Woods, the son of God ?

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Woods, the son of God ?

even he admits he's lucky. Went to bed last night and he was struggling, gets up this morning and he's leading courtesy of a complete fluke and an admittedly brilliant eagle on the par 5.

Come on Westwood !


penfold aceI am 100% certain that Tiger is NOT the Son of God but I am almost as certain that for some good reason or other he has been specially blessed by Him. I believed the same about Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer both of whom had a special aura about them as does Tiger to an enormous degree!

I have seen a single shot due to having useless Setanta, and not Sky Sports, but have been following it all, not least that I have quite a few bets on it.Every time I go to bed Tiger is struggling, then when I check leaderboard in the morning he has done something to propel himself back up there, its quite incredible. I'm not a Tiger fan or hater, just neutral really, but I now sort of hope he wins this one, I do have a wager on him, but then have a couple of others up there that would win me a heck of a lot more than Tiger winning. 

No hes not! with the luck hes had in the last couple of days its more likely that he has sold his soul to the other side.Tigers been struggling on the front nine all week ,Westwood has a great chance of putting the pressure on, the knee will come under stress,the grimaces will become more frequent and our boy will take the pot.Either that or Tiger will run away with it

boa, i agree with a lot of your posts but not this one. I hope jack's record remains intact, woods' conduct at firestone being the pricipal reason.

CreoMy mate has sizable wagers on Westwood Karlson and Jimenez. (odds care of betfair)He regularly backs Tiger but didn't for some reason this time.He rang me this morning and said, " does Tiger wait until I've gone to bed, twice I've got up and thought the scores must be wrong, I went to bed last night when he was level, got up this morning and he's 3 under and leading".The old saying seems to be ringing true.  "beware the injured golfer".


penfoldI have been very fortunate- so far- to have been blessed with a long golfing life of 58 years with only one serious blip- a replacement hip- which was very expertly done- but knee injuries are FAR more serious and difficult to fix long term.Even with the best medical attention in the world, which I am sure Tiger is receiving, I have strong doubts as to his ability to continue playing as he has done so far. If I was in a position to advise him I would urge him to get together with his coach to work out a change to his swing which would put less stress on his knee e.g revert to a less modern swing using hands and arms and avoiding going onto a rigid, ramrod-straight left leg. Such a remodelled swing might well lose some power but he would find that his driving would almost certainly gain in accuracy as he might by taking an extra club-or two with his irons.Tiger should ponder that despite a car crash that would have crippled most human beings, Ben Hogan played with a bent(ish) left knee on the follow through and had a LONG career as did Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Johnny Miller,Tom Weiskopf, Tom Watson,Gary Player, Byron Nelson, and most of the greats until around the late 80s,early 90s playing the same way. Of course Tiger's method also puts a much greater strain on the body generally, particularly on the back(he has already suffered with back spasms) and hips

They have the different rough lengths to penalise shots based on the wildness of them. Is it me or is it everytime tiger sprays his driver it ends up so far wide that he is where the crowd have trampled the grass to a near perfect lie.He certainly does seem to be getting some good fortune, but boy is he taking advantage of it.

He may not be the son of god but he sure does have nerves of steel!!! Sinking that putt on the 18th for a playoff!!!

and whinging and playing the sore knee after every bad shot - notice he doesn't do it when it's a good shot!!

I noticed that too Damon...hummm.....plus having seen what a seriously dislocated and injured knee does to a person, my brother, I am amazed that he can walk so well and still play but sure he has alot of adrenalin coursing through his veins, which will temporarily numb the pain.Personally, I hope he recovcers as he is incredible entertainment...even non golfers are transfixed to the TV when he plays and that can only be good for the game. If he has to retire early and misses Jacks record, it will be a real trajedy IMO but I can see it happening

It's not public knowledge exactly what shape his knee is in, is it? Neither Woods nor his surgeon have said much about it. You hear of footballers having a repair job and being told by the surgeon that the knee is stronger than ever. Kudos to Woods - the left knee is so important, as Boa says, in the swing. Ernie Els is struggling to regain absolute confidence in his swing, despite being a couple of years post-op on his left knee.

been wondering about that tom. If the kneee was causing him so much pain so close to surgery, was it wise to play so soon after ? His win would suggest it was but who knows long term ?

