Why Oh! why is golf so boring!

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Why Oh! why is golf so boring!

Dont you just hate it seeing guys hit boring 280 yd 3 woods over water to a few feet on the last few holes of a major (small m) event, even worse seeing them pour birdie after birdie on a puny 120odd yd par 3 yawn yawn!! why couldnt one of them finish it in 72 holes because then we had to watch even more of it in the play off, 3 of them hitting shot after shot of more bloody accuracy never been so bored in all my life!!   Why do Sky choose to show this rubbish to us maybe they should hand golf back to the BBC so we wouldnt have to watch it at all then I could spend my £50 a month on something really exciting like the garden or decorating again.. AND I could get to bed earlier!!

The Open will be on soon. Hopefully with lousy weather and puzzled faces and big scores. 

Oh to that boring when I play golf,

I just couldn't keep my eyes open so I recorded the play-off and made sure I didn't hear the result until I got a chance to watch it at lunchtime. What a great last day for a great tournament, and on a course anyone can play if they've got $275, which is a bargain when you compare it with Wentworth.

I am obviously sad then because I went to bed at 1.00 a.m. this morning after staying up to watch it.  I found it riveting.  When I came in from shopping, it was showing on the television again so I watched it for a second time.  One of the better finishes and play-offs IMHO

I'm just happy to see a big golf tournament not won on the first day. A play off is far more interesting than watching a bloke hold his lead for 3 days

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