Why is Ricky Fowler wearing Clown Shoes?

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Why is Ricky Fowler wearing Clown Shoes?

Watched some of The Players last night and obviously noticed the shoes R. Fowler was wearing. Did he lose a bet?

And what's with Nike forcing Rory to wear hightops too now?  Looks just wrong.

Week of shoes
Not for me

Having been a recent and very grateful winner of a GM competition I wouldn't expect to win another for the forseeable future. But I'm not even going to enter the comp to win Ricky's shoes just in case my name comes out of the hat smiley

If a pair of Rory's were the prize then I'd think differently.

Golf shoes

Seriously guys, the daughter of a friend of mine is in the fashion business and her husband is a SPORTS SHOE DESIGNER.

My mate asked him what were the new innovations in golf shoes and trainers this season.

He smiled and said . . . "Neon"

 My mate said, what about the construction and technology and the designer said. "Just neon" 

It is all bollocks and they are having a laugh. Which iscwhat I have advocated for years.


Ricky and Rory being given some utter rubblish to wear... .but in their defence all of us would dress like wombats for the sort of cash they are being given to do so.  They are laughing all the way to the Bank!