World Cup (Golf) - England expects?

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World Cup (Golf) - England expects?

Obvioulsy, as a Scot, the make up of the English team for the World Cup in November is not something that keeps me awake at night.

However, in looking at the teams for the event, there is something amiss. McDowell and McIlroy are in place for Ireland. Kaymer is there for Germany. Kuchar, arguably America's number one (at least in terms of consistency) is also present and correct.

England, though - Rose and Poulter. Good players, but where are Donald and Westwood? Oh, they couldn't be ars*d.

I know the World Cup of golf does not have the cachet of the bigger events. But November is officially "silly season", with a smattering of skins, shoot outs and invitationals. It's not as if the WC is clashing with major events. So why the no show from England's top two? Washing their hair that night? Clashing with a dominoes league match?

Whatever - if 3 of 4 recent major winners can make the effort to represent their country in a unique event, why can't England's top two? Eh??

No suprise that WW isnt playing, he's evolved into a full scale drama queen prima donna, if the 5th biggest event in the world (TPC) doesnt fit with his schedule then something as lowly as representing his country isnt going to. But surprised Donald isnt playing if he was asked, he generally does the right thing, and representing his country would be termed as the right thing to do. Maybe the money isnt good enough, or lack of ranking points, or?

Wasnt there some other selection thingie, where one player quklaifies and gets to nominate who he plays with?..if it was "hair washing, Poults wouldnt be there. But the second string will still beat Scotland!   (there you go, you were waiting for that!)

Didn't Poults and Rose play last year ???? think they both like playing with each other (take that which way you want

Highest ranked player (in OWGR) gets selected, then gets to pick a partner. Donald was offered, and turned down. Westwood was offered, and turned down. Casey was offered, and turned down. Poulter was next in line, and accepted - good for him.Just as well Laird and Gallacher accepted for Scotland, otherwise we'd be off to the Challenge Tour to fill our spots....

I'm well happy if Poults and Rose represent England. Maybe Westward and Donald have their reasons for not accepting....I like Martin Laird. He plods on. He will get a major stateside for sure.

Disapointing, when most people would give their right arm to represent their country. No excuse is good enough for me.