Womens British Open

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Womens British Open
I have to commend the bbc on there coverage of the womens British Open. Given the game exposure it deserves. I really enjoyed watching a professional game I can relate to, especially the distances being hit. You definitely got to see how a professional approaches the game other than driver, wedge, putter of the men's game. I felt more inspired to play than I did after watching the mens open. Well done to Kerrie Webb as well for winning her 3rd open. I think I will definitely be watching more.

It was good, I agree. Some good golf going on and some very elegant looking ladies too! (Not a patch on the ladies section at Bowood tho') Better say that in case someone s reading this!!

Lot of dollies at Bowood, eh, Ian! If that's the case I'll be down one weekend!


Not exactly "lots"...,

Oi! Stop it you two - this is getting too chauvinistic and away from the point Mark's making.

The Weetabix was a great example of women's golf and the depth of talent there is - especially with Sorenstam, Inkster and Davies failing to make the weekend cut.

Not sure if it's exciting enough to hold attention for long periods - though I'm told the 'excellent, informed' commentary team did their best - but enjoyed watching the likes of Natalie Gulbis and Jennifer Rosales. Name other golfers who could get your pulse racing in waterproofs?

Surely, the "excitment" in most sports comes from the level interest in the outcome. With more TV coverage the players become better known and hence you have a stake in the result. Where were the GB girls??

Bob, you mean Chris.

for Once I agree with Nick, womens golf has visually improved since Laura Davies was at her top form.

These scandinavians are top quality.

Seriously though you do learn a lot form watching them. What length was the course set up at? I am sure it must be at least as long as what we play.

They have simple slow swings and yet they still knock it 250.

It makes a mockery of us trying to knock the cover off it and and sending it 200 with a weak slice

Sorry Chris I meant you.

I understand it was mostly played off the equivalent of the 'members' yellow tees with a few off the championship tees. Even so the scoring was exceptional in inclement weather. There were a few eagles recorded which is impressive hitting. Davies had one on the 14th - that's powerful and quite a few slender lassies knocked it on in two on 17, solid stuff.

I'm becoming a bit of a Paula Marti fan.. and come to think of it so are the boys in my office!!
I think these pros pushing the boundaries of what they are wearing and is making it all a bit more interesting for us girls.
Finally, with a bit of luck we're losing the 'its a boring game' stigma ;)

You're spot on Ian, the excitement comes from you caring about who the winner is, and you don't care unless you know who they are in the first place. It's not something that I think you can artificially give a boost to, but I think slowly people are realising the potential there. Websites like the LET site help a lot, and it's great that you have the tips from the Spanish players on this site Bob, it establishes a connection with the players (as Zoe's workmates seem to be doing!).