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I've just read an article from yesterday, in which David Toms expressed concern at the number of foreign players competing & winning on the US PGA Tour (7 of the top 12 on the money list are "foreign"). Who says the Americans are insular???

When you see him, ask him about all the Shermans teeing it up on the European and Asian tours week in week out.

No doubt he would say that's because all these pesky foreigners are keeping the good ol' boys off their own tour.

without the foreigners his own tour would weaken and there'd be more money for mr toms. what he doesnt realise is that without the foreigners the tour wouldnt attract global sponsors and hence the additional money...

Which is point Tim Finchem put to Toms when he raised the issue.Toms claimed he was concerned that too many foreigners winning would inhibit US company sponsorship.

....might need to earn the sponsorship then - by winning a few.

did he really say that, god i hope we wipe the floor with them this month, sometimes the spetics really do annoy.Thank god we are not playing all those non americans our selves, Els, Goosen, Singh, Scott, now that would be hard.

should read septics -

or sceptics???

Nah! septic sounds right.: o )