What a fantastic Open

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What a fantastic Open
I must admit i had the voodoo doll out for 'hot toddy', but he won me round by the end. Not the most exciting golfer to watch (looks like Steve Waugh, but less charisma) but an inspiration to us all - you don't need to be able to hit every different type of shot as long as you play to your strengths and hole your putts. Loved his bump and run shots; he played proper links golf and thrived on it. But the whole championship was excellent, and that half an hour today when absolutely EVERYTHING went in was astonishing. And the tv coverage is the best i have ever seen of a tournament; 10 hours a day, Masters eat your heart out ! Highly satisfied, even if it would have been nice if Team Casey had realised it was a four day tournament...

The play & coverage was fantastic. Hamilton deserved his win. He kept his composure throughout , which I didn't think he would. Good luck to him.

I agree - it was a great tournament.And the USGA should take a look at how to set up a championship course - Troon demonstrated that you don't need knee high rough, dirt greens, and pencil thin fairways to present a tough challenge.The wind was no more than a stiff breeze over the 4 days, but Troon was far from defenceless, and there were only a few players under par at the end.And you had Woods, Goosen, Mickelson, and Els on the leaderboard, so something was right.And Hamilton snuck in spoiled the script. But the best man won, no doubt - his bump & run with his rescue club on the last play off hole was the shot of the tournament, given the pressure.

he fully deserved it and played really intelligently. Lesson for us amateurs there!Good to see Lee Westwood hitting some form too and Tiger still needs to go back to Butch!

Well - it was a fantastic leaderboard for the last day of the Open - and none of the big 4 took the spoils - well played Todd Hamilton - calm and assured like all good USA playersI may have to go and get one of those rescue clubs - bit of a tradionalist when it comes to equipment though - prefer the drama that can come with a bladed sand wedge when chipping!Great to see that Todd had shunned his Taylor Made sponsorship to play a tradional set of blades - anyone else notice those were definitely Mizuno MP33 irons? - no way they were RACs - am I right or seeing things?

Good to see someone winning without trying to win the worlds longest drive comp on all the par 4 & 5's. Not the longest hitter with his irons yet saved his woods for around the greens(!) except for a couple of shots.I was really rooting for Ernie Els but pleased to see Todd Hamilton win.

Definitely the best Open for years and on a proper golf course.Had my money on Mickelson but it was not to be this time. Todd Hamilton deserved his win ... he really thought his way round the course and kept his composure.Hard luck for Ernie Els, but well done Lee Westwood who was quite brilliant at times.And yes, the BBC's coverage was excellent.

Hamilton was text book. Didn't let Ernies big boomers phase him in the least. Norman was the same and the same result ensued - a win for a smarter hitter (and I take absolutely nothing away from Ernie in saying that).Crikey though, Ernie and Phil have been there or there-abouts in all three majors. Just luck at Mickleson: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.I'd like to see him do better than 4th at the USPGA though ;o))All that guff about it not suiting his eye, or the style of play. He was like a links veteran out there. Where were the pundit's hot tips for the week, Singh & Woods? Ok Tiger was in the top 10 and fair play to him but he's been no where near as consistent as Els, Mickleson or Singh for some time now.

jeremy - seems as though he was playing a 510tp, sonartec 3 wood, mp33s, cleveland wedges and a ping putter!yet we'll still need to read all the ads about how the R7 won him the open. : D

I wouldnt fancy playing Hamilton in match play - he wouldnt give anything away. his approaches shots were amazing too, and really nice to see someone playing real links golf.my only gripe was that the bbc should have organised for friday to be really windy just to sort the men out from the boys.on the coverage side, the picture quality and camera angles were excellent so maybe for the first time i have come away with a vivid impression of the course. wouldnt fancy that blind drive from their tee - the bloke with the flag wouldnt have to turn round to show where my drive went !

