Who Will Win the Open

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Who Will Win the Open
I've been thinking about this for a while...and I have come up with a list of 15 names to watch at the Open. You may be surprised to see that <b>Woods</b> is not on my list! These five names are my top picks: S. Cink J. Furyk S. Garcia M. Jimenez Nick Price. Now these ten are going to be some hot items out there. I've picked them from past performances...and recent streaks: A. Cabrera J. Daly <b>N. Faldo</b> yes I did! P. Harrington J. Leonard S. Maruyama B. Mayfair D. Toms I. Woosnam Now this is a <i>very</i> dark horse:Tom Watson. why? He won at Muirfield in 1980 at -13. Recently, he was +6 and T117 in 1992 (however!). You might ask, if I had to pick one? Nick Price. yup. ------ Now, for Dark Horses...I think that Faldo WILL do very well this year. He won it in '92 at -12, and he is playing very well right now: T5 at the US Open. What do you think?

Don't start me off Ted - you know my opinion of Nick.


Oh I've started you!! ha! I knew as I wrote it that there would be some Faldo talk again!! hahaa...

Don't forget that he won there in '92! and he was apparently hot at the US Open!

Come on Alan....just once? Any other Faldo bitters out there??

Wait a second here!!!

How could I forget...Faldo, who also won the Open in 1987, has won TWICE at Muirfield!!

I put Faldo right in line with Nick Price for winning this.

I think Faldo will have a strong showing at Muirfield. He's definitely enjoying himself at the moment and his track record there is great.

I think Retief Goosen is stating to hit form as well so watch out for him.

From the other side of the Pond you have Woods of course, I also think someone like Toms might do well.

Personally I hope Harrington does well.

We would all love to see a British or European winner again but for a UK player to do it he will have to move up at least two levels. Garcia was my original choice and I'll stick with him, having won The Amateur here, though it's no great track record. Woods is different class and has the extra momentum of the Grand Slam in his mind. He'll be prepared. In the frame on the closing day - Scott McCarron and Peter Lonard - long, straight and good putters with the broomhandle.

What about Paul Lawrie guys? He's coming into some form, is a links specialist and can play in wind, rain, hail, snow etc..He's a good bet for a top three finish. If I had to pick another few I would say Toms and Goosen.

Lawrie isn't due for his next big money win for about 18 months. Having won the Open he was starting to look like a one hit wonder, and then won that other event - forget which - but I do remember that it was another massive payout. Still, if you can get buy by winning one tourni every two and a half years then why not!

Nice man is Paul, and worthy of a couple more Tour wins but Muirfield? Can't see it - too many big duck hooks at the wrong time, for me.

My original choice in the earlier thread about the Majors was Garcia.However,I think a better bet now would be Eduardo Romero.He's hit a great bit of form,winning recently and is handily placed in 2nd going into the final day at Loch Lomond.He's feeling good in himself and believes he can win all the time.He's the man to "tame" the Tiger!!! at this one.

Expect a good showing from Justin Rose - good solid warm up performance at Loch Lomond.

He'll want to prove something here.

My 3 against the field are:
Harrington 33/1, Campbell 66/1 and Fasth 100/1. All in good form and quite capable of winning an Open.

I still stand by my 'old players' list...

I expect Faldo to do very well, if not win, and I'm looking to see a very strong finish from Nick Price - like, very strong!

I back that Lawrie will not do well, but Alan, I must disagree, I do no think that Rose will do that well...and if Woods finishes better than T7, I will be shocked!

You English guys really kill me.

As soon as anyone with a smidgen of English blood manages to run two shots together they are suddenly world beaters.

Your triumph of hope over experience shows up in every soccer world cup and every year at that tennis thing they have in London.

Get real, if the wind doesn't blow too strongly Tiger is your man.

If there is a wind blowing we have to look to one of the Celtic lads like Darren or Padraig.

Whoever wins at Muirfield it wont be Henman clone Rose, the only man in the world with less charisma than Tim Henman, nor will it be over the hill robot Faldo.

er, Ted's American.

Ken - The World Cup is for Football not soccer and that tennis thing in London is the biggest tournament in the world - Wimbledon.

I don't know the Justin Rose you are talking about as the one I've seen on TV is not the one you are rambling on about. I don't think he'll win it but I think you are being too harsh. I would like to see him show Tiger how to play golf tomorrow though !!

Agree about Henman though :-).

Rob, don't go there with that soccer thing, Ken has already revealed he's got a spot of Irish blood in him. Basically he's right - we're brilliant as a nation at knocking our own heroes - we're the world's best at sulking as underdogs.
I just hope Justin puts up a good show and can escape into the anonymity of the third round tucked in behind the leaders with half a chance. He's only 21, though he seems to have been around for years, and he's got time to prove himself in the cauldron.

Don't forget about Eduardo Romero and Angel Cabrera. They will be doing OK this Open. They're use to play under bad weather conditions in C

Proof enough?

Played Justin - even though you are South African by birth and not a thoroughbred Englishman.

Yes well played Justin. Although if Tiger finds the pace of the greens he's going to be hard to beat as he played very well (mainly) from tee to green but struggled on the greens. I'm happy with my money on Harrington and Fasth at the moment.

Well as I'm watching the re-runs of today's play, I notice that some of my picks did very well...and some maybe not as well...

I think tomorrow will bring out some true Open golfers if it starts raining and the weather isn't as beautiful! I'll keep my support for Faldo - even though I may be the only one....!! but how about Toms! and Maruyama!!

It's time for Nick Price to start sinking some of those putts...

I'll catch up with you all again when it's sunny in your land!

Ken Delaney said that if the wind and rain starts then expect a Celt to play well.

Harrington looks decidedly comfortable in the bad conditions.

Tiger looks ------ like a drowned cat.

What was all that Tempest & Temper yesterday!!! Okay Mr Woods dropped out of it (and I said he'd win by five) but my original pick Sergio is still in there with a few hours to go to fourth round tee-off, as are two of my pre-tournament each-ways -Peter Lonard and Scott McCarron - the broomhandle boys. Am I mug or what! Let's see what transpires. A little cheer too for Paul Eales - he's done us proud on golfmagic with his diary. Any further observations?