Will VJ lose his crown this week?

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Will VJ lose his crown this week?
With VJ not playing this week, and Tiger playing, although I have not gone through the maths but I guess we could see a switch at the top. Not sure what anyone else thinks?

Al - I don't think Tiger can catch him that fast - isn't it over the last year or two years ?I'd like to see Tiger take it back though.Have you seen the Consecutive Cut count now ? What is it ? 130+ ? Vijay was in second until this weekend, but now it's Ernie with 16 !

Tiny difference now at the top (only 0.12). Someone has calculated that a top 4 place should do it.

Ernies got to get back up there to Number 1He must be close to more second places in majors than most people have wins in majors.Get back up to Number 1 Ernie!!What a swing

Tiger should easily finish in the top 20, but I really think Vijay should be worrying, because Vijay hasn't been on great form and Tiger has been improving.Watch out Vijay!

I read that if Tiger's in the top 5, he catches Vijay. It's not a slam dunk, though. Here's his Riviera record:1997 - T20th1999 - T2nd (2 behind Els)2000 - T18th2001 - T13th2002 - Did not play2003 - T5th (3 behind Weir)2004 - T7th (7 behind Weir)(The Nissan was played at Valencia in 1998 because Riviera was hosting a Senior "major" later in the year).And Stevie, who's expected back, is injured...

He looks good for a Top 5 then.

Tiger does need to finish in the top 4 or if in tie for 3rd only 3 players can be tied. Then he will overtake VJ and return to numero uno.Damien - you say Ernie get back to number 1, in my recollection, he has never been number 1. Only ever as high as 2.Someone correct me if i'm wrong

I think Ernie was Number 1, but it was only for a week or two.

Tiger just needs a top 4 finish i believe.The top spot will probably change hands alot between the main 3 over the next couple of years, mainly due to who plays and who dont.Ernies swing is so natural that its silly... if only he could drive straight more often.Mickelson is a way behind the big 3... i dont think he is in the same leauge myself, he is better than the chasing pack but not up there with the big boys, not quite.

Another 1 or 2 wins for Mickelson and some decent Top 10's and he could be homing in on the Top 3.As for Tiger, I would be very suprised if he didn't finish in the Top 4 and regain his Number 1 status.

Forgive me. Els has in fact been World Number 1SINGH (24 weeks) is the twelfth player to achieve Official World Number 1 status in the 18 and three quarter year history of the Ranking. The other players to have been World Number One are BERNHARD LANGER (3 weeks), SEVE BALLESTEROS (61 weeks), GREG NORMAN (331 weeks), NICK FALDO (98 weeks), IAN WOOSNAM (50 weeks), FRED COUPLES (16 weeks), NICK PRICE (43 weeks), TOM LEHMAN (1 week) ERNIE ELS (9 weeks) DAVID DUVAL (15 weeks) and TIGER WOODS (334 weeks)

Love hom or hate him, Tiger is a totally astonishingly rare talent, of all the truly great shots that i see on TV his recoveries are so outstanding that he is a bizzare person with an unequalable gift.He hits them off occasionally just to show he is still human, i love the way he eats himself for a bad shot... i do the same myself but less verbally, i do like his massive attention to perfection... The boy is simply the worlds best golfer in history bar none, i appreciate all the names of yesteryear and i take those into consideration... TW is pure unadultreated brilliance.

I just got this link via an email from the golf channel...http://www.thegolfchannel.com/15101/15451Its all about Tiger getting back his #1 spot.