What on earth has daly done now?

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What on earth has daly done now?

Just watched a Radar interview at the Austrian Open where he was talking about John Daly flinging his 9 iron in the water and walking off after some ruling, anyone see it??

Haven't seen it yet, but with the cut coming in at +3 he would have still be in with a chance.

he isnt that good any way i think

I think he's probably still a good draw for the crowds at the smaller events though, so will probably just get off with a fine.

In answer to the original question it looks like he has spat his dummy out. Just shows no class and no mental strength. Shame.

Mary wrote (see)

I think he's probably still a good draw for the crowds at the smaller events though, so will probably just get off with a fine.

You're absolutely right there, folks might not turn up to watch Wild Thing play magnificent golf but they'll definitely show up to see some car crash hissy fits on the course! I have to be honest, I wasn't surprised in the slightest when I read that he had walked off, bet his caddy' job satisfaction is off the scale some days!!

We need more JD'ers

Absolutely, personalities in all sports are massively important and make things miles more interesting. See Cantona, Tuffnell and many more I can't think of. However, I think there neeeds to be a certain amount of resepct to your playing partners, the tour who are paying you and the fans who have paid to come and watch you that means you don't just walk off whenever the luck isn't on your side.

Quote from one of Daly's playing partners - Martin Wiegele  "But then he came to me and said that were playing well and that he did not want to slow us down," Wiegele said. "He wished us both good luck for the weekend and left."

Tuffnell wasn't lazy ALL of the time, he was a cracking spin bowler in his day and quite possbily in the current regime of England teams (i.e players don't get dropped after one game unlike in the 90's) could have been a world class bowler, what I meant is his antics certainly livened things up from time to time. And to be fair I don't condone or support Daly' actions yesterday, I think it is p**s poor to leave fans in the lurch like he did yesterday, or for that matter Cantona jumping into the crowd at Palace, that was disgraceful but his character and skill as a player certainly made English football in the 90's a better place.

Hahaha that's a good 'un. Some of the best cricket coverage of this year was Tuffers recounting tales of hid tours with England. I believe he was asked by Aggers whether he relaxed after a long days play with an ice bath as the modern players do, I can't remember his exact answer but I believe the only ice he went near at the end of the day was in a large Gin and Tonic.

Listening to Tuffers and then Mick Vaughan generally taking the piss out of poor old Boycs is gold. Another cracker I read from Tuffers was a tale from an away ashes series, apparently he asked the umpire how many deliveries were left in the over, the Aussie imputed response? "Count 'em yourself you pommy c***!" Apparently dear old Tuffers was so surprised "you could have tied my tits together with candy floss!" I have no idea what he means by that, perhaps that's the Gin!

Imputed?? Umpires.......damn phone!!

Mindthepond wrote (see)<br class="quoteheader" /> OK so "Personality" equals losing temper, walking off,in Daly's case, Kicking people in the crowd ala Cantona and being lazy and letting team mates down like Tuffnell, interesting point of view!! Give me Nicklaus, Moore and Swan every time

Nice to see another positve post...

I saw the incident, but not the walking off - it was getting too embarrasing to watch. Daly hit his ball long on a par 3 into a water hazard at the rear of the green. Went to the D/Z and promptly flew the green again, but this time it hit what looked like a TV tower. His playing partner (Jimenez) told him to drop it on the right side, dropped and hit before you could blink...then came along Andy McFee to light the Daly fuse. Enough is enough.     

Here's a video of the incidents.  It's clear what happened, but I'm not clear why where he dropped was wrong. <a title="Here" href="http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=7010179&categoryid=2630020" target="_blank">http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=7010179&categoryid=2630020</a>

So that didn't work   The Link is  http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=7010179&categoryid=2630020 Better just copy & paste