Will we move to a 'World Tour' ?

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Will we move to a 'World Tour' ?
On the (unlikely) assumption that the American players will actually leave the comfort of their shores, What do you think the chances of a World Tour developing are ? The odds are it would have to be the PGA Tour as is but expanded worldwide, in a partnership with the European Tour and maybe others. Look at it as a 'Premier League' with perhaps slightly less events, but a higher quality worldwide field.

sounds like a great idea - then we can beat them all year round

Never happen. The American players will NOT leave the comfort of their shores.Necessary to PGA Tour players, aside from luxury accommodations, wonderful free perqs like spas for their wives, Disneyworld passes and helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon for the whole family, and great (free) huntin' and fishin' trips for them, are the four essentials of American life:1. English spoken at all times. Understandable, American English, not "strine" or whatever they speak in Sethefrica -- or Scotland.2. McDonald's everywhere without having to go too far.3. USA Today -- the newspaper for people who don't like to read -- readily available.4. ESPN II on the television. (Mickelson's comments on the BBC are unprintable, even from the "golly gee - oh, shucks" guy).Things American PGAT players do not like:1.Converting currency from the ONLY one.2. Being expected to understand what fish and chips are.3. Metric measurement.4. Hotel rooms that are not the size of airport lounges. Charm? Whatzat? Size, shower, ESPN II, USA Today under my door in the morning, and a Big Mac just down the block. THAT's what matters.

It's more likely that the European Tour will become the World Tour... they are alot more commited to the task, and once a few big sponsors realise it, they'll be throwing more money at it.Once the money turns up, the US will follow... they're capitalists after all. :)

Agree with V and D. The Americans won't go for a World Tour, meanwhile the European Tour is tapping the potential in the Far East.

I think as Alan said , the European Tour is gradually becoming a 'sort of' World Tour anyway now that the season seems to run January to December and Europe has now gathered in the Middle East , Far East and parts of Africa .... only the North Pole left to go !List of events for 2005 'European Tour' :http://www.europeantour.com/tournaments/schedule.sps?iTourID=1However , as 'we' continue to expand (shame there's not more UK based tournaments ! - any wonder there's less golfers joining clubs ?) the main man state side is essentially asking for the opposite on the USPGA Tour :http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/golf/4313545.stmIf you view it maybe in his terms of 'quality not quantity' could he have a point ?Interesting article in April 'Golf Monthly' magazine about the state of the European Tour - whilst all looks healthy in terms of the event schedule getting bigger the serious money and the 'counting' events (those that open doors to the Majors) are Stateside - all 12 of the European Ryder Cup players have scheduled 'more' (or only) events on the USPGA Tour - that should come as no suprise as the aspiration of these players is to win a major (and earn money)quote from Lee Westwood :'I will be playing lot more in America in 2005 - I had the opportunity to hold a US Tour card before and didn't take it up - Now I'm keen as it could increase my chances of winning a Major - I got the opportunity through my 2004 earnings so I thought it would be a good experiment'

Oh god no ! you know how yanks hate that rough here in the UK, world tour? they would have to learn geography first (note the case of the world series baseball, won by an american team every time).If the rough isn't dyed deeper green than the fairway (easier to spot) and over an inch long max ( or it's considered by the CIA too deep and may hold a secerity risk of hiding terrorists) it's not playable.:-D before I bombarded (literally) by any americans reading this....... I'm Joking