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Carpet Washers

Anyone have any recommendations?  I did buy a Bissell 9400E last year, but had two faulty ones before I could even switch them on, so now I'm looking at a Vax (V-027X).  Anyone ever used these?

Also, I have seen this website which seem to have good prices, anyone ever bought from them?

Thanks for any help.

Woodworm, , go for the Vax, i have the Vax 7131, bought on offer from Comet, comes with all the gubbins and lots of free solutions too, works fantastic even on deep pile woollen carpets too.

Hire the Rug Doctor from Morrisons or Homebase if you have badly marked carpets. It worked a treat on my carpets. It cost me about £35 over the weekend with enough cleaner for 4 rooms. I don't have any spare room in my house to store a carpet cleaner, so think I will use this every 6 months or if my lovely (not) beige carpet gets bad

Thanks for the advice - I will look into hiring a rug doctor initially, just with 4 cats, 1 dog and cream carpet right through the house I may need my own sooner rather than later!

Just a pointer...looked at hiring one from Morrisons but it was £5 cheaper per day from B&Q!

I have the carpets professionally cleaned - apparently the do-it- yourself cleaners can leave residues which attract dirt, so they need cleaning more often. 

We have environmentally

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