Cortisone injection ?

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Cortisone injection ?

i've had the odd bout of tennis elbow, nothing too dramatic and is usually just a stiff ache. However, nothing like the suffering i'm currently having and it's down to the strain on my elbows from the job i'm doing. One of the older blokes i work with packed golf in a couple of years back as he could no longer play ! I hate this job to start with but the idea that i'll have to chuck the golf is difficult to contemplate. I played 7 holes this morning in level par but had to come off because the pain was so bad on the 8th i couldn't take the club beyond knee height.

Has anyone had smilar symptoms and if so, have you had a cortisone and what were the effects ?


PenfoldI'm sad that you are experiencing pain in your elbows. The biggest problem with RSI(Repetitive Strain Injury) that if cured and one continues to do the same job it will re-occur.I have had TWO shots of hydro-cortisone into my joints, both for tino-sinovitis(inflammation in the joint between my left thumb and forefinger) a very common complaint with golfers. Cortisone is extremely effective but MUST be injected exactly into the place causing the pain! Some doctors wont do this but most will. You may require two lots of the injection. My first two injections cured the problem for 12 years and the second lot were in 1989 and my hand is still fine(thank the Lord and cortisone which is recognised by sports doctors as THE cure/treatment)Go straight away to your doctor PA but if you can change to another section of your Company please do so.

I've had tennis elbow (from golf) that stopped me playing for 3 months, and like you, I got to the stage where I couldnt lift my arm above my waist. I didnt have cortisone, and it wasn't recommended, rest was recommended so thats what I did, and as much as I missed golf it worked. I get twinges now and then, and sometimes I can feel it coming back on, so I just cut back on golf a bit until it recedes. Sounds like your job is the main cause, not golf, and the effects are most noticeable with golf. Its a bugger that your work is causing this, as rest isnt really an option. I know its hackneyed but before you resort to anything I would spend a few quid on a proper diagnosis, at a decent physio, or get the quack to refer you.  Good luck, you have my sympathies, hurts like f**k doesnt it?


Whatever Creo might tell you I would bet as much money as I have(not much I'll admit, that almost any doctor would recommend cortisone) for YOUR particular problem.Why dont you ask your doctor to refer you to a Consultant. I am sure that he would suggest a shot of cortisone!

pretty sure it's not off the golf though if i swing the club out to in, it makes it worse. Like you say creo, i can't really rest it if i'm using both arms in my job.I'm thinking of returning to the scrat lifestyle and chucking the job to be honest.Boa, i'm going to try and see my gp this week, ta.

I had a bout of tennis elbow, tried Sodium diclefenwhatever, no good. Cortisone injection sorted it out no problem. You must rest for a good 24 hours after though. The injection is a touch uncomfortable but nothing us granite like north country boys can't handle.

Have you tried putting ice on it at all

Had a serious bout of tennis elbow a few years back - couldnt even lift a cup of  tea!. There is only one cure for My oldest friend is an osteopath and believes that even the benefits of surgery are attributable to post-op inactivity rather than the surgery itself.

Would echo many of the sentiments so far as well as saying do not take the consultants word as the final say in the matter.  Went to one through NHS for frozon shoulder which was not giving me pain but restricting movement.  He looked at it, manipulated my arm, etc. and said yup frozen shoulder, surgery is only option.  We'll go in have a look see and tear the muscle, if that doesn't free it we'll tear it more until it's free.  Then 6 months physio to get back only 90% of previous movement.  I thought sod that for a laugh.  Went to see one of these guys and after 5 sessions had 95% mobility back with no pain.Think many alternative practitioners know how the body actually functions and treat the root cause and not the symptoms.  Consultant was treating the symptoms and doing it as fast as possible. (to hit targets?)Suggest your root cause is the job your doing.  Does your company have any health and safety or occupational health people?  If so approach them as well.  Good luck.

I recently had Cortizone injected in to the lowest joint on my left thumb , he used X rays to place the Needle in the exact position , hurt like hell even though he had used a local ansthetic , it stopped the worst of my pain yet I still suffer with pain in both hands and wrists after a round of golf .

I had the cortisone injection for tennis elbow (right) in November and the effect was immediate as it also contained Novocaine to kill the initial effect of wiggling a big needle in your arm. The injection itself doesn't hurt, and I was pain free until a few weeks ago, but its slowly returning. I have a very flat swing and apparently this can be a major factor in getting tennis elbow. I also do a fairly demanding physical job, so rest is never going to come easy, but it really is the only thing to cure it. I'm gonna try a TENS machine next to see if that works. There's also a "magic pen" which I've seen the England cricketers use, that works like a Tens machine.

Silverbullet wrote (see)

 I'm gonna try a TENS machine next to see if that works. There's also a "magic pen" which I've seen the England cricketers use, that works like a Tens machine.

S- b get one. For those who knew him on here, Gil Harding told me many years ago to get a TENS machine for my knees (get occasional problems) Went rambling two weeks ago and slipped down an embankment twisting my right knee, hurt like hell the day after. Using the TENS machine a couple of nights while in front of the telly and no further probs despite 3 rounds of golf this week.