Good knowledge Steven - yes - ignore the ads - Taylor Made are probably kick starting the R7 band wagon as we type - can you get a standard Phillips screwdriver stuck in that thing?!A mixed bag for Todd then - quite liked his old school approach to equipment - berrylium copper B60 (second hand from a pro shop) and Mizuno MP33s (surely picked up during his days in Asia and all but the modern Mizuno TP11s)

I agree with all above about how great a tournament it was.My only minor gripe was with the TV coverage, which on the (w)hole was excellent in terms of camera shots and mix of studio & on-course live commentary. Maybe it was just me and my TV reception, but I began to get slightly irritated after one too many camera technical problems (image blurring or just going off) and the bad sound fading from one pick-up microphone to an other leading to the commentary being unheard due to some applause being fed through from some distant, unidentified action. I don't demand perfect camera pictures 100% of the time and realise that technical hitches do happen, but it seemed to drag on through all four days. There! minor gripe over. Now, back to the studio for some ....

Superb and top class coverage.I watched all 4 days and loved it.Hamilton won me a few quid with a last day bet but i wished i had him at the start at 500-1 !!! To be up there going into the final day with hardly a mention and no fuss was great stuff.Its interesting that he describes his golf as "Ugly Golf".He admits he`s dodgy off the tee but knows he can recover with his putting and short play so doesn`t worry about not smacking it a mile and hitting every fairway and plays to his strengths.Loved the way they said he`d be a nightmare poker player because he gives nothing away.His story is Tin Cup like and the best of luck to him.I feel a bit for Ernie,i was hoping he`d do it because i think its about time he took over the throne from Tiger as number one.Im sure he will and the Open has reinforced why Ernie remains one of my golfing heroes.Nice to see Westwood put on a good show and great to see Monty enjoying himself,playing some sound golf and even smiling.That bunker shot on day 3 where it was on the lip and he fell over after hitting it was class ! Not the falling over but the shot !That 10 minutes where everything was dropping in was mouth open viewing.There are so many great things that happened,what a magical open it was indeed !

I thought the BBC's coverage was fantastic except for one thing, I have Freeview (cheapskate!) and when I used the interactive service on the last day to see which group I could follow round it was Woods and Verplank! Come on Auntie Beeb, there is more than one golfer in the world and he was only just still in contention, surely it should have been one of the last two groups out. Gripe over, a fantastic Open and apart from the interactive it was great coverage.

Awesome golf and awesome coverage,where are all the Allis nazi's today then????????????????????????????????????Wouldn't you want Brownie as your best mate and have a pint with Torrance.

Great tournament and a deserved winner, and although an unknown, definitely not the lucky chancer that Curtis was last year. Hamilton went out and won it in style - I didn't give him a chance in the playoff. After he bogeyed 18 I thought he'd fall apart and Ernie would crush him under his size 13 Footjoys but he held it together well and the chip on 18 2nd time round was just fantastic.The thing that'll stick with me from this tournament was Mickelsons putting. He went however many holes without a bogey because he holed every single one of those 6 - 10 footers he kept leaving himself (the ones that I miss every single time), hitting the middle of the hole every time - astonishing. And all this despite the fact that he seemed to have accidentally packed the putter from his kids cut-down set. I know he's tall but is that the shortest putter in the world? He has his hands down by his shins. Works though....As for BBC, Brown, Grady and Torrance - excellent, Alliss his usual self, Seve just seems to read the tv caption and can't comment on James cos I fell asleep each time he came on, although he did provide one comedy moment trying to get to grips with the pronounciation of 'Fukayama' or something similar.Great course, great tournament (were you watching USGA?)

Great appart from another unkown "Septic" won it and our boys went AWOL...

I totally agree with Neil's comments, Brown and Grady are a different class. Its a shame about Seve as he is one of the great legends of the game but maybe its just the language thing.

I drew the lovely Mr Hamilton in the sweepstake :) who? never heard of him! oh, he's won! :)

Come on Ian, it wasnt like Ben Curtis who reversed into winning it, his first time win (last time ?) etc. (to be fair, Paul Lawrie did the same and we dont complain about that one, except at least he had to win a play off.)Hamilton led all day, then took on and beat the best golfer in the world in a 4 hole playoff. I don't begrudge him a thing, and think he will be a possibility in opens in the future, although if the wind really picks up he might struggle into the teeth.