He simply is the best of all time I was going to the open until he pulled out the open without tiger is like the world cup without brazil or england qualifying I dont no which is worse He doesnt conform to the normal every time u think he wont do it he does the rest of the players were rubbing there hands when he announced he was taking the rest of the season off god help them next year when hes fit


Come OFF it, Mr Byers!Padraig Harrington is neither scared of Tiger nor any other golfer. Do you realy believe that a man who can play the final six holes in four under par cannot take on Tiger head to head. Padraig's powers of concentration and determination to win even rival Tiger's! 

Mike ByersSo you was going to the Open until the MAN pulled out?I would suggest your not a true golf enthusiast,just one of the masses who dip in when he is about.By doing so you missed one of the best Opens of recent years.Any golfer of any generation can only beat who turns up.There is endless debate what the results would be if Nicklaus played Tiger,Hogan played Nicklaus, et al. And thats all they are,debates. It was your loss you didn't attend.

i watched on tv mate and it was spot on but u cant help liking someone as much as i like woods I have two heroes in the sporting world tiger who I was lucky enough to watch at carnoustie last year wether he won or lost I went to c him and only him and maradona who I never did c live but worshipped him as a genius.bye the way i watch all the tours european pga challenge tour walker cup I love the game but when the main guys missing its not the same sorry

yeah, Chris Wood played ok, but he was never seriously going to threaten paddy and shark boy was he???????

As far as  can make out, from watching many swings over the years - a) club is square at takeawayb) club is square at impactc) club is accelerating through the ballwhat happens in between is irrelevant.... hips here, elbows there, a shoulder "out of place", weight on the font foot, back foot, between feet, shoulder high, low, forwards, backwards, matters not one iota. Two words"Jim Furyk"Then look at a "techincal player", lefty, poults/t##t, garcia, jiminez........Its the number on the card,not the swing that made it happen, go with whats good..

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah. just another Fanboy stupid statements to come out with. daft at best stupid at worst.

at least i can put a sentance together u keep on thinking hes not the man 20 per cent down on crowd hes the reason why

er mike , this is from sporting life , thought you may find the facts interesting..

Just over 200,000 people attended this year's Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

The figure is the sixth highest achieved in the event's history.

"It's a pretty stunning achievement given the weather, the economic situation and the absence of Tiger Woods," said Royal and Ancient Club chief executive Peter Dawson on Monday.

"All credit to golf fans in this part of the country. We haven't had all the television viewing figures yet, but the first day was about 20% up on last year."

David Hill, the R&A's director of championships, believes the figure could well have been higher but for the wind, rain and cold of the opening day.

"We lost four to five thousand on Thursday because the weather was so awful," he said.

first day was about 20% up on last year , ( didn`t tiger play last year ??? ) 6th highest attended in the events history !! am sure tiger was missed ,although i`m not that certain he`d have enjoyed the conditions, or the rough waiting his oft wayward tee shots. it would have been good to see him try and manage the course and conditions, but him not being there didnt diminish the event in the slightest imho..

link for story below



Mr ByersDo you not consider that GM members/posters might take you more seriously if you used proper English words rather than the abbreviations which most find irritating and usually only to be found in the efforts in a kindergarten!

'at least i can put a sentance together u keep on thinking hes not the man 20 per cent down on crowd hes the reason why'If this is what you consider a sentence, then call me Damon Runyan(Runyon)Viewing figures were seemingly down around 20% in the US. There are quite a few fanboy Tiger lovers in that area of the world who only watch golf because of him, and probably aren't used to seeing European/Asian/Aussie Tour players. They obviously went in the huff regarding the fact that they couldn't see Tiger scratch his ass while walking down the fairway. 


DamonYou may well have come across the very famous poster showing a most attractive young womam tennis player with a super figure scratching a near naked bum.Perhaps one day someone might get Tiger to produce one. Even a fully clothed Tiger scratching his bum would sell probably milions of copies. A huge improvement, though, on Tiger spitting. I cant think of ANYTHING Padraig does on or off the golf course except behave as a superb role model for a champion professional golfer!

I think that Tiger is the best golfer on the face of the planet but to not go to watch the best golf tournament in the world just because he wasn't playing is just plain daft. The golf that the tour pros play is so much on another level to the golf I play that it's impossible not to be in awe of every one of them (yes, even Ian Poulter!!).

Boa,Did you mean this tennis player or this one?


Birdi BoyCertainly NOT the one who is the spitting image of John Daly's twin sister!

Unfortunately, all good things will come to an end and Tiger is no exception here. https://imagicon.info/cat/10-3/1.gif