WGC-Accenture Match Play

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WGC-Accenture Match Play
Who do you think will win the WGC-Accenture Match Play? With Phil Mickelson, Davis Love III and Jay Haas out last night, it really is wide open. So, it's either going to be; Retief Goosen, Robert Allenby, Chris DiMarco, Stewart Cink, Adam Scott, David Toms, Nick O'Hern or Ian Poulter. I'm going for Adam Scott.

Never really been a fan but would like Ian Poulter to win.I think Stewart Cink will win however.

Poulter for me.Even though he supports THEM!

looking at who's left then Toms or Goosen would be my choice

Dar renDar renDar renOh sorry, he's out.. Damn.

Wouldn't be surprised if IP surprises a few people. He's playing well this week.

Scott for me as well

Based on past history, I think the trophy is O'Hern's. Goosen and Scott, the obvious favourites, will fall at the next hurdle.

O'Hearn seems to be the guy in form this week, Goosen would be my other choice

ah well , Di Marco & Toms .... at least I had one of them correct money is still on Toms for the final

Boring now - two Yanks. Yawn.

Mind you, DiMarco can throw his toys out of the pram when things don't go his way so there might be some entertainment.

don't mind Toms American or whatever - there's some kind of cool quiet assasain look about him .... bit like Davis Turd the 3rd but a lot more interest to him in the fact he seems to move & speak under his own brain power :)Di Marco - hmmmm ??? - I've never ever made my mind up about this bloke which is unsusual for me !!! - if his eyes are thin and too close set I'd say he was a wrong 'un ;-)

di Marco, I thought, was about the only American to emerge from the Ryder Cup with disatinction. He's a gritty little b*gger.

Sod the Final, I'd rather watch the Consolation 3rd and 4th Place Match.I hope Toms wins because DiMarco is a mardy arse tosser.

Agree with Mc Al about Di Marco. He tried to get the "Home" crowd behind the team in last years Ryder Cup when the Americans were in the shite. Didn't work but at least he looked like he was proud to be playing unlike a few of the others.Agree also that Toms is the quiet assassin. Always thought he was one of the shorter hitters but he seemed to be past Poulter every time and Poulter isn't short.I hope Toms wins. Would like Poulter to come 3rd but don't mind really as Goosen's one of the good guys.

I didn't realise that Toms has the second best record in this event, after Tiger Woods. Two tough cookies slugging it out - it won't be pretty, but neither will give an inch.

I see that Toms is giving Di Marco a good tw*tting !6up after the first 18Blokes on fire ! (not literally) - in the 'golf' sense

.... and now Toms has won 6&5was rather hoping it would be 7&6 just so I could pull out the old Peter Alliss line :'Di Marco got a dog licence today - 7&6';-)

i like toms but no di marco