What happened to Monty

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What happened to Monty
I was at Sunningdale for the Open qualifying yesterday and apparently Monty saw someone in the crowd and got really upset. I was on the green in front so didn't see exactly what happened but a couple of guys I spoke to thought it may have been his wife's new man. As a big fan of Monty if it was the person in question you'd have thought he might have been a bit more sensitive. As an aside if you get the chance to go next year its well worth it. Entrance is free, its very low key and you get to see the action close up.

Don't go there Martin - I made a few remarks about Monty's missus (ex) in another thread and got a slapped wrist.Suffice it to say that it ain't the first time that 'someone' in the crowd got him wound up over the past couple of years.

The good thing is he got it together in the playoff and will play in the Open.More than I can say for Justin (Just out) Rose.I still wouldn't put money on him

I think Monty should do okay at the Open, if he can keep his head and thoughts together. New start and all that, would be nice for him to win one of the big ones.My wife met him in LA last year. A true gentleman. We wish him well.

Alan, has Justin upset you in some way? You seem to have it in for the poor wee laddie :-)

It was interesting to compare the newspaper reporting of the Monty "incident". I was stuck on a train for a few hours on Tuesday, and had the chance to flick through a few.The "quality" press just referred to an incident with a mystery spectator. "The Sun", however, were somewhat more, er, candid in terms of their report (which is where I read about the man's identity - and it was in the paper, so it must be true, yes?).But it was great to see him qualify - an Open at Troon without Monty would have been a sad one.

I watched the interviews with him on the BBC at the end of each of his rounds in the Masters and he looked like a different man, so much more content and happy with his golf than he has done in years. I've never been a Monty fan (I'm a Faldo follower) but I would love to see him pocket a major.....I think he is even more deserving than Phil Mickleson, just look at the way he dominated European golf for years, go for it Monty!

Looking at the odds for the open and fancy a flutter.Know what?I'm going to bet on Monty doing it.Be a bit of a fairy tale but these things happen.

Having had your fingers burnt with South Africa's great white hope (aka Justin Rose), I thought you'd know better than now, Alan.But stranger things have happened. Might be worth a punt....

Monty is making a move. Watch out!!