Why left-handers make better golfers

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Why left-handers make better golfers
I hate to disagree with an article but Phil Mickleson is right handed..... He started playing golf face on to his father, an accomplished amateur, and therefore developed a mirror image swing......... might explain some of his 'more interesting' course management decisions though...

Can you hear it, Iwan?..the quiet munch of humble pie!
Obviously my sources were duff in the respect of Phl Mickelson's dexterity and shortly after your observation a friend of mine who works on the Golf Channel in Florida, and knows Lefty well, e-mailed me to confirm your story, he'd pointed out my mistake ,too. So thanks for that and hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the rest of the site.
I still think we're better golfers as left-handers playing right-handed!

Hmmm interesting thesis

David Graham commenced career L/handed cos given em as a kid, when trainee although on
scratch his mentor said will never acheive anything as a Pro swinging left handed

So changed to swing R/handed

A colleague (would you believe a school bus driver) challenged to a gamble grabbed some clubs swang R hand off 5 won the match

Loser wants a rematch but he must play off scratch, says no double bet same h/cap will use your mates left handed clubs

Sucker! ! He played off Two L/handed !


As I also am a left hander and play right handed I would also have to agree with Bob, I still think were better golfers. Is it that common to play like this?

I saw a bit of some silly season caper last fall -- not the Skins, one of those things with a set of skills challenges. It was nearly over when I came in -- Singh had apparently won all round, with some others winning individual legs. Singh, in rare jocular form, set up some sort of bet with Mike Weir, who I guess had come second, and said he could knock a shot closer to the tee playing left-handed AND with the much-shorter Weir's club, than the lefty Canuck. Mike took him on, and knocked one very close. Singh borrowed the club, took a practice swing, and zinged it inside Weir's. Much mirth all round, but a lot of genuine admiration. (Any bets Head Practice Fiend Singh actually works on stuff like this just to vary his endless sessions, and to prepare for all contingencies!).

There are also plenty of left-handed batsmen in cricket who are actually right-handed. Plenty of those Aussies are right-handed but bat left handed (Hayden and Gilchrist, I think, though don't quote me, are a couple of them). Like with golf, the top hand is the important one, so it makes sense to do it that way.

This is a joke right, there's no way a left hander is going to win a major in this day and age.

Hope Weir not L/hand or never end to crowing