My old friend Ernie has done well. To finish number 2 by one stroke in The Open is a remarkable achievement and goes to prove why he should be number one in the world.Woods is finished. I trully hope so - petulant little prat!Can't understand why he is still number 1, or perhaps golf is controlled to much by Yanks.However take nothing away from Todd Hamilton. A remarkable achievement for a relatively unknown.Congrats also on a very interesting website. I havn't played golf since 1985 when I got down to a 9 handicap on Irene Golf Course near Pretoria. I might take up the game again when I retire. As a regular on FishingMagic.com most of my spare time is taken up with a fishing rod in my hand.

Todd was a proven winner having won 11 times on Japanese tour and once on the PGA tour this summer. Also being from Texas he is used to playing in the wind. Perhaps if we had done our homework then we could have seen that he was a great value outside bet! He is certainly not an unknown like Ben Curtis who only won as Bjorn threw it away. Todd won fair and square, beating the best golfer in the world at the same time

Thanks for that Custard.Ernie IS the best golfer in the world.

I enjoyed the BBC coverage apart from one little thing - Julian Tutt. Why the BBC goes to the trouble of organinsing the best commentary team and then has an on course reporter such as Tutt is beyond me. It is apparent that what he knows about professional golf could be written upon a divot with a 4 inch paint brush. Get rid off him.

He is the best Ron. Dont think anyone can doubt that

What I enjoyed about Hamilton's win was that he had to win it, while Curtis had it handed to him on a plate by Bjorn's cock-ups int eh bunker last year. Hamilton played from the front, endured the pressure of the final group, withstood a charge from seasoned Major winner Ernie, and still maintained his ice cool to win the big one - good for him.

Being a fairly poor golfer, I was very impressed by the huge distances these guys drive, but the biggest difference between their game and mine was the absolutely awesome putting performances - or is it my imagination?!!

Agree with comments on Julian Tutt - he's a tw*t. I remember him interviewing Garcia at The Masters - Sergio was in one of his sulks, but Tutt's daft questions would have tried anyone's patience.Grady & Brown are class acts - move over Alliss & Hay.

Peter Alliss is brilliant, leave him alone. Always gives the commentary a uniquely british perspective. Used to be funnier before political correctness though, his impersonations of jumbo osaka used to crack me up.You can take Hay away though.

There has been a lot of criticism on the forum of Peter Alliss and the BBC Team but I agree with Dan, Peter Alliss is brilliant as was the whole BBC Team with the exception of Julian Tutt, who I have to say was not in the rest of the team's class. I still find it interesting that the former rebel Ken Brown has turned into such a brilliant member of the commentary team. Don't know how many of you have tried his timing tip but "Alastair Cudug" really works !

It seems a bit unfair to call the World's 57th best golfer and unknown...just think about it, the 57th best golfer in the World. Also I don't quite know what Tiger Woods and Ernie Els have said about new technology exactly but Todd certainly didn't win by outdriving everyone with his R7 as he didn't use it a lot and he didn't use a belly putter. Who were they getting at?

Hi AndrewThe Els & Woods comments have kind of been dealt with in another thread but basically they said it before the open but the press being the press decided that it would be tons more fun to print it after to make it look like they were critisising the winner!Don't know for sure about Woods but Els has way too much class to do something like that.

Sorry to be slow - but what were the comments that Woods and Els made (albeit before the Open)?

It sounds a bit out of character for Ernie but I notice Trevor Immelman went back to a standard length putter for the Open so the comments must have affected him.

Went to my first Open for a number of years and it was just great being there - good banter on the trains going down and back. I thought the crowds were exceptionally well behaved and sporting. My only gripe was the number of people on mobile phones to friends elsewhere on the course " I'm at the 17th; how did Monty do at the 12th? "Hard to know how to stop them.