells just kicked the crap out of Maruyama, beating him 6 & 5.

I'm devastated. Wee Darren lost on the 18th. Boo Hoo. I know there's still an Northern Irelander to carry the flag but I'm still very upset. My favourite wee man, out in the first round.Think I'll go and have a lie down...........Drags her feet out of the room chin on chest:(

Don't worry... Sergio's through! :)

Not the same at all, (still sobbing).

There has already been some suprise victims;Darren Clarke, K J Choi, Mike Weir and Jim Furyk.Hopefully, Poulter, Garcia and Harrington will keep on going.

A good showing by the Europeans, I hope they can keep it going.It was a bit unfair that the only two Ulstermen in the tourny got drawn together.

I know, very sad. Still upset here even though it was yesterday. And I have'nt been able to play again today. Grrrrr...getting really mad at the flippin weather now. At this rate I'll be back on the fags!