My mate has Tenniss elbow and swears by something called the powerball to keep it in check. Has since returned to golf with no apparent side effects.

I had tennis elbow, which I think was work related. Unlike Creo, I didn't stop playing as I was still working and didn't see much point. I didn't get a cortizone injection as the doc couldn't identify the exact scource of the pain, and anyway I'm a southern softy. It's now about 2 years since it started and it's a lot better now, although it will flare up if I hit a lot of balls on the range. As Steph says, ice will calm the pain very effectively, but it doesn't heal it. Don't waste money on elbow supports either as they don't work(not for me anyway). Once I detected some improvement I exercised the arm a fair bit and I'm sure that's helped, but it's probably not a good idea if you are still damaging it at work.

Penfold,Like you my work has caused me problems with my elbow where it has bought on Osteoarthriris in my right elbow. Due to the degeneration of the joint it has caused the tendons that run over the elbow to rub against the bone inducing golfers elbow, opposite side to tennis but similar. This really messed up my golf as its hard to play when you can feel pain after ball impact.After various creams, ice packs etc the problem did not really want to go away. I then found that a Chiropracter can help with this sort of injury and have been using one to try and clear up the problem. It has really helped I have probably gained about 5% more movement in the elbow. The initial treatment was quite intense two visits a week for the first couple of weeks, then slowly spacing them out. I started the treatment around November last year and after about 6 intense visits they are now spaced out to every couple of months just to keep the problem in check.Where the tendons get damaged running over the joint scar tissue starts to build up, the chiropracter carries out a tendon massage where they break down the damaged tissue and smooth out the problems on the tendon. It is this damaged tissue that swells  thereby causing the inflamation and the pain. I must admit that after the first few treatements you can tell that you have been worked on quite sore, but as they say no pain no gain.The real pain is the cost, the initial consultancy was around £45 then a half hour session would cost £33. Not cheap but I would say it has been worth it.Best of luck finding your solution!

I had a problem with my shoulder and was sent for physio by the doc.The physio said you need a cortisone injection to calm the inflammation then we can work on the shoulder.I said stuff that I have heard all about the pain. He then went on to tell me that most of the problem was when doctors gave the injection. If you get it wrong you stab a very sharp needle into a bone which is living tissue.Promised me I would not feel a thing. OK i said let me know when you are about to start, finished he replied.Shoulder is great now.

well, i didn't have the injection, as soon as the doctor said "just a little prick" i was outraged and left the surgery.Okay, old jokes are the best ! Actually, he wouldn't give me the injection and has advised me to get a strap on (little pricks and strap ons...wahey !) and allow it to rest so i'm going to have a few days off the golf and a few days trying to use my right arm at work.I've got a right arm like arnie to be fair, years of self abuse you see.....

Cheers Taz,I'm gonna buy one in boots over the weekend, and i'll report back here to let you know how I get on.

penfold ace (not p.c) wrote (see)

well, i didn't have the injection, as soon as the doctor said "just a little prick" i was outraged and left the surgery.Okay, old jokes are the best ! Actually, he wouldn't give me the injection and has advised me to get a strap on (little pricks and strap ons...wahey !) and allow it to rest so i'm going to have a few days off the golf and a few days trying to use my right arm at work.I've got a right arm like arnie to be fair, years of self abuse you see.....

Make that 3 months, and you might stand a chance. I hope you have more luck with the straps than I did. I'm not really a pessimist. It's just an absolute b*gger.

anyone had a cortisone injection for back problems?  I've had trouble with a lower back injury for the last few months and my osteopath is talking about sending me for a course of one or two injections.  The prospect of someone stick a needle in my spine is not that appealing though!

MP - keep a look out for UA (The Hooker) posting and PM him if necessary, as I am pretty sure he has been down that route.

Thanks, Steph.  I'll have a search through some old posts

I had a cortisone injection last August, following a fall in work.One of the bones in the lower part of my back now squashes the L5 lumbar nerve.Constant pain everyday, 24/7

Canny, packed that job in and rested for ten days - elbows are getting better and i've very little pain now.Didn't have the injection in the end !Started the new job last Sunday so i'm hoping that's the end of it.

I've had cortizone twice in the same shoulder joint (dunno if I'll be allowed a third). Nowt to do with work or golf but a nasty rugby knock I took when I was in high school.

I didn't do owt to aggrevate it's just that I woke up one morning and it was stiff as a board. They termed it "frozen shoulder" but what that means I don't know.

I had my first injection long before I became a golfer and my second a few years ago but I'm almost 100% sure not golf related.

I was off golf for about 10wks but that didn't matter as it was over the winter months anyway.

The 1st injection I assumed would be a nightmare but I didn't feel it, 2nd one I expected to be the same and it really hurt. Dunno if that's down to the doc in question or not. Thus far it's been ok (touch wood).

I also have a TENS machine & can't recommend them highly enough. I suffer from the occasional back glitch (another former injury) and I had these naproxen tablets precribed. They did the trick but they wrecked my guts.

Now when I get a twinge it's an hour on the TENS machine before bed & a good rubbing of fiery jack.

I've also used it on my flakey knee recently. It does't remedy anything but it dulls the pain & reduces the inflamation.

May be worth considering.