Where's Luke Donald?

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Where's Luke Donald?

Luke is very lightly raced this year with only a few outings and last week only played one round in the matchplay losing to Els first round. I thought he would have been tempted to play in the Honda this week and put up some defence of his no.1 world ranking, Looks like Rory's gonna pick his pocket... 

Even if he doesn't win, it's not like he'll starve. I don't care much about golf pros, if I'm honest.

If you remember guys his dad died recently and his mrs had a baby. I guess he has had enough of golf and wants a few weeks off before the Masters. I don't blame him tbh. The press are bigging up this up and I don't think Luke is interested. He has done what he wanted. He has been #1, he has won the money titles on both sides of the water. Now he needs to win a major! #1?? Who cares.

I think Luke cares and his sponsors care...just can't see why he would not make an effort and play in the Honda, even has a home in Florida so hardly a big hardship.

For the reasons Pengwyn already said...

Pengwyn 7.9/\ wrote (see)

If you remember guys his dad died recently and his mrs had a baby.

Ray, I could be wrong (and somebody will correct me if I am ) but I thought Luke lived in Chicago? Thats not just a 60 min drive away like Gillis, Tiger and Poulter.

1 Over - he does live in Chicago but spends the winter in Florida to practice so, probably, does have a property there too

Much like myself then........NOT!! If I'd been number one both side sof the pond and had a close relative die and my wife had given birth then I would not be too worried about the Honda Classic.  What I would be keen to do would be win a major and would concentrate on that.


Found him!

Correct Miss Whiplash (ouch!) Luke has a home (condo) in Florida where he normally spends the winter practising. Oh for some sunny days. I realise things have been a bit up and down for Luke in recent months, but life must go